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A Different View of Things, Year One

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My version of the original books. Harry grows up intelligent, powerful,wealthy, grey, sarcastic, and independent.All thanks to his friend Reginald, a cat. Will include new friends,adventures and ol...

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A/N:My version of the original books. Harry grows up intelligent, powerful,wealthy, grey, sarcastic, and independent. All thanks to his friend Reginald, a cat. Will include new friends,adventures and old favorites. AU Year 0ne.

“Normal Speech”



Different Human and Magical Languages”

//Beast-speaker speak//

10 year old Harry Potter sat in what used to be his cousin's second bedroom, he looked around at all the new furniture, brand new t.v., computer, and desk. Harry was in great shape, unlike his cousin who was as fat as a baby whale. Harry reflected on his life and the day he decided enough was enough. His relatives had abused him and ridiculed him for things he couldn't control. Whenever he got angry or sad he could make amazing things happen. The last beating he had received was a pretty bad one his uncle had beaten him with his belt first then started using his fist.

He even let his son get a few shots in on Harry before he blacked out. He didn't even see that as soon as he blacked out his uncle and cousin were blown across the room and knocked unconscious as well. He woke up in his cupboard under the stairs and decided then and there that he would discover how to control his “gift”. He spent the next few years learning how to control his magic until he got really good at it.

He discovered that he could speak to animals one day when he had been over to help old Mrs. Figg when one of her cats named Reginald was complaining about her.

//I swear that batty old woman doesn't know what I want...I want the fresh food, not the hard food. Never a moments peace around here... Isay what are you staring at boy?...don't you know it's not nice to stare?Humans I swear...//He said.

//Sorry I didn't mean to stare but I can understand you...can you understand me?//Harry asked.

If a cat could make faces to say Reginald was shocked would be an understatement.

//How is you speak to me Human?//

//I don't know I have more amazing gifts but I never thought I would be able to talk with

//What kinds of gifts beast-speaker?//

//Beast-speaker?Um...I can make things do weird stuff when I think about it and focus on it. One time I turned my teachers hair blue and one time I was being chased by my cousin Dudley's gang and I thought about being out of reach and when I opened my eyes I was on top of the school. Also Ican see really well in the dark and I can sort of blend in with the shadows. I have even grown my hair back over night before.//

//Hmm you must be the one. I guess since no one else has told falls upon me to tell you. I can't believe those people were so foolish. You young Harry are a wizard, you can do magic and by the sounds of it you are quite powerful and have many unique gifts.//

//I'm a wizard hmm...I have suspected it but it's nice to know for sure.//

//Wizard come with me and I shall tell you about the wizarding world.//

Harry discovered the most of amazing things when he started mediating and learning Occlumency. He found the connection that he discovered had happened because of Voldemort's killing curse and slowly began draining the magic on it. As he drained the magic from it his magic became slightly stronger. Even though he usually passed out after a ten minute session of this he eventually drained it completely. He discovered that along with the magic he also got Voldemort's memories.

After that Harry and Reginald became good friends and discussed all kinds of different topics in the wizarding world. It is on a warm, sunny summers day that we find young Harry and Reginald in the backyard having adiscussion that will forever change the wizarding world.

~One year later~

//Listen carefully Harry, there are some people who would try to persuade you to see things from their point of view on the beliefs of magic. You know how I have told you of Lord Voldemort and the Dark Arts. Well Ifeel I must tell you that even if you use the dark arts does not necessarily mean that you are evil. I have learned that they can be quite useful and are very powerful. They would try to persuade you to think that all Slytherin's are evil just because their house has statistically produced a lot of dark wizards but this is simply not true. As you know your parents were betrayed by a fellow Gryffindor Sirius Black but it isn't really known if this was true or not. Now before you go and share this news with anyone I must implore you not to because it wouldn't make a difference. Albus Dumbledore is as crafty as he is smart, he probably didn't share this information for some reason. It was most likely that he didn't have the proof but as of right now we don't know. I would suggest that you go to Diagon Alley and go to Gringott's bank and ask for a test to see exactly which gifts you have; and check on any accounts you might have there. Then I suggest you by some books and a wand or two.//

Harry got his uncle to quickly agree to take him to London and he made his way into the Leaky Cauldron(after altering his appearance a bit, it wouldn't do to be recognized). To say Harry was amazed by Diagon Alley was putting it lightly, but he soon pooled his emotions and put up a blank face.

He strode purposefully towards Gringott's (I'm going to skip the whole warning phrase on the doorway) and up to the first teller he saw.

