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Ch 1: The Destiny Begins...

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The story really gets started in this action packed chapter. Kazuya finds Copper, a creature only known as a 'Touron' and who seems to have a case of amnesea! What will happen now?

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Chapter 1: The Destiny Begins

A young man, around nineteen years of age, sat near a winding river, obviously deep in thought. He had jet-black hair that was styled into a point, piercing brown eyes, and the muscular frame of a highly skilled fighter. He wore a white muscle shirt, a pair of faded jeans, red open-fingered gloves with silver knucklestuds, and a pair of old sneakers.

His thoughts were interrupted however by a loud thunderclap. He looked up to see the sky darken and the clouds form a spiral in the sky. He stood up and stared.

“What’s goin’ on? A tornado in these parts, but that’s impossible.” He thought out loud. As he watched the swirling clouds, a ball of light shot through the center; right towards him. He quickly jumped out of the way just as it crashed into the spot he was in. If he had hesitated, he would have been crushed. As he tried to get back on his feet, the ball of light exploded. The shockwave was so great that it knocked him down again and bent back trees, some of them actually cracking and falling. Then as quickly as it came, the sky cleared and all fell silent. It was as if nothing happened.

He slowly lifted his head to see that he was at the edge of a large crater. Curiosity getting the best of him, he lifted himself up so he could see in it. There, right in the middle, was a strange winged dog. He got up and jumped in to get a closer look. By the look of its tattered dress, he guessed that it was a she. She lay on her side, her black hair fanning out behind her. She had copper fur with dark brown marks around her eyes. She had eagle claws for hands and feet. Tawny down covered her forearms and her legs below the knees. Her bushy tail lay limp in the dust. Large golden wings stretched out behind her, glinting in the sun.

He thought at first she was dead, but he saw her side move as she breathed. Her eyes suddenly fluttered open. They were the color of sapphires in a vast dark blue ocean.
She sat up and held her head in her hands as if she were suffering from a headache. The man touched her shoulder. She looked up at him in shock as if she expected him to have a knife in his hand. She scrambled to her feet but fell again. Then she scooted away from the man in pure terror.

“No, no, it’s alright, I won’t hurt you. I just thought you might need help.” He said, trying to calm her down. She seemed she couldn’t understand him and she just stared at him in horror. “K-Kyorin strinan! Intas renka!” She shouted, raising her claws.

Kazuya thought as he raised his hands. “Hey calm down. See, I’m backing up.” He said as he took a few steps back. She stands up, a claw still pointed towards him; blue eyes sparking with fear and determination. She looked at him carefully, as if he would attack her at any given moment. Finally, she lowered her claw and walked towards him. She merely looked at him for a moment before speaking.

“Forgive me. I didn’t realize were I was and your presence startled me.” Her voice was soft yet had a tone that demanded his attention.

“It’s no problem, but, please, call me Kazuya. My name is Kazuya Mishima.”

“And I am…Copperithiona.” She said after a moment. She seemed to be confused for a moment before nodding. “Yes, that’s it, but I guess you can call me Copper.” She said with a smile. Her smile quickly faded when a look of pain flashed on her face. “Oh, my aching head.” She moaned as she held her head in her hands again.

“Here, let me see.” Kazuya said as he kneeled in front of her as he felt her head for bumps or cuts. When he passed his hand over a rather large bump, she yelped like a dog and recoiled from him. “Sorry, but you seem to have hit your head there.”

“So I can tell.” Copper mumbled as she gingerly touched the bump. She flinched from the sharp pain she got for her trouble.

“Can you remember anything that happened before you ended up here?”

“I…I’m sorry. I can’t remember much save my name, that I’m a Touron, my fighting style, and my friend, Izikio.”

Kazuya decided to guess that a Touron was what she was and that this “Izikio” was another “Touron” such as herself. “What is your fighting style any way?” He asked.

“Spiritas Fightran, Spirit Fighting. I can use the spirits of animals to aid me. I use them through not only my fists but also two Goldsteel katanas which… as it seems… have gone missing.” She looked around and growled out: “D’Arvit!” She then smacked a hand on her mouth and looked at Kazuya fearfully. All he did was cock an eyebrow at her.

“Um, maybe your swords fell in a different part of town. Perhaps we could find them. Come on, we’ll take my car.”

“Yeah, lets. I kind of want to get out of this hole and get a look at… um, what place is this?”

