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Of Shopping and New Friends

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Harry goes shopping and meets a new friend.

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A/N: I don't own Harry Potter...none of it. This story is my own along with my OC's.

This chapter concludes Harry's shopping trip and goes through the end of the summer and the start of Hogwarts and he runs into Malfoy Sr.&Jr.

Next Chapter: Harry makes his way to King's Cross and to Hogwarts. Will he choose to be friends with Ron or will he choose Draco the first wizard his age he's met. Which house will he be sorted in? What will will be the students reactions?Dumbledore's?The other teachers?

“Normal Speech”



Different Human and Magical Languages”

//Beast-speaker speak//

:Mental Speech:

Chapter 2: Of Shopping and New Friends

Harry walked to Ollivander's and opened the door. He had heard that the old man liked to jump out of shadows and scare his new customers. He saw a brief shimmer before the old man made himself known. He had awrinkled face, white hair and intelligent looking gray eyes.

“Ah Mr. Potter I was beginning to wonder when I would see you. Metamorphmagus what a wonderful gift and rare as well. It seems like only yesterday that your parents were in here buying their first wands. Your mother's was good with charms and your father's favored transfiguration. But you're not here to hear about your parents but for a wand. Which arm do you use the most Mr. Potter?”

“How would I know? I've never had a wand before. Although I suppose I do most things with my right hand.” Harry says as Ollivander's tape measure gets to work.

“Right you are Mr. Potter.” Ollivander says chuckling to himself before he goes to bring some boxes to the front.

The tape measure drops lifelessly to the floor as Ollivander places astack of about twenty boxes on the counter.

“Try this one Mr. Potter, 12'' Yew with Dragon Heartstrings of a Norwegian Ridgeback.”

As soon as Harry picked it up he knew is one the wrong one. So for the next hour and half Harry went through wand after wand. The last wand he tried was a 11'' Holly with a Phoenix Feather core but it didn't work as well as could have.

“Hmm. A tricky customer, always my favorite. It seems that you will need two wands this one and one other. This one will channel your magic but not as good as another wand.” Ollivander said with a smile almost splitting his face in half. “Hmm I wonder...yes possibly.” He mumbled to himself.

He ducked back behind his shelf and returned with a wand box. He reverently placed it on the counter.

“This Mr. Potter is the first wand my ancestor ever made when he opened this shop. It's 11'' yew with a powdered Phoenix heart for the core. It was said that the phoenix it came from was actually the familiar of Myrrdin Emrys or as he is simply known as Merlin.” He unwrapped the box and handed it to Harry.

As soon as it was in his hand it felt as if his soul were filling with hope and love. A bright red, white, and green aura surrounded Harry and the wand. The air filled with tangible magic and the phoenix song sounded inside his head. He waved it and gold sparks flew from it with a bang.

“Very good Mr. Potter, this wand as well as it's owner will be a powerful duo. It is curious that this first wand chose you since it's brother gave you that scar. Know this Mr. Potter: that with great power, comes an even greater responsibility. I am sure that we can expect agreat many things from you in the future Mr. Potter; after all He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things, great...but terrible. Anormal wand costs about seven to ten gallons but unfortunately that wands are going to cost you sixty gallons. I'm sure you won't regret it though.” Ollivander said.

“Could you remove the underage charm on them since I was emancipated this morning?”Harry asked. He showed Ollivander his paper before paying for the wand, slipping it into the holster on his right arm and one on his thigh, then walking out the door. Ollivander watched silently as Harry left.

'A great many things indeed. I just hope we are ready for them.' He thought to himself.

Harry walked out of Ollivander's and decided he needed to get his trunk next. He walked down the ally watching the people as they went about their business. He noticed a couple of children younger than him begging their mother to go for ice cream. Another old lady was trying to haggle some lower prices out of a man running a stand selling an assortment of potion ingredients, ranging from Newt's eyes to mermaid livers. Harry continued on till he saw a sign for Shriver's Trunk's and Safes, he recalled that he owned some stocks in this company and decided to check it out.

