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Sorry I haven't written... my brother stole my laptop last night then shit happened at school so my laptop is gone for a week but thank god I have my phone! Anywayys


Frank's POV

So the first week of school was finally over and a new one was starting tomorow. But today Amy's friend from australia, Emmi, was coming. Emmi and Amy's aunt are meeting us at 10:00. So here we are. Waiting on the front steps of the school at 8:45.

"Where are they?!" Amy groaned while pacing up and down the steps.

Everyone was still asleep. Ray was leaning on the stone railing, his eyes closed. Casey on Ray and me on Casey. Mikey was spread out on one stair and Gerard on the bottom step, his head on his knees.

Gerard had been a lot more friendly latley. I don't know what Amy had said to him but I think everyone is thankful she said it.

"They're only coming in like 2 hours, Amy." Mikey yawned.

"Yeah. Sit down. Your making me dizzy." Ray said not even opening his eyes.

"Uurgh!!" Amy groaned falling down on the steps.
Mikey sighed and slowly stood up. He dropped himself next to Amy and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Hey," He said wrapping both arms around her and rocking her a little. "How about we go get some breakfast? Aye?"

She jumped out of his arms.

"No! They'll come! I don't want to Miss them!" she said loudly.

"Amy, we have..." I started looking down at the watch on my wrist. "2 hours and 12 minutes."

She rolled her eyes.
"Okay." She sighed and we walked in the caffateria.
Amy was walking or how some would call running, at least 5 meters ahead of us.

"Amy! Slow down before you fall!" Gerard laughed.

"Oh sorry, mother!" she said sarcasticly, sliding into a chair around the circular table. We all followed her and started to eat our food.
Amy had already shoved all or her scrammbled eggs in her mouth before we all took our first bight.

"Amy! Dude! Your gonna choke!" Ray said pulling her fork out if her mouth.
She forcfully swollowed her food.

"What the fuck!? I'm a big girl I can take care of myself! Now hurry up!" she yelled.
We ate as fast as we could and ended up back on the steps we were on a half an hour before.
I sighed and pulled out my I-pod from my pocket and turned it on. I put it on shuffle and 'Time To Dance' by Panic At The Disco started playing. I leant back on the wall and shortly after fell asleep.


I was woken up by someone shaking me violently.

"What the fuck?" I mummbled, taking my I-pod out and putting it back in my pocket.

"She's here." Gerard said quietly.
I sighed and stood up seeing Amy, Casey, Ray, Mikey, and two un-known figures in the distance.
Gerard and I made our way over to where Amy had jumped on the younger of the two women. I couldn't really see her. Just Amy wrapped around her screaming so every one could hear, yet you couldn't really hear what they were saying.
Everyone stood there laughing.
Amy finally got off the poor girl who I assumed was Emmi. They stood giggling as Amy introduced the two of them to us.

"This is my auntie, Carol and this is Emmi, my best friend." Amy said, calming down a bit.

She was gorgeous.
Around my height with jet black boy-cut hair.
She was wearing black skinny-legs and a black hoodie.
I stood watching her. My eyes and jaw wide open.
Gerard nudged me to snap out of it.

"This is Ray, Mikey, Casey, Frank and Gerard." She said, pointing to each of us.
Our eyes caught for about one second.
Every one said their hi's and Emmi was told she would be in Casey's room since her room mate moved over the summer.

"Let m-me help y-you with that." I stuttered

Oh god! I'm such an idiot! I mentaly slapped myself and focused.

"Oh. Its okay." She smiled.

"N-no I ins-sist!" I stuttered again. I didn't know what was wrong with me.
I took her suitcase as we began to walk to the building.

"So Mikey?" Carol asked.

"Oh yeah." Amy said grabbing Mikey's wrist and pulling him closer to her. "Here he is." She said proudly.

"Um.. H-hi." Mikey said nervously.
Carol looked Mikey up and down and then sweetly smiled at him.

"Hi." She smilled putting her hand out for Mikey to shake. He did so before Carol gave Amy an approving nod.

We arrived at the steps at the front of the school. I lifted the heavy bag with all my might and managed to get it up the first 4 steps befor stopping.

"Need some help?" Emmi giggled.

"I...umm ... n-no I'm okay?" I said nervously.
She came down the steps once everyone was inside the building and took the bag off of me. She dragged it up the stairs and laughed.
I could feel a shade of red creep up to my cheeks.

"Its okay... Frank was it?" she asked.
I smiled and nodded and we made our way up to our rooms.

She said my name!!!
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