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Im just soggy from the chemo

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Chemo and friends

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I feel like im locked in Solitairy and im Tired of being all alone.
Chemo again today. It has been about 3 months since i wrote the last letter to My Chemical Romance. Alot has changed. My hair is thinning but its not at its worst yet. I cannot explain how worried i am. I certinatly do not want to die. I do not want to be forgotten. Please.

"Miss Green, Its time to go to the therepy room now." the nurse says as she comes in.

Chemotherapy takes about 4 hours. First they take your blood and start your IV right away. They fill you with steroids, saline and Benedryl to get your body ready, and they wait for the chemo drugs to be brought up from the pharmacy in the bright green zip-lock bag they come in. Its sooo scary. I miss my mum and dad. And Brodie he had to go through this aswell.

I have a phobia of needles and this is just hell. After the first needle i feel like throwing up.

finally done.

"Miss Green, Could you please go and put your clothes on and here is you'r toiletries there are some people to see you." The nurse informs me.

"Do you have any idea who?" I ask. Its probally just the social workers checking to see if im alive.

The nurse shakes her head. Oh well.

I go in to the cubicle and get changed into my Pjs. There just really one of my Mcr tops and a Pair of shorts but i wear them to bed.

I slip into my Ugg boots and put on a bit of makeup. I know i dont need to wear makeup if im just pottering around but it makes me feel better.

I walk down the big white lonley corridors towards my room.
I open the door as i usually would. THen i stop in my tracks. A big smile spreads acrross my tear stained cheeks. They came here, To my room but why?

There spread around my Hospital room where the Five people i have been idolisng for most of my life.
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