“Tokyo, Japan.” He said simply as he grabbed her hand and led her to an old Honda. He unlocked the back door and motioned for Copper to get in. When she was in, he shut the door behind her and jogged around to the driver’s side. He wanted to leave too, but for different reasons. He had a funny feeling that someone was watching him. He was right, for as he drove off, a spy in black armor was relaying what he saw to his superiors.


“This place his huge! It’ll take days to find them!” Copper exclaimed as she stared up at the huge buildings of Tokyo.

“Well Tokyo is the largest city in the world. What do they look like?”

“Gold in color with a white gem that shines like a star on the hilt, ya can’t miss ‘em. They’re close though, I can feel them.” She said as she stared out the window. No one as seen her, and when they stopped at a red light, she went invisible, although she did have some close calls. She rallied instructions to Kazuya as she felt the swords’ energies shift. But when they turned at an old section of town, one were people don’t really live there anymore; she had the strange sense that someone was following them. She looked up at the rearview mirror to see an armored Hummer following them. She looked to the side and saw another Hummer coming straight at them. She heard Kazuya curse under his breath as he suddenly turned right, flinging her down on the seat. Then the car stopped completely. They were boxed in.

Copper sat up in time to see four armored Hummers on each side of them. Four armored men came out of each car, each carrying a weapon of some sort and aimed them at the car. Kazuya cursed again more loudly. “Looks like my father’s lackeys have found us. What in the hell do they want!?” Then he remembered the feeling of being watched back at the river. They possibly want Copper. The image of the Touron being used in harsh experiments enraged Kazuya even more. “They will not leave alive!” He hissed. He adjusted his fighting gloves and looked at the terrified creature in the back seat.

“Kazuya, w…what’s going on? I’m scared.”

“I know, but just stay here. Don’t leave this car until they try to get in, then that’s when you get as far away as possible. Any means possible, understand?” He explained as calmly as he could. He didn’t want to scare her even more, but he wanted her to understand how urgent this situation is. She nodded, her eyes wide with fear and understanding. Kazuya got out of the car, but left it running. He thought to himself as he got into his fighting stance. One of the men rushed at him, but Kazuya was ready and he countered with a Dragon Uppercut to the jaw. This sent the man flying through the air and into a brick wall. The sheer force of the collision blew the wall to bits.

Copper watched in awe when Kazuya punched the man through the wall. But just as the punch connected, everything seemed to go in slow motion. Suddenly her mind registered what fighting style he used: Mishima Style Marshal Arts. The move he used was a Dragon Uppercut. As everything went back to normal speed, she realized that she somehow knew the style, as if she was a master who trained for many years and had perfected it. She had just learned a new fighting style just by watching someone.

Copper came back to reality when she heard Kazuya grunt as he hit the car door. He was out numbered and exhausted. His enemies grabbed him and flung him into the middle of the street. Copper looked in horror as they proceeded to attack him all at once. That fear, however, quickly turned into anger. “What am I doing? Here I am letting Kazuya get the crap beat out of him when I should be helping him!” She jumped into the front passenger seat and opened the dashboard compartment for something to use. There was a small knife that Kazuya used for emergencies. She grabbed it and shoved it into her tattered billowing sleeve. She then pressed the automatic window button. “Come on, come on, COME ON!!” She growled impatiently as the window slowly rolled down. When it was low enough, she jumped out and shrieked out a war cry.


Kazuya glared up at the muzzle of the assault rifle aimed at his head. He was on the ground, bruised and cut, clothes tattered, and a small trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth. The owner of the gun was about to pull the trigger when an inhuman shriek pierced the air. The man looked up as Copper slammed a fist into his chest. Her hand was engulfed in a golden aura that resembled a dragon. The man flew into the air and landed on the pavement with a sickening thud. The force broke his back and he didn’t get back up.

The others backed up a bit as she pulled out the knife and stood in front of Kazuya, waving the knife menacingly. Kazuya managed to get on his feet and get back in his fighting stance. He then noticed that the hand that held the knife crackled with electricity. He found that odd, for the only time someone’s fist was wreathed in lightning was if they knew Mishima Style Martial Arts, but that’s impossible. At least, he thought so.

“Copper, get out of here, it’s you they want!” Kazuya yelled at the young creature that gallantly tried to fend off their attackers. She ignored him and threw the knife at one man’s head. He ducked and she lunged at him, and tackled him. Sitting on top of him, she delivered six punches to the head and jumped up to defend Kazuya again.

“That’s called Ultimate Tackle. Yes I know your fighting style, but I’ll explain later. First we’ve got to show them whose boss.” Copper said as she shifted into her own fighting style, claws extended from two to seven inches. Kazuya just stood ready.

