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Cussing Churches

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The End. =)

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Chapter 50

"It's hard to stand right now in front of you, facing this walls, this coffin in front of me. I don't like churches, they only bring back sad memories, memories that make me remember bleak days, days in which I would just lie down and cry. But it is my duty to stand strong and do my best to face what my life was given me...or, in this case, what life was taken away from me"
Gerard took a deep breath and continued,
"Gabrielle is one of those people that carve their names into your heart, they won't ever let you forget them not matter how hard you try. I know I don't need to explain this to you. You all know it, you've all felt it... Gabe and I, we didn't have a true ending...And although I'd like to think otherwise I know that we never will. There were things that remained unspoken between us, and maybe doing so might've stopped this from happening this soon. But I don't need you to share the weight of the burden I have upon myself. The only burden, no, it's not a burden....The only blessing you must carry with you are those happy memories you had with Gabe and pray they don't make your current ones opaque like it happens to me. Rest in peace, Gabe. I really do love you..."
Mikey sat looking crossly at his brother.
What a good time to say it, brother dearest He thought to himself. He shooed his angry thoughts with a sigh and stood straighter.
"Oh and one more thing" Gerard said, rushing to the microphone once again. "We'll find that motherfucker, Gabe! I promise you that!" He roared, taking the crowd seated in front of him by surprise.
"Hell yeah! We'll kill him!" The yell resonated throughout the church. Everyone turned around and saw a pale, tall man with black hair hanging to his shoulders in an overused black band t-shirt and ragged black jeans and a cigarrette on his mouth.

This is it my babies!
Dunno if you liked the ending or not but...frankly I'm just happy I can move on to another thing now. Fifty chapters are a LOT!
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