Walking in he noticed that the store was larger inside than out and it appeared to be so clean the floors shined. Shelves upon shelves displayed trunks of all sizes and needs. Along the back wall was awall of safes that could be placed in a home along with a list of larger ones people could purchase.

Harry's eyes finally landed on the wizard behind the counter, he wore light blue robes trimmer in silver, had blue eyes and sandy brown hair with a trimmed goatee and round belly. He had a wide smile on his face as he seen Harry stepping in front of him.

“Welcome to Shriver's Trunks and Safes. We have been open since 1793. My name is Mike Shriver, what can I get for you today?”

“I need a trunk to carry my school supplies and other things in but Ineed something with more security than a normal school trunks have. Also I would like it have someplace that I could practice my spells and perhaps make some potions.”

“I think I have a few trunks that can meet those specifications. If you'll just follow me over here.” Mike said.

Harry followed him over to the far wall that was occupied by no less than 30 trunks of various sizes and colors.

“Now here we have the trunks I think would interest you. They range from compartment and the number of enchantments on them. The cheapest is this trunk here.” He said pointing towards a plain looking trunk. “ It has two compartments, one regularly sized for school books and the such. The second compartment has a plain eight foot by twelve foot room in it. The room is bare but has reinforced walls to allow for some spell absorption. It has a ward against anormal unlocking spell, and can be shrunk down to the size of a of one inch by two inches. It costs about 30 gallons This other is the extreme of the other end.” This trunk was fairly extravagant, it was made of wood but had gold plating and jewels embedded in it.“This trunk is designed to have manor sized accommodations, including 22 bedrooms, 12 baths, a gym, potions lab and garden. It has internal heating/cooling, a spell that allows U.V. Light in so plants can be grown. It has extensive wards which can include: Unplottable, magical signature recognition, finger print recognition, wards that protect it from water, firing and it can even withstand up to four killing curses or 15 blasting curses from a moderately powerful wizard. It has 23 compartments and can be shrunk to the size of one foot by two foot. It sells for around 25,000 gallons though and is usually sold for use by a family. I take it this isn't what your looking for?” He asked.

“No I definitely don't need something like that and the first one is two small for what I want to be able to do.”

“Well here's a mid-range trunk.” He said as he pulled down a trunk that looked solid enough. It had a wood finish and silver plating. “ This trunk has 5 compartments in it. The first compartment in like the others just for books and other such items.” Seeing Harry's interested looks he went into more detail with this trunk. “The second compartment contains a small flat including one before, containing a full sized bed. It includes a walk-in closet right off of the the bedroom as well. A bathroom complete with an in-floor tub with a whirlpool like setting, or a muggle hot tub if you will. It also contains a stall shower, all fixtures are solid gold plated. The bedroom is done in creme walls with blue trim. The bathroom floor is tiled and is done in black and white. It has a small kitchen complete with stove and a magical version of a muggle refrigerator. Right off the kitchen is a living fully furnished with a couch two chairs, acoffee table and a medium sized fireplace. The third compartment contains a library, including a desk and three chairs. The shelves in the library are able to hold up to 5,000 volumes and has a revolving ladder to reach the top shelves. The shelves are able to automatically able to sort through the books in any way you command. The fourth compartment contains a potions lab complete with work benches and shelving for finished potions and ingredients. The last compartment contains a training room, it comes complete with practice dummies fully programmable. It also contains spell targets that can test your accuracy, speed, and power. It has wards against theft, built in feather-light and shrinking/enlargement charms, magical signature recognition, and it has wards that can protect it against low to medium powered curses and can withstand at least a killing curse.”

“I definitely like this one, how much will it cost me?” Harry asked.

“Well this model with all the wards comes to 3,000 gallons sir.” Mike Shriver replied.

“Okay I'll take it.” Harry said.

Harry pulled out his money back and spoke “Vault 603, 3000 gallons.”

