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So I know I said this last time but since that was so long ago, I'll say it again. This is an incredibly personal story. It hits really close to my heart. I hope you guys like it and I'm game for any sort of feedback that you guys want to give me. ENJOY!! And happy Valentine's day!!

Two kids.
Two Cities.
Two lives.
Two futures.
Four cars.
Thirty seconds.

That’s all it takes to drastically changes two lives. One in Las Vegas. One in Boston. A boy. A girl.

Brendon Urie.
Grace Brady.

Both got ready for a fun night with friends both not anticipating the changes getting ready to happen.

One was a famous musician and the other was the little sister of one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks.

Brendon started the night with a beer before leaving Jon’s apartment in Vegas. He moved from beer to fruity cocktails, to tonic drinks, and finally to shots. By the end of the party he was loud, obnoxious and completely incapable of driving, as was everyone else at the party. Instead of calling a cab Brendon, as a binge drinking alcoholic, refused to admit how drunk he actually was as the valet pulled his black Audi up for him handing the keys over to the drunken 20 year old as he quickly pulled away from the Vegas casino only to come to a screeching halt ten minutes later. The last thing Brendon would remember was the sound of scrunching metal and the fatal scream coming from a girl in the same situation about 2,719 miles away.

Grace laughed and joked with her friends as she drove her brothers Silver Range Rover down the beautifully lit streets of Boston with the windows down, the sunroof open, and the music blaring while the four girls sipped on sonic dr. peppers as they began their sober night. They stopped in at a local pizza parlor before catching the latest chick flick at the movie theater. After checking in with her brother/room mate around 12:15 that night she started to the various places to drop her three best friends off. Holly, Alyssa, Rachel, and Grace would have a four way funeral four days later. The New England Patriot quarterback would receive the news around 12:45 that night, only half an hour after saying I love you for the final time that his baby sister had been killed on her way back to their house. Not only would it crush his heart and spirit but the large California family and countless amounts of friends, as the driver of the other vehicle walked away with minor cuts and bruises while family and friends had to bury four innocent girls their junior year of college.

‘In other news, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returns to spring practice after seven weeks of absents. Patty Blake has more on this: Patty.’

‘Thanks Richard, this is the first time since the tragic death of his twenty year old sister that Tom Brady was in full pads. After the accident and the funeral Brady hulled up in his Boston house that he shared with his sister. Since the accident Brady has only been seen around town a handful of time. He has spent much of the time with his family in California along with his infant son John. According to his head coach and team mates it’s been very hard on the 30 year old quarterback as spring practice starts back up.’
Brendon sat in his hospital room poking at the gross cardboard food as his mother watched the news while sitting next to his bed with the same pissed off/disappointed look she had been sporting for seven weeks.

‘This is all I’ve heard for the past three weeks. All of the news channels have reported on that quarterback’s sister that was killed in the car accident. Who cares?’ Brendon complained.

‘Brendon I know that I did not raise you to be as heartless as you sound right now. She was killed in a drunk driving accident you have a lot of experience with this you would think you might have a little more sympathy.’ His mother scolded shutting off the TV.

‘I’m just tired of reliving the moments okay.’

‘You know maybe I should have let you go to jail for what you did. Do you know that you killed a sixteen year old boy and his younger sister and their dog Brendon?’

‘I know what I did mom and I would give anything to take it back isn’t that enough?’

‘That’s not enough. Those kids family is going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives. They lost both of their children that night, not just one but two kids Brendon. I just don’t understand how you can feel so good about what you did.’

‘I don’t feel good.’

‘Really could have fooled me. By the way, you’re coming home tonight and tomorrow you start rehab.’

‘REHAB FOR WHAT?!?!’ He yelled.

‘You obviously have an alcohol problem and you are not doing anything with that band of yours until you’re out of rehab period end of discussion. I’m going to pick Kara up from school then we’ll be back to check you out of here.’ Mrs. Urie said as she picked up her purse and walked out of the room. Brendon looked at the door as it slowly shut noticing a girl standing behind the door.

‘Can I help you?’ he asked. She just looked at him as he asked her again as a look of realization came across her face.

‘You can see me?’

‘I’m not blind; I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave. I’m not really in the mood to see visitors.’ He said as he picked up a magazine with Tom Brady on the front of it. He groaned and threw it down on the linoleum floor. The girl walked over to pick it up as Brendon watched her intently. She picked up the magazine and looked at the cover with a soft smile that spread across her face as she touched the picture of her brother as a tear slipped down her face. She opened the magazine as she sat in the chair, where his mom has previously been while she read the article with a slight chuckle at the end.

‘I thought I asked you to leave.’ Brendon said interrupting her thoughts.

‘Trust me, I wish I could.’ She said as she sat back.

‘You can there is a door right there.’

‘It doesn’t matter where the door is, I’m stuck here.’

‘In this room? Maybe I should change rooms.’

‘No I’m stuck with you.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I know what you did Brendon.’

‘How do you know my name?’

‘I know about that night. I saw it all happen. I know what you killed those two kids and their dog Brendon? I saw it all.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I died that night. The same way those two kids did.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about and really I want to you leave before I call the security.’

‘I know you didn’t mean to.’

‘I’m not going to tell you again.’

‘I know that you’d give anything to take it back. I know you’re sorry.’

Just as Brendon was about to call security Ryan and Jon walked into the room, ‘Hey buddy. How are you feeling?’ Ryan asked. Brendon looked over at the girl who was looking googly eyed at Jon.

‘I honestly think I’m losing my mind.’

‘Yeah being in the hospital will do that to you.’ Jon said as he sat down on top of the girl before jumping up again and looked at the chair, ‘That chair is freezing.’

‘Hey listen we came to talk to you about something.’ Ryan said sitting at the end of the bed.

‘What’s that?’

‘Look I know that you’re completely opposed to going to rehab but Pete and the rest of the label think it’s for the best so we’ve postponed the tour and the recording studio until you’re fully ready to go back.’

‘Guys I am ready to go back. I want to get back to work.’

‘Brendon the label is threatening to cut you if you don’t go to rehab. There is no way out of this.’

‘For how long?’

‘At least six weeks. It’s in a totally private rehab in Utah. We can come visit and it’ll be just like staying at a hotel....’

‘Except its rehab.’ Jon added with a smile. Brendon looked over and saw the girl giving Jon a look.

‘Do you guys see her?’ Brendon asked looking directly at Jon. Ryan looked over at Jon and rolled his eyes.

‘Brendon Jon is not a girl and I don’t think he likes you calling him one.’

‘I’m not talking about Jon I’m talking about the girl.’

‘Have you been drinking?’ Ryan asked.

‘No I haven’t been drinking.’ Brendon said dropping his head into the pillow.

‘Well we’re going to let you get back to her.’ Jon said giving him another weird look as he stood up noticing the magazine lying on the floor. He picked it up and looked at the cover, ‘He finally went back to practice.’ Jon said.

‘I know, poor guy, you know his little sister was killed the same night you had your accident.’ Ryan said.

‘I know.’ Brendon said.

‘Alright well we’ll see you tomorrow dude.’ Ryan said before he and Jon walked out of the room leaving Brendon once again with the girl.
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