“I would like a blood test, and to have a look at all the accounts in my possession.” He said looking up at the small goblin.

“Humph...You expect me to just give into your you have your key?” He asked with a sneer.

“I assure I am a wealthy customer and I do not have my key because I was denied my wizarding heritage.” Harry stated heatedly.

“I see...Very well if you wait one moment I will see if I can find someone to assist you.”

“Thank you...may your gold always flow.” Harry replied.

The goblin just inclined his head a bit indicating he heard what he said.

Harry had to wait for ten minutes before he was shown into the office of Copper the Level Headed. The office looked as Harry had pictured it to, it's walls were lined with weapons and murals depicting the great goblin wars.

“Hello young Mr. Potter, I must say that it is a surprise that you could make here. We were under the impression that you wouldn't be able to make it here before leaving for Hogwarts. We have much to discuss, including your parents will and your current holdings within Gringott's. I will need a drop of your blood to verify your identity then we can see which accounts you can access.”

Harry allowed Copper to prick his finger with a sharp pin and his blood dropped on the page.

“Hmm, you are indeed Harry James Potter.” Copper said before waving his hand over the page. “I now have a list of accounts you have access to. First of all is your trust vault number 587, set up by your parents for your schooling. Next is the personal vaults of both of your parents vaults 603 and 592. Your family vault which contains most of the Potter family money, heirlooms, books, and other items is vault number 37. It seems that you also have access to the Black Family vault Number 75 being the adopted heir of Sirius Black, who is the sole heir to the Black family fortune. Unfortunately you won't have access to this until your 17th birthday. The Cravenlin Family vault 219. The Cravenlin family was considered alow-end pure-blood family mostly made up of squibs until your mother's mother who attended Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic in France. It appears your mother was a half-blood not a muggleborn as people were lead to believe. So that would make you a ¾ blood. Interesting. It also appears you have access to the Founders vaults Number 3 and 4 as well.”

“Through which of the founders?” Harry asked.

“Hmm, let me see.” He said before turning around and grabbing a book taller than himself and placing it on the desk. He opened it up and ran his fingers along the page before stopping.

“It appears that one of your many great grandfather's brothers married aSelena Ravenclaw, great-great granddaughter of Rowena Ravenclaw. It also appears that you are the magical heir of Tom Marvolo Riddle, last known heir of Salazar Slytherin. I can only speculate but Ibelieve that this was caused by having his killing curse backfired upon him. It made you the Dark Lord's heir and youngest heir of Salazar Slytherin. It appears that the headmaster Albus Dumbledore has been monitoring your trust vault to check for any spending. You are lucky that he isn't monitoring your other vaults though since they were made in secret.”

'Why that manipulative old codger!What business is it of his to know what Ispend. Luckily as Copper put it my parents gave me a way to get around it.' Harry thought to himself before saying out loud, “That is very interesting Master Copper. I am lucky indeed.”

“Indeed. I think we shall move onto your parents will. I will be showing you aspecial pensive memory. Their will is also written out on paper for legalities but this is how we normally show them.” Copper said as he took a box of a safe behind his desk.

He sat the box down on the table and blew the fine layer of dust off the top of it. He opened it to the inside in-cased in silk with a medium sized stone bowl, with runes carved in it's sides. He picked up a vial of shimmering liquid and dumped into the bowl. Stirring it around with his finger he tapped the bowl thrice and an image popped up out of the liquid. There standing was his parents Lily and James Potter.

Here in lies the last will of Lily Anne Potter and James Godric Potter. We are of sound mind and body and are under no cooersion to do anything against our own wills. We first want to apologize to our son Harry for not being able to raise him. We went into hiding to help us against Lord Voldemort but if we are dead I guess that we were betrayed or somehow the charm was broken. Dumbledore cast the spell but we secretly added others because we didn't really believe Albus Dumbledore is to be completely trusted. Harry what ever you do do not let others tell you how to lead your life. We love you too much to see you not following your heart and dreams.

The people you can definitely trust are Minerva McGonagall, Your godmother Alice and her husband Frank Longbottom, Sirius Black your godfather, and Remus John Lupin. You are only to be placed with my sister Petunia Dursley if there is no one else to take you.

To our son we leave all our fortune except what we give out following this. The title of Lord Potter, all houses, vaults, and stocks. You are going to be extremely wealthy kiddo so you won't have to worry about money and you might as well go out and live a little.

To Remus John Lupin we leave the sum of 500,000 gallons and a house in Hogsmeade, and a flat in downtown London. Buy yourself so decent clothes and stuff, we want you to be able to live happily.

