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A filler chapter, I guess you can call it a fluff... please comment.

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Chapter 2: Training

Sunlight poured in through the window, waking Copper from her slumber. She yawned and looked around. Remembering what transpired last night, she smiled. She now had a father, an actual family. She looked behind her and saw that Kazuya was gone. Frowning, she got out of bed and walked down the hall. She passed a still sleeping Izikio on her way to the kitchen. He snored loudly and almost fell off the couch, but caught himself just in time. She shook her head. She thought as she walked into the kitchen.

The kitchen was empty. No one was there, but there was a note on the fridge. She grabbed it and read what it had to say.

Dear Copper and Izikio,

Meet me at the center of the old wood behind our apartment after breakfast. I have something to show you. It’s very important. Breakfast is on the table, by the way. I’m not sure what you two eat but I hope you like pancakes and bacon. See you after breakfast.


Copper read the note twice and placed it on the table. She sat down and looked at her plate of food. Bacon she has had once, but what were “pancakes”? Were they the large, flat, golden-brown circles that nearly covered her plate? She picked up her fork and knife, cut a piece, and cautiously began to eat.

She almost immediately started to devour her food. They were light and fluffy, sweetened with something brown and sticky (syrup) and butter was lightly spread over it, giving it a light buttery taste to it. Izikio came in just as she finished her meal. Izikio looked at the note, shoveled down his food as well, and then looked at Copper. “Ready to go, Ms. Mishima?” He said with a grin. Copper just smiled and nodded, heading for the window.

“Uh, should we take the door?” Izikio asked.

“Nah, someone might see us. Besides, I wanna fly.” She said as she opened the window. She stepped up on the edge and spread her wings. She looked like a great eagle about to take flight. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at Izikio. “So, you comin’ or what?” She said with a wide grin on her face.

Izikio blinked a few times before he walked up to the window. She noted the look on his face. A look of awe and adoration, but it disappeared after he was by her side. She thought little of it and took flight. She spiraled and turned in the sky, flying like a great eagle in flight. Izikio flew behind her, using his energy to propel him forward. Copper turned and saw that he was carrying her swords again on his back. She hovered in the air for a moment so he could catch up.

“How ‘bout you let me carry ‘em, they’re mine anyway right?” She offered. Izikio said nothing but handed the blades to her. She strapped them on her back and flew off to the woods. When she landed, she saw Kazuya, fighting an unseen foe.

“Dad, we’re here. What do you want to tell—HEY!?” Kazuya had aimed a kick at Copper’s head. She blocked it and stared up at her father. Then she understood; he wanted to train her and Izikio. She attacked him head on and faked a Rising Sun and attacked with a Corpse Thrust. He blocked and countered.

Soon, Izikio was getting the hang of it, and he was punching and hitting like the others. They shouted playful insults back and forth at each other. This went on until dusk, when they collapsed on the ground in a laughing heap. Sure there were a few bruises, but that didn’t matter. Kazuya looked over at his daughter and smiled. He thought.

They walked home that night, crossing an open field for a shortcut. Copper looked up and froze in her tracks. Up in the sky were billions of stars, all of them glittering like diamonds on a black velvet background. Kazuya saw what she saw and walked over to her. “You act like you never saw stars before.” He said, crouching down next to her.

“Not this many. They’re so beautiful, so… so… breathtaking! Has any one been able to touch one? They seem so close!” She exclaimed, her gaze not leaving the sight.

“No, not that I know of, why, you want to get one?”

“Yes, I do. Father, one day I am going to fly up there and grab a star, and I’m going to come back and give it to you.” She declared, her gaze shifting to Kazuya. He saw that she had just promised him an impossible feat. But then again she was just a child. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. He picked her up and walked across the clearing. She fell asleep in his arms. He smiled at the sleeping form in his arms. Izikio looked over and smiled as well.

“She’s very fond of you, you know”

“Yes… yes I know.”

“She’s lucky to be here… out of danger… for now.”


“Nothing just thinking out loud.” Izikio said hastily as he walked forward rather quickly. Kazuya’s eyes followed him for a moment then his attention went back to Copper. Still asleep, he noted. She looked like an angel. She was an angel, fallen from heaven to keep him company. “My little angel, yeah, my little dove.” He whispered to her. One day he will give her more than a rundown apartment to live in. One day she will wear something better than an old kimono with patches at the elbows. One day…someday soon.


Kazuya awoke with a start. Another bad dream, but this time it was worse. Copper was in it again, but this time she was angry. She was older and looked more experienced. “Evil monster! Murderer! You will pay dearly for killing him! Murderer! You shall PAY!!!” She screamed as she raised her sword for a death plunge. As she brought the blade down she once again turned into a demonic form of herself and let out a terrifying screech before the dream ended.

He shook his head and breathed a sigh of relief. An angel appeared at the foot of the bed. Kazuya looked up at her. “Angel, why do I keep having these dreams of Copper hurting people and transforming into a demon?” He asked.

“I’m afraid that I can only tell you that they are premonitions; things that may happen. As for the demon form… I don’t know. But keep her close. She loves you dearly… she can do great things with your guidance.” With that Angel disappeared, leaving Kazuya to wonder if Copper was capable of doing such things.
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