The commander pointed at them and a man in black armor stepped forward. But just as he was about to attack, he was knocked down by a twelve year old boy with spiky black hair, red eyes, black gi with red dragons on the pants, and the swords Copper was looking for on his back. Copper smiled and shouted at him. “Hey Izikio! About time, and here I thought that Kazuya and I have to fight by ourselves!”

Izikio landed in front of Copper, holding out the swords to her. “And miss all the action?” Copper grabbed the hilts of the swords and yanked them out of their sheaths. They were in fact gold in color, the setting sun intensifying their glow. Two names shimmered on the blades for a moment: Shiekra and Gwazi. The white stone that was on the pommels of the swords did indeed shine like stars. Izikio, Copper, and Kazuya stood in their respective fighting stances. The men stared for just a moment before attacking. Then the war broke out then and there.

Copper danced in and out of the fray, swords flashing in the slowly setting sun. Izikio fought with the fierceness of a dragon in a blood rage. Kazuya, strength renewed, made sure that when someone attacked him, he didn’t get back up. In a few moments, the battle was over and Kazuya was about to finish off the commander, fist pulled back, ready to strike when Copper grabbed his hand. Although her hands were soft due to the down, he felt the pricks of her claws, which were back down to normal size. He looked down and saw that her eyes were filled remorse. “Please, don’t kill him.”

“Copper, let go of my arm and let me teach this man a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“But we won! You’ll be killing him in cold blood!”

“And your point is?”

“It’s wrong and dishonorable. I would never EVER do what you’re doing and neither would Izikio. Just put him down and let’s go before someone sees us.”

Kazuya looked back at the man. He thought. Then he lowered his arm and dropped the man. “He lives to fight another day.” He said, still not looking at Copper in the eyes. Copper let go of his hand and smiled at him. “You did the right thing.” She murmured. Kazuya said nothing but walked over to the car and opened the back door. Copper and Izikio jumped in. Kazuya shut the door and got in the driver’s side. Nothing was said for a while until Izikio broke the silence. “Were do ya live?”

“Apartment. Nothing fancy.”

“I’m sure we’ll see it through.” Copper chimed in.

Kazuya just smiled. “You have a lot of wisdom for someone as young as you. How old are you anyway?”

“I’m eleven in human years.”

“That young? You cease to amaze me.”

“Most people don’t know the powers small things like me can sometimes hold. Sometimes… sometimes such power can be held in the smallest of things.”


Later that night, Kazuya woke up in a cold sweat. The scar on his chest ached. He was still for a moment before he placed a hand on his forehead. The nightmare he had was a terrible one. He had dreamed that he was in a village that was being destroyed by a single foe. He saw that it was a Touron that had golden wings and golden swords like Copper. Before it ended, the Touron turned and looked at him. It had Copper’s face, but it shifted into something demonic; red eyes, long fangs, and gray coarse fur. Just as the thing lunged at him, the nightmare ended.

“What a nightmare. Is that what she meant? Impossible, she wouldn’t”

“Or will she Kazuya? How do we know if she has such power? You saw how she fought. All it took was one move from you and she knew your entire fighting style. She might even have the power to kill you.” A demonic voice sounded in his head. He glowered at the voice. He hated it when Devil spoke to him. He really hated it when he looked into his dreams.

“Go away. Leave me alone.”

“Very well, just remember: she could kill you.” Devil hissed before his presence went away. Kazuya sighed and leaned against the headboard. He heard his door open and looked to see it was Copper, dressed in the old kimono he found for her, looking hopeful. “Kazuya, you don’t mind if I ask you something do you?”

“No not at all. Come in, sit for a while.”

Copper shuffled over and sat on the bed. Her wings hugged her body so that there was more room. “Kazuya, I’ve been thinking… who’s to say that where ever I am from wants me back… what if they banished me… or I could be an orphan. All alone…with no one.”

Kazuya’s eye’s widened. He never thought that she could be an orphan. The thought never came.

Copper continued. “I… I hope I’m not being too demanding if… well what I’m trying to say is…”

“Say what?”

“C… could you be my father? I mean… can I live with you?”

Kazuya thought for a moment. His father really never liked him. In fact he threw him over a cliff when he was young. What if that happened again, this time he would be throwing her over the edge. But then again he realized that he could never bring himself to hurt her. There was something about her that, well, attracted him. He smiled at her and drew her close. “Yes, I would enjoy being your father. There will be tough times, but we’ll make it.”

“That’s all that matters Dad.” Copper said as she fell asleep, a smile shining on her lips. Father and daughter fell asleep together as angels watched over them.
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