Harry handed over the gallons and left the shop. He decided he might as well go to Flourish and Blott's and get some books. He walked right over to the first section which just so happened to be defense. He grabbed a bunch of books that sounded interesting including: 'Not Your Everyday Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes', 'Big book of Defense by Arnold Swarzkoff', '1001 Jinxes for the everyday prankster', Defense every Hogwart's student should know', 'A Better Theory Guide for Muggleborns and muggle-raised'and many others. He finally made his way over to the Transfiguration section grabbing several books including 'Big Book of Transfiguration by Arnold Swarzkoff', 'Everyday Transfiguration','Everyday Conjuration: From A to Z', 'Guide to your inner animal','How to become an Animagus in Half the Time' and several other on a different topics.

He made his rounds through the Charms, Runes, Household, Law, and Special crafts sections picking out books that sounded interesting and that could help him in the years to come. He walked up to counter and emptied the bottomless basket he was carrying. Once he was done he noticed that he had picked up about three hundred books. The sales clerk at the counter looked like they were above to die of shock.

“Well are you going to ring them up or not? I got other stops to make you know.” Harry said.

“R...Right.” The clerk said finally coming out of her stupor. “That'll be 852 gallons and 13 sickles Mr...?”

“My name is none of your business.” Harry said sharply as he grabbed his money bag. He whispered” Vault 603 852 gallon, 13 sickles.” Dumping it out on to the counter then grabbing the package of shrunken books and putting them in his trunk where he could sort them out later.

He re-shrank his trunk and walked out the door after sticking it back in his pocket. He glanced at the clock and noticed that it was getting rather late so he decided to go and get a room and something to eat at the Leaky Cauldron.

When he reached the counter of the bar Tom quickly walked up to him.

“What can I get you young sir?” He asked.

“I need a room for the night and I wanted to get a meal. I think some fish and chips sound pretty good.” Harry replied.

“Of course sir, of course. That'll be three gallons for the room and twelve sickles and four knuts for the meal. What name should I put the room under?” He asked.

“Evans. Thank you.” Harry replied as he paid and went to sit at a table farther from the bar.

Harry sat back and scanned the bar, it seemed pretty quiet tonight. There were quite a few people talking and drinking in groups, old hags smoking pipes and older wizard talking of the old days. It seemed like no time and his meal was delivered.

He ate at a leisurely pace, the food was good, better than he usually got at home but it wasn't the best. After finishing his meal he decided that he would go to sleep since he had an early morning the next day.

~The Next Day 7:30 am~

Harry blinked the sleep from his eyes as he tried to remember where he was. Finally it all came back to him from finally making it to Gringott's and spending the rest of the day shopping. He took about an hour to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast before he took off to get the rest of his shopping done.

Harry walked out of the Leaky Cauldron with a black cloak on with an obscurement charm on the hood so no one could see his face. He walked over to the spot where Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley met and towards a store called O'Kellie's. It was a clothing store that provided for the upper-class in most kinds of fabrics including dragon hide. Walking in he could tell that this place was what he was looking for if he wanted high-quality goods. He didn't have to wait long for a salesman to come for him. The salesman looked to be around his mid-40s with slat and pepper hair and an handlebar mustache. He looked at Harry's clothes and looked as though he had seen something foul.

“Can I help you sir?” He asked with a sneer.

“First you can wipe that sneer off your face unless you don't want any commission off of the purchases I make today; which I guarantee will be substantial. Also I'm sure you recognize these.” Harry said before thinking of showing the Potter and Black family and heir rings, respectively. No need to show his two heir rings for the founders, might as well save that trump card for later.

The clerk's attitude immediately changed as if he had just hit a switch.

“Of course Mr. Potter-Black what can I do for you this evening?” He asked in a quiet voice.

Apparently not quiet enough since a certain blonde first year heard him and then went over to tell his father. Not that Harry or the clerk noticed any of this.

“I am going to need several things. First I need some robes made in Acromantula silk. I need two black one with gold lining and one with silver, an emerald green one with silver lining. I need one red with gold lining. I need one blue with gold lining. I need two dress robes: one black with silver lining, and one emerald green with silver lining. I need two pairs of dragon hide boots, both black. Ialso need two dragon hide vests, both black as well. I need two pairs of dragon hide gloves, and four pairs of dress shoes. I need to the robes to have self-fitting, self-adjusting, self-cleaning, waterproof , fire-proof, temperature regulating charms. I also need four cloaks for all seasons with obscurement charms on the hoods.” Harry said.

