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The best of the worst

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"Celeste?" Mikey asks.

"Yea..Yeah" i say stutoring. I CANT BELIEVE THIS. I am seeing them all Face to face. Mikey was sitting on the ground, Gerard was on the Chair. Frank was standing agains the wall and Ray and Bob were sitting on my bed. But when I walked in they all stood up like gentle men.

"Well dont be shy come over and give me a hug" Gerard said opening his arms. I walk over trying to stop my legs from running.

He smells great, like the perfect man smell ever.
Then they all join in.

"Group hug" Ray laughs and joins in.

"Haii Celeste im really sorry about you'r life and all" Frank says.

Gerard nudges him. "You dont say that shit man, its upsetting her look" he whispers.

"Are you alright sweetie?" Bob asks me.
I feel soo hapy right now these must be happy tears welting up in my eyes.

"oh me? im fine dont worry about it."

"So what are you all doing here?" i ask.

"Well i read you'r letters and i felt so bad about all of it and then when i found out you were in hospital we had too come its too much or some one of your age to handle" Gerard said.

I can feel myself going bright red. His word make my eyes prickle and fill up with tears. I dont want to cry infront of these guys but i feel myself need to.

"aww sweetie come here, Im sorry i didnt mean to upset you" Gerard says pulling me towards him.

"No its not you, I guess its mixed tears, i am sooooo happy to see you all so please dont think im not" i cry.

Bob goes and pulls up all the couches in the room into a corner where we are standing and we all sit down. I am inbetween Frank and Gerard and Mikey, Ray and Bob are opisite me.

"Sooooo..." Bob says looking for a topic to break the scilence.
"How are you feeling?" Ray asks looking in my eyes.
"Better now you are all here, oh you mean besides that, not great but you know it'll get better right?"
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