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Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

As Mya woke up she thought it was very unusual; the bright light was shinning through the window.

“What time is it?!” Mya said as she turned and peered at the clock; “11:30?!”

Suddenly, the door opened. It was Isla walking; “Morning!” She said chirpily whilst walking over to open the curtains.

“Er hi…” Mya said mumbling. “How come you didn’t wake me up?”

Isla walked over to the bed; “Well I thought you deserved a lie in seeing as you are pregnant!” She giggled.

Mya also laughed. “God you remind me of Gerard saying that!”

“Yeah, about Gerard…” She said looking out of the door; “I kinda called him off your phone, and I er invited him over…” Isla said, wondering what Mya’s reaction would be.

Mya smiled, she was actually grateful that Isla invited him over, especially after last night.

“So what time will he be here?” Mya said getting out of bed to look at her hair.

“Well he’s erm here…” Isla said walking out of the room.

Mya thought she ought to follow. As she walked into the lounge she saw Gerard sitting down, when he noticed her walking in her got up and greeted her.

“Hey” He said hugging her.

She hugged him back; “Hi” She backed off and smiled at him.

Isla felt a bit “in the way”; “Right, I’ll be the kitchen if you need me…” She said walking off.

They both understood why she left them alone; they obviously needed time to talk. Both of them sat down, and Gerard took hold of Mya’s hand.

“So what are you doing here?” Mya said still a bit confused.

“Isla called me, and well she told me what happened; are you okay?” Gerard said trying to sound caring, even though he didn’t know whether to or not.

Mya looked at him and smiled again; “I’m okay thanks. It was just a bit of a shock that’s all. Anyway it shouldn’t bother me, we’re doing the exact same.”

“I’m here for you, if you just need someone to talk to, you know to take your mind off everything that happened last night.”

“Gerard, I’m okay seriously! I mean we’re doing the exact same thing to Irina; she’s gonna feel a lot worst then I did!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but I’m still here for you anyway!”

“Er thanks. I think.” Mya said. “But you know this will be a lot harder for Irina.”

“Yeah, your right.” Gerard said tilting his head to the side; Mya thought he looked so cute when he did that.

“Gee, can we tell her soon?” Mya said tightening the grip of there hands.

“Yes, I was thinking the same. She really needs to know…”

“Yeah, well when do you think is the right time to do it?” Mya said.

“Soon…Today? Tomorrow?” Gerard answered back.

“Well how about you wait for me to get ready and then we go and tell her?” Mya said sounding confident of the idea.

Gerard smiled; he was confident as well. He was well up for the idea this time; “Yeah, lets do it!”

She grinned and he leant in and kissed her. It felt so good.

Isla walk in half way through it; that special moment had gone, but Mya didn’t mind, there was more then likely to be more of them moments in the future.

“Oh, I’m er sorry!” Isla said stuttering. She looked kinda shocked, why though? Was it because her best mate was in the middle of making out with Gerard Way; maybe?

Mya laughed in her head at that thought, Isla would need to get used to it!

Gerard answered; “Don’t worry it’s okay.” He smiled.

Isla was well jealous! Gerard was a great guy - from what she knew about him anyway. He was also very cute, no wonder she was jealous; everyone will be when they find out. Mya and Gee suit so well, Isla thought.

Isla giggled; “If your sure.” She said trying to do a flirty voice.

Mya and Gerard just burst out laughing.

“Keep off!” Mya joked, getting up and pushing Isla.

Isla felt like such an idiot; she could feel her facing turning bright red.

“Psh, fine.” Isla said trying to get in on the joke; it wasn’t working though, Gerard and Mya laughed even more.

Isla thought it was best to just walk out of the room, but then she heard her name being called, and walked back to where she started.


“Well Gerard and I where wondering if we could ask you a big favour?” Mya said standing there, hand in hand with Gerard.

“Go on…” Isla said, wondering what she was going to ask.

“Well erm we’re going to tell Irina about us later on and afterwards we don’t expect her to let Gerard stay there, so er we were wondering if we could stay here for a while?” Mya said putting on puppy dog eyes; even Gerard joined in as a joke.

Isla laughed and walked over to them; “Stay as long as you need to!” She smiled whilst patting Mya on the back.

Gerard slightly laughed; “Thanks a lot; you’re a real good friend to us both.” He then smiled.

Isla went a bit weak at the knee’s; Jesus, was this the reaction all women had on him?! She thought to herself.

“Your welcome; I’m here to help anytime!” She giggled; just like a little girl does. “Oh and I best be able to baby sit!”

Mya laughed; “Of course!”

“Yeah.” Gerard smiled; “Anyway, you best go get ready now My.”

“Okay, I’ll just go quickly shower.” She said walking out of the room to get ready.


Authors Note.

11th March 08.

Sorry I haven't uploaded in ages. No, I haven't given up on the story if that's what your thinking. I've just been having a real hard time lately, with school and friends and my great auntie died so it hasn't really been a great time, but i'm gonna try and upload some chapters asap! C x

23 April 08.

So sorry! Been like v v v v busy! I'll try and upload tonigth, nothing major thou!
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