To Sirius Black, we leave the sum of 500,000 gallons, the Marauder's Lounge club in Knockturn Alley and the guardianship of our son Harry James Potter. We know you don't really need but use the money well brother.

To Peter Pettigrew we leave 500,000 gallons and a house in France. You were a great friend to us Peter.

This concludes our will but we have one final thing to say. Harry we love you very much, you were our life after you were born. After we had you it was like having a piece of us that we never knew was missing. We know that we will see each other again in the afterlife but it had better not be for a long time! We love you and never forget it. After this reading you are to be given a box from my and Lily's personal vaults.”

Copper gave Harry the time to collect himself then pulled out some forms.

“Mr. Potter since you are the last living member of the Potter family and last male heir you are able to become emancipated. You won't be able to take you seats in the Wizengamot as of yet but will be able to once you reach the age of 15, if you are deemed capable enough. You will however be able to use magic outside of school, normal laws still apply. You won't be able to get your apparition license till you reach the age of 15 either; normally it is 17 but since you are the last male heir you are also exempt from this law as well. The purchasing and consumption of alcohol and or tobacco is not allowed until you reach the age of 17 though. You will be able to take on the headship of the Potter Family, but must wait until you are 15 to take on the headship of the Ravenclaw family, and be 17 to gain headship of the Slytherin family. In the case of the two founding headships and that of the Black's you will receive the lesser used heir rings. Unfortunately since you won't be gaining headship you can also not access these vaults as of yet. The Cravenlin family had no family ring and little money to speak of but they were known for their excellent warding skills. I need you to sign these papers then you will be able to gain control of your vaults and other items inside. After signing these you will receive your rings then will be provided with a special wallet for muggle currency. It includes a credit/debit card, an emancipation card, and id card. For wizarding currency you will be given a money bag that is weightless and is directly connected to your vaults. Both are protected with anti-theft charms which make a thief want to return it to the rightful owner right away; and if either are lost we can recall them here and will have them returned to you. You need to specify which account you wish to withdraw from before thinking an amount. They come in a variety of colors ranging from black, blue, gold, red, green,silver, orange, and color changing. The cost of these are a hundred gallons but that is asmall price for such convenience.”

Harry reached out for the papers, and after thoroughly reading them signed them. He decided on a black and silver wallet and a color changing money bag. Copper made sure that they were all signed before snapping his fingers. A goblin about half the size hurried into the room and showed his throat in submission and respect to his better. Copper started speaking in gobbledygook.

Bring me the Potter family ring and the heir rings for Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Black!” He snapped at the younger goblin.

Right away Master Copper!” The younger goblin said.

It took him about five minutes before he returned holding three boxes. He set them on the older goblin's desk and opened them in front of Harry. He was quickly dismissed with another snap of Copper's fingers. Harry looked down at the what must have been the Potter ring. It had a gold band with a pure purple diamond in the middle. Attached to the top of the stone was a wolf and lion both raised on their hind legs; one seemed to roaring and the other howling. He picked it up and felt a large jolt as it scanned his body and magic before shrinking to fit his second finger on his right hand.

The Ravenclaw ring was smaller but no less masculine it had a white gold band with leaves on a vine made of mithril. The stone was a blue diamond, over it was a simple raven also made of mithril. He slid it on next and felt a smaller jolt this time as it also scanned his body and shrank down to size. It melded itself with the Potter ring. The Slytherin ring was made of a unknown black metal with a emerald inside of it. Set above the the emerald was a basilisk coiled together and ready to strike. It had tiny emeralds for eyes. He slid it on and got the same reaction as the Ravenclaw ring although it seemed to take longer to decide. He slid it on the same finger and watched as it to melded with the Potter family ring. The Black Family ring was made of white gold with a black onyx stone in the middle. Attached to the stone was a Thestral. He slid on the ring getting the same reaction as before.

Copper smiled apointy tooth smile then said, “Now that that is taken care of what else can I do for you Mr. Potter?”

“Yes I would like a test done to show which gifts I have and a complete list of my monetary holding and shares.” Harry replied.

“Of course.” Copper said. Copper then picked up a stone bowl off ashelf behind his desk and a dagger. After casting a sterilization charm on it he motioned for Harry to reach out his hand. Harry did as he was told and Copper ran the blade along his palm. Blood seeped out rapidly filling the bottom of the bowl. Copper inserted a piece of parchment then began chanting. As his chanting reached a crescendo their was a bright flash, Harry's hand healed shut, and the paper soaked up the blood. He looked over the list then handed it to Harry, it read as follows:

Harry James Potter

Age:11, 2 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, and 13 seconds

Family Lines: Potter, Slytherin, Ravenclaw(Father James Potter)

Cravenlin Family(Mother Lily Potter)




Beast speaking(Recessive gene in the Potter family triggered by the Avada Kedavra Curse)

Family Magic:

Increased intelligence(Ravenclaw)

Affinity for the Dark Arts(Slytherin)


Battle Magic(Potter)

Locked Abilities:

Warding Affinity

Animagus Ability

Snake Charming(Slytherin)

These abilities are currently locked and may never be opened and used depending on apersons magical development.

“Amazing.” Harry said as after he read it.

“Indeed. Here is a list of all the monetary and stock holdings you currently have.”

Harry grabbed the folder Copper was handing to him and opened it.

-Monetary holdings of Lord Harry James Potter, heir of Slytherin,heir of Ravenclaw, heir of Cravenlin, heir of Black.-

Trust vault number 586

15,000 gallons renewed biannually

Potter Family Vault Number 37

15,000,000 gallons

150,000 sickles

18 knuts

Personal vault of James Potter Number 603

100,000 gallons

500 sickles

2 knuts

Personal Vault of Lily Potter Number 592

100,000 gallons

100 sickles

50 knuts

Slytherin Family Vaults Number 3

25,000,000 gallons

15,000 sickles

666 knuts

Ravenclaw Family Vaults Number 4

17,000,000 gallons even

Black Family Vaults Number 75

7,000,000 gallons

12,000 sickles

Cravenlin Family Vault Number 219

150,000 gallons

100 sickles

15 knuts


Potter Family

Nimbus Broom Riding Company- 25%

Madam Malkin's- 6%

Flourish and Blott's- 15%

Shriver's Trunks and Safes-10%

Grunning's Drill Company- 50%

Griver's Apothecary- 15%


Universal Studios-30%

Harry skipped the rest since they seemed to be foreign businesses with little amounts of shares. Harry closed the folder figuring that he would look at the rest at a later time as he had been in Gringott's for some time.

“Everything looks to be in order I would like the boxes my parents left for me.” Harry said.

“Of course Mr. Potter, one moment.” Copper said as he grabbed to boxes, murmuring in gobbledygook to enlarge them.

Harry grabbed the first box which seemed to be from his father. Inside was a journal detailing the Marauder's and their fun times at Hogwarts. It went into detail in every prank from the time the journal was started till graduation. It also contained an eye correcting potion, some cool shades, a leather jacket with sizing charms on it, an earing spelled against low to mid-level curses and obliviation, and a pair of black dragon hide boots. It also contained an invisibility cloak, two dragon hide wand holsters and a book on Potter family magic.

The box from his mother contained some charm books, a necklace with protection charms on it. It had a gold chain with a cylindrical glass container in the middle with swirly mist in it. Which he immediately put on after the earring. He felt the magic crawl across his skin then settle down. The glass container he read was actually a mood tool. All he had to do was rub it and it would send soothing feeling into his body. He packed everything up and put into the bottomless bag Copper handed him.

“I believe that is all Master Copper, may your gold always flow and our wealth grow even greater together.” Harry said.

“Your's as well Mr. Potter. If you are looking to get a completely unregistered wand crafted specifically for yourself you should go and see a man named Vladdius Iknov in knockturn alley.” Copper said.

Harry was escorted to the lobby by the same small goblin who had brought him his rings. He walked out of Gringott's and headed towards Madam Malkin's.

The ringing of the bell was answered by Madam Malkin's herself.

“Hogwarts dear?” She asked.

“Yes I need my school robes and a complete muggle wardrobe.” Harry said.

Her eyes widened for a moment before he got to work; Harry waited some-what patiently as he was measured for his robes. He ended up with 5 regular robes , 3 work robes, 2 potion robes, a pair of black and gold dress robes, 3winter cloaks, 3 summer cloaks and ties. His muggle wardrobe consisted of 5 pairs of pants, 10 t-shirts, 5 dress shirts, 5 pair of slacks, brand-new trainers, underwear and socks. He was finally able to leave the store, 150 gallons poorer.

He decided to make his way towards Ollivander's next for his first wand.

A/N: What do you think should be the ingredients for his wands, since he will have two of them. Coming up is the rest of his shopping trip, a run-in with Malfoy Jr., summer end and the beginning of Harry's first year at Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts. I'm not trying to make Harry all powerful but with the genes he has I mean of course he will be powerful. He will struggle in school and he won't be some suave devonair guy who sweeps girls off their feet. He will of course have a lot of girls after him but he won't
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