The clerks eyes got wider and wider as he went on, thinking of the commission he could make.

“Of course sir please follow me into the back and I will get your measurements then we can get you set up so I don't waste anymore of your time than necessary.” The clerk said finally coming out his stupor.

Harry was led into the back room and quickly measured. He left after paying and telling the clerk that he would be back later for his purchases. He swiftly pulled up the hood of his cloak and set off into Knockturn Alley; not noticing the two blonde's trailing after him. He walked along noticing some of the walking towards him either to sell him something or grab him he didn't know, he just allowed his eyes to flair red for a moment and they scurried away.

He walked down the main road of the alley and came to a store called 'A Little Bit of Everything and More' . The outside looked pretty dingy and the window were coated in dirt so you couldn't see in. He walked through the front door and heard abell ring announcing his entry. An older gentleman in patched robes looked up as he entered. His hair was gray and messy and he had afive-o'clock shadow on his face although it was early morning still.

“Is there something I can help you with sir?” He asked.

“No thank you, I'll just have a look around.” Harry said.

The clerk just nodded his head and went back to reading his newspaper. Harry walked in between the different rows not seeing much of interest. There were a few cracked sneak-a-scopes and foe glasses, apair of worn dragon hide boots, and old books. One book in particular caught his attention though. The words were kind of undefined at first but finally re-situated themselves into the title'Parselmagic for Parselmouths and Beast Speakers by Salazar Ezekiel Slytherin'. He immediately grabbed the book and placed it in the bottomless basket he carried. He walked around for about ten minutes before he came upon another curious item.

It was a dagger with an 8” blade. It had a simple handle carved to look like scales with an emerald at the end, it came with it's own sheath and ankle holster. The blade was charmed to be ever-sharp and indestructible. He decided that he would pick it up as well. He also grabbed a watch that told the time in which ever specific time zone you were in, it was waterproof and functioned like the Weasley family clock(not that he knew that). He finally walked up to the counter to pay not seeing anything else of interest.

He waited for the clerk to lay down his newspaper and ring up his items. The man only paused briefly on the book.

“Right your purchases come to 50 gallons. Perhaps I could interest you in the amulet, it will create a shield around the person who wears it absorbing minor curses. It only costs 25 gallons more.” The clerk said.

Harry looked at the amulet it was a curled up dragon with a golden stone in its claws and was attached to a simple silver chain. Finally Harry nodded his head and walked outside after paying for his purchases. He walked outside and looked down at the directions Copper had given him to get to Vladdius Iknov's wand shop. As he walked around he looked at the shops in the alley, they were mostly smaller businesses that sold things that most people didn't need to buy. The items weren't illegal per say but most light oriented or strictly light people would frown upon them. Some of the shops though were in Knockturn Alley simply because they couldn't afford the higher rent in Diagon Alley.

He finally made it to the shop, it was fairly small but amazingly clean. When he walked inside he noticed all the walls covered in ingredients and all kinds of wood imaginable.

A man came out of the back as soon as the bell rang on the door. He stood about six feet tall, with broad shoulders and chest, he had agoatee, brown hair with blue eyes. His eyes immediately became suspicious when they set on Harry.

“What do you vant?” Iknov asked with a Russian accent.

“I was recommended to come here by a friend from Gringott's; because Iam in need of a wand that is completely unregistered and crafted specifically for me. I was told that your wands were of the highest quality.” Harry replied.

“Of course wands crafted for a person are better and my family has been making wands since before the rise of the Roman Empire. The Iknov family makes only the best and highest quality of wands and have never had an unsatisfied customer.”Iknov replied passionately.“Now first I need you to run your hand over the wood samples, pick up whichever ones react to your magic.”

Harry immediately walked up and ran his hand over the wood samples. He eventually felt a pull in three directions. The first piece of wood was multi-colored(a mix of dark brown, gray, and beige), the second black as night, and the third was a red color with flecks of gold and silver mixed in. To say that Vladdius Iknov was shocked is an understatement, never in his entire career of making wands had he ever come across a customer that had three types of wood for a wand.

“This is certainly an interesting mix, the first wood is from a now extinct tree found only in Egypt called Benal, the second is wood from ablack ash, the only of it's kind, and last but not least the last piece of wood is a mutated strand of rosewood only found in the demon realm. One of my ancestors found it. Now on to the cores.” He said.

Harry repeated the same process with the cores this time getting three as well. The first ingredient was a fang of a grim, the second the tooth of a Hungarian Horntail, and the last was the blood of a lethifold.

“I definitely must say that this will be an amazing and powerful wand. Give me a half an hour then return it should be done then.” Iknov said.

“Is there a store selling familiars around here?”Harry asked.

“Of course, it's left of here about ten buildings down.” Iknov said while gathering the wood and ingredients then disappearing in the back of the shop.

Harry walked down to the pet shop which incidentally didn't have a name. He walked in and was immediately asked if he needed any help and told the worker he didn't. He walked around the shop looking at the different animals. They had owls, hawks, toads both poisonous and not, snakes, and amazingly enough a phoenix. Who immediately spotted being looked at and flew over to his shoulder. It's plumage was purple and black, with some silver and gold mixed in.

//Hello. My name is Harry Potter. What's yours?// Harry said.

//Hello beast speaker. It nice to meet you Harry Potter. My name is Ziana.//She replied.

//It's a pleasure to meet you Ziana.// Harry said.

//The pleasure is mine Harry Potter. I see great things in your future. Iam sure we will meet again.// She said before flying off his shoulder and flaming away.

Hmm weird. Harry thought then shrugged and walked on. I'll think about it later.

He immediately walked past the toads. It was a common misconception that beast speakers could actually speak to /any/animals. Not every animal is smart enough to speak an actual language that a speaker can understand since some animals aren't very smart. Snakes as Harry discovered one day in his aunt's garden are usually good conversationalist, so he made his way over to their section.

//Look it's a human.// A purple one said.

//Stupid Humans. Always capturing us, and they aren't good conversationalist. Can't even understand us. And they think their so smart...pfft.// An emerald green one with black and silver stripes said.

//I like to think I am a good conversationalist.// Harry said with a snicker.

/A speaker!/ About 25 voices shouted at the same time.

/What is your name?/ Harry asked the emerald green snake.

//My name is Seth speaker. What is yours?// Seth asked.

//I'm Harry Potter. Would you like to come with me Seth, I am sure we could have some interesting conversations.// Harry replied with amusement.

/That would be acceptable human./ Replied Seth.

/Alright I will buy the necessary supplies and some food for you. What do you like to eat?// /Harry asked.

//That is fine. I like juicy rats and mice.// Seth replied.

//Okay I will be right back.// Harry said.

Harry walked up to the counter where the owner was standing.

“I want to buy that snake over there, with a cage and enough rats and mice to last four months. Also I need something to carry my mail, hopefully something intelligent.” Harry told him.

“Of course sir, we have some magnificently trained ravens right over here.” He said.

Harry followed the man over to where there was about twenty different ravens sitting on perches. None of them looked very impressive except the last one which seemed to be glaring at everyone else but him. The raven flew into the air and landed on his shoulder.

Caw...I go with you...caw.”

“I guess he's going with me. I'll need a perch and food for him as well. I guess. How much is it?” Harry said.

“That'll be seventy-five gallons sir.” The owner said.

Harry nodded and withdrew the money from his pouch.

//I would like to bond with you master. Bonding can be beneficial for both parties. I can sense that your magic is very strong and I will grow in length and power. If you bond with me we will have a mental link and it will also correct your eyesight and help with your reflexes.// Seth said.

//Okay my friend, I will bond with you.// Harry replied.

Seth slithered up towards Harry and bit his hand letting some of his venom into Harry's veins and performed a power transfer. They both glowed red briefly. Harry's eyes slowly corrected themselves till they were better than they had been when he didn't need glasses; Seth had also grew an extra foot.

:It is done master we are bonded: Seth said.

:Very good my friend you can crawl onto my shoulders and curl around up there. :

“You're going to need a name my friend how about...Throm?” Harry asked.

Caw...Me Throm...yes...caw!” The raven replied.

Harry walked out of the Familiar shop and walked down the street until he came upon a book store. He took his glasses off and stomped on them feeling satisfied when they cracked. He hated wearing glasses and he had the same ones for a number of years, since Vernon didn't want to buy his new ones. Walking in he noticed that the place was larger on the inside than it was on the outside. He walked up to the counter and and got the attention of the worker.

“I am looking for a beginners guide to the dark arts both theory and practical, any parselmagic books you may have, gray magic, and battle magics.”

The clerk just asked Harry to follow him. They walked over to the first shelf and the clerk pulled down a set of six books.

“These books are pretty good for anyone from beginners and up. There's also a book on theory.”

Harry looked at the set, it was entitled, Dark Magicks: AComprehensive Guide from Spells to Wards by Gellert Grindelwald.Harry just nodded his head and picked up the books. They moved on to the next section. The clerk stopped and picked out a couple of books Theory behind the Dark Arts by Jules Schivens and/The Barely Legal Dark Arts and More by Glaius Malfoy. /They walked on after adding them to the stack of books he was already carrying. The next few books were on battle magic, The Complete Guide to Beginners, Intermediate, and High Level Battle Magics by Thomas Potter was aseries of books by one of Harry's great-grandfathers. The next book was called /A/Comprehensive Guide to Gray Magicks from Spells to Wards by Gellert Grindelwald.

The last book was a book on a set of books on Parslemagic by a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. They were entitled: Healing for Parslemouths, Dark Spells of Parslemagic, Shielding by Parsletongue, Warding for Parslemouths, Body Magic for Parselmouths, and Everyday spells for Parselmouths. He grabbed a few other books including: Wards the Ministry Doesn't Want You To Know by Allan Krieg, The Mind Arts,/Advanced Transfiguration, /which had no authors, Pureblood Rituals by Allan Krieg, Body Runes: A Lost Art by Salfris Derenger, Blood Magicks by Salazar Slytherin, A Fast Guide to Human Transfiguration including Animagi by William McGonagall,The Guide to Gobbledygook by Allan Krieg, Acomplete Hit Wizards Guide by Kalvin Rockwood, Dark Potions and Rituals by Ezekiel Shawl, Forbidden Curses from Around the World and last but not least The Complete History of the Unforgivable Curses by Alan Krieg.

Harry was getting ready when to go up to the counter and pay for his purchases when he felt a pulling sensation much like when he sensed his wand cores and wood. He followed the pulling sensation till he made it back to a section he hadn't seem before. He reached out with his magic and it zoomed in a book on one of the shelves. Picking it up he read the title A Guide to Shadowmancy and Spells for Shadowmancers by Demetri Francois. He looked up and noticed the the clerk didn't see the book that he was holding. Intrigued he opened the book and started reading.

If you have found this book then this means that you are a shadowmancer and are going to be able to delve into a whole new world of magic. A person that doesn't have the shadowmancy skill will not be able to see this book so you can be sure that it's pretty safe from theft. I am filling this book with the knowledge passed down to me from my father and his before him. In here you will find spells that only a shadowmancer can wield and powerful they are.

Once you are versed enough in Shadowmancy you will be able to travel to anywhere in the world as long as it's touching ashadow. It is an art that can be utilized for stealth and shadowmancer's are known to make great assassins since they can shadow-travel in and out quickly and not be caught....

Harry grabbed the book and quickly placed it in his trunk. He walked up to the counter and paid for his books and decided he might as well head back to the wand shop.

He walked inside just as Iknov was coming out the back.

“Ah you're back sir, just in time. I must say that this is one of the finest wands I have ever made and very powerful as well.” He said.

The wand itself was ten inches long with the three types of wood “twisted” together in kind of a braid. When he picked up the wand there was a large magical output that washed over his entire body making his magic sing. His aura flared making the air around him crackle with magic and his eyes flared. He slid it into the wand holster into the one on his left forearm and paid the forty gallon fee.

'The wizarding world is going to expect great things from you Mr. Potter, many great things.' Vladdius thought as he watched Harry leave his shop.

Draco Malfoy and his father were following Harry and to say they were intrigued with the boy-who-lived was an understatement. The wizarding world's hero was shopping in Knockturn Alley. They followed him from shop to shop being sure to remain in the shadows and out of sight. When they saw him leave the clothiers store Lucius stopped his son.

“Draco I want you to continue following him and talked to him if you can. It would great things for the Malfoy name if you became friends with the boy-who-lived. I will be visiting Mr. Borgin.”

“Yes father.” Draco replied.

Lucius watched his son walk up and observe the Potter boy before going up and talking to him. Lucius waiting until his son had sat down before entering Borgin and Burkes.

Draco Malfoy was hoping to be able to cultivate afriendship with the boy-who-lived not just because his father told him to but because it could do wonders for his popularity.

He silently observed Potter as he sat there reading a book. When he walked up and tried to get a look at it he couldn't see a title on it. He could tell one was there but he couldn't read it. Interesting./I'll have to talk to father about this./

He cleared his throat and waited for Potter to look up.

Harry made his way back to Diagon Alley after picking up his order from the robe shop and went to Forestcues Ice Cream Parlor and ordered himself a sundae. He sat down and started reading the shadowmancer book.

I first discovered that I had the shadowmancy gift when I was being chased by a wolf in the woods outside my childhood home. My father had warned me not to go into the woods but of course being a young child I didn't listen to him. The wolf was about to pounce on me when I started thinking that I needed a way to get away over and over. The feeling of sinking into the shadows can be pretty disconcerting at first, the shadows feel cool and you can “see” in every direction at once. When traveling in the what I call the“Shadow Realm” time means very little since you are literally traveling at hundreds of miles per hour; although it doesn't feel that way. After I got home and described what happened to my father he told me about shadowmancy. In the beginning it is easier to focus on certain body parts going into the shadow. Once you get the handle of this everything else usually comes to you pretty quickly.

Unfortunately being a shadowmancer doesn't come without it's limits though. When in “shadow form” it is impossible to fire spells or physical objects. This is because you are literally broken up and stretched across the shadows.

It is also better to get a grasp on working with magic and understanding it better before trying shadowmancy spells. They can take quite a bit of magic out of you in the beginning if you don't have a firm grip on your magic. Once you do though you are open to a whole new world of spells. Most of them are offensive but there are some defensive ones. One of my favorite ones is a spell that will literally swallow someone up into the shadows and make them relive their worst fears and memories.

These spells would probably be considered Dark Arts but since they aren't very widely known by any ministry they are not classified officially as such.

There are also spells to call shadow fiends to do your bidding with. A useful skill that can be easily learned with practice is turning to shadow and allowing a spell to pass through you. This hasn't been tested with any of the Unforgivable curses in England including the Cruciatus, Imperius, and Killing curse 'Avada Kedavra'. It has been tested and approved to being able to be used against even some of the higher level Dark curses.

The easiest thing for a newly trained and even non-trained shadowmancer is to flair their eyes so they literally glow.

Harry would have continued on reading if he hadn't been interrupted by someone clearing their throat. He set his book down with a nearly silent sigh and looked over to see a blonde boy with gray eyes who looked to be about his size.

“Yes?” Harry said.

“You're Harry Potter aren't you?” The boy asked.

Harry looked around but noticed that no one else had heard before answering.

“Yes and you are?” Harry asked/stated.

“Draco, Draco Malfoy.” Draco said sticking his hand out for Harry to shake.

Harry's mind flashed back to one of Tom Riddle's memories. Lucius Malfoy had been one of his inner circle members. Harry had had quite some time to think about his parents and their deaths. He missed them greatly but he understood that in war their were losses and wins on both sides; not that it took the sting out of the loss.

“Good to meet you.” Harry said shaking his hand.

“Likewise. What are you doing in the alley?Where have you been living?Everyone's wondered but Dumbledore would never tell anyone.” Draco asked.

“I was just picking up some books and some supplies. I haven't received by Hogwarts letter yet but I've been told I would be going there. As to where I have been living, I have been living with some muggle relatives. It wasn't the greatest had first until I straightened them out.” Harry said with a smirk.

By this time Draco had sat down at Harry's table.

“Yeah I couldn't imagine living with /filthy /muggles. It's good thing you go them straightened out. I don't know what Dumbledore was thinking when he placed the wizarding worlds hero in amuggle home. Father says he's gotten senile in his old age though. My father wanted to me to attend Durmstrang but mother outright refused to send me anywhere but Hogwarts, since our family's have both gone their for generations. What house do you think you'll be in? I imagine I'll be in Slytherin that's where all the Malfoy's have gone. I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad, but Gryffindor would horrible and if I got into Hufflepuff I'm sure my parents would disown me for the shame on the family. I have a younger sister as well her name is Aliana, she won't be coming to Hogwarts for a couple years yet though.”

Hmm. Interesting. Draco doesn't seem like to bad of a kid...Harry thought.

“I imagine I'll probably be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I like to learn and read books. They knowledge is power. I'm sure everyone will be expecting to me to be in Gryffindor like my parents though.”

“Yes I think everyone is expecting you to be a Gryffindor. Gryffindor's doesn't tend to be very smart, and tend to rush into things. Slytherin is by far the best house in my opinion. Although everyone automatically expects us to be evil.” Draco replied.

“I hate how it seems most of the wizarding world sees magic as black and white or Dark and Light rather. Stupid really if you ask me.” Harry said.

Draco's eyes would have widened if he didn't have the“Malfoy Mask” up. A little shock did show on his face though causing Harry to chuckle.

“That's the last thing I figured I'd hear coming from you Potter.” Draco said.

Harry was about to reply when they were interrupted by Draco's father coming up to their table.

“Hello father. This is Harry Potter.” Draco said.

“Hello Lord Potter-Black. It's pleasure to meet you.” Lucius replied sticking his hand out for Harry to shake.

“Likewise Lord Malfoy.” Harry said shaking Lucius' hand.

“Potter and I were just discussing the house system at Hogwarts father.”Draco said.

“What do you think of it Mr. Potter?”Lucius asked.

“I don't know really. I don't like how the wizarding world classifies Light and Dark Magic. Like I was telling Draco, I believe I will end up in Slytherin or Ravenclaw.” Harry said.

Lucius raised an eyebrow slightly, “Really most of the wizarding world expects you to be a Gryffindor golden boy.” He finished with a sneer on his face.

“Yes I imagine they do. I guess I'll just have to disappoint them then.” Harry said with a chuckle.

“We shall see. I'm afraid we are going to have to cut this short, we need to be getting home. Come Draco.” Lucius said.

“Yes father. Perhaps you'd like to write back and forth Potter. I see you have a Raven.”Draco said.

“Sure. I'm sure Throm wouldn't mind making some deliveries. It was apleasure.” Harry said standing up and shaking Lucius' and Draco's hands.

They strode past Harry and over to the apparition point and disappeared with a 'pop'.

Harry stuffed his book back into his trunk and walked into the Leaky Cauldron. He walks straight through and sticks out his wand for the Knight Bus. There's a loud BANG and the bus pulls up to the sidewalk. The muggles around them don't notice anything Harry notes with interest.

“Welcome to the Knight bus, transportation for the stranded witch or wizard. I'm Nicola Bransby and I'll be your conductor for this evening. Where to?” A tall elderly man with dirty blonde hair going gray and brown eyes asks.

“Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.”Harry replies.

“Right that'll be 35 sickles please. Go ahead and take a seat on the bed and hang on tight, the ride can be a bit bumpy.”

Harry made it home fine if not a little disheveled from the half hour ride back to the Dursley's home. He spent the rest of the summer up until his birthday training in his trunk. He started working on the first year spells and reading theory books for the Dark Arts and Potions. He made himself some nutrient potions to counter any malnutrition from when he was younger. He continued working on his shadowmancer abilities as well.

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