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Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Gerard pulled the car up a road too early.

“Er why are you stopping here?” Mya said confused.

“I wanna make sure your ready to do this…” Gerard said sounding quite unsure.

Maybe it was him that wasn’t ready not Mya.

“I’m more then ready. If I wasn’t then do you think I’d be here right now?” Mya said grabbing Gerard’s hand off the steering wheel.

“Er no.” Gerard said looking away.

Mya was puzzled; Gerard didn’t seem so positive anymore about going ahead with everything.

“What’s wrong?” She said openly.

“Nothing.” Gerard said, still looking the other way.

“Yes there is! Tell me…please Gerard.” Mya said tightening the grip on his hand.

“I’m just a little nervous about all of this…I haven’t even thought of what I’m going to say!” He said with his voice raised sounding squeaky.

“And you think I have?” She said. “Gerard this won’t be easy, you should know that, but she has to know and we have to tell her.”

“Yeah I do know, I just need to think…”

“About what exactly?!” She said starting to loose her temper. “About whether you’ve made the right decision or not, because I’ve heard this once before!”

Gerard came across like he wasn’t bother, like he didn’t care; did he mean it?

“If your gonna start a argument then don’t bother because right now I’m not in the mood.”

“And I am? No, I’m not under any stress here either am I? No, I’m just pregnant with your baby and about to go and reveal to your wife your leaving her because your cheating but no, no way am I stressed or anything.”

Gerard lost it; “Just fucking shut up!”

Mya just stared at him, she hated it when he was like this. She didn’t bother to even answer him, she just simply turned her head and looked out of the car window.

A couple of minutes had gone by and the car was still in complete silence. Finally Gerard decided to speak up.

“Look, I wanna just get this over and done with. I’m only being like this because well I don’t know. It’s difficult, even though your in the same situation it kinda feels as though your not if you get me? I just need this over and done with…” He said grabbing her hand.

“I know what you mean, but come on Gee, lighten up a bit. I mean just think after this your gonna be happier! Your gonna start a new life! You’ll have me and the baby…”

Gerard let go off her hand, Mya thought he was pissed off again after what she said; but why?!

“I know, and I can’t wait but it’s not that simple!”

“Why isn’t it? We’re gonna go in there and tell her, then it’s over and done with!”

Gerard groaned; “Stop making it sound like it’s that simple; it’s not! Yeah maybe telling her will take a lot of relief off the situation but then you have everything else to deal with!”

“We can get through that though!” Mya said trying to back her argument up.

“Well yeah we might be able to but it’s hard! I have to give up my house, maybe even having to sell it which isn’t easy. Then there’s the divorce to think about, and that can be stressing enough but then there’s the biggest problem; the baby…”

“Well I’m here to help you, and I know that the whole thing with the baby won’t be the easiest of things but together we can get through this!”

“I hope so…anyway; are you ready?” Gerard said smiling.

Mya knew he was confident and back to the normal Gerard.

“Of course I am, sure you are?”

She wondered why she just asked that. He was making it pretty obvious to her that he was ready, but I suppose she had to check.

“I’m ready, very ready infact.” He said smiling even bigger; “I love you…”

Well Mya wasn’t expecting that. She thought how weird their relationