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. . . Fly like an Angel. . .

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This is a very, very, VERY personal story.

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So if you read the summary you might be trying to figure out what harebrained idea I've come up with now. I have kind of always had this in the back of my mind but I've never had the guts to write this. It's a touchy subject for everyone, I'm aware, but it's even more touchy from someone who has lived through something as tragic as a drunk driving accident. So with that said, I want to introduce you guys to my newest (next) story that I'm working on. Now I'm not going to post anything but this part until I finish the Brendon Chelsea story, (which I'm almost done with!) But I would really really like some feedback on what you think of this story so hit me up.

In a world where tragedy is so prevalent it is more evident, now more than ever, that everything happens for a reason.

February 24, 1984 Motley Crue front man Vince Neil hit and killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley while on a beer fun driving at speeds of 65 miles an hour in a 25 mph speed zone.

August 31, 1997- Just after 3:00 AM Princess Diana was pronounced dead at a Paris hospital after her car crashed in a Paris tunnel. Her driver was thought to be drunk and speeding away from paparazzi photographers.

February 15, 2002-Michael Curtis Darr, major league baseball player, was killed in a drunk driving accident.

May 28, 2005-Just after 1:30 AM on Highway 58 between Hoffman Estates and Glenview, Illinois emergency vehicles responded to a two car accident going east bound. A 1999 white ford explorer, driven by Caitlyn Renee Whitman, exceeding speeds of up to 100 mph lost control crossing the median slamming into the front driver’s side of a 2004 silver Nissan Maxima driven by 21 year old Bryan Nathanial Mayers with younger brother Brendan Anthony Mayers. Both Whitman and younger Mayers were killed on impact leaving Bryan in a coma for nine weeks. It was concluded Whitman had a blood alcohol level of .16, eight times the legal limit for minors. That was taken from the next mornings newspaper as our family tried to figure out what to make of the death of a family member.

I’ve learned through out my years of seeing people come and go that people are put on earth to complete a plan. Princess Diana was here to bring Charity and hope to those with AIDS in Africa. Nicholas Dingley was here to bring hope to kids all over the world. Michael Curtis was a baseball player enough said there. And Brendan Mayers was here with a smile that made everything okay and lit up a room no matter how gloomy.

This is a story about a boy troubled with Alcoholism and a girl that knows first hand what alcoholism can do to a person’s life. For her it’s not about completing a plan before death but rather helping someone after death.

Grace Elizabeth Brady was put on this planet for one thing and one thing only. To help Brendon Urie find the light.

So obviously the main character is a girl named Grace who was killed in a car accident. I'm kind of on a tom Brady kick at the moment so she's related to him. (I promise there is a point to it! ) She's going to help Brendon through some tough times and then there is going to be a little surprise in the end for all of you weirdos that like happy endings. JK. I hope that you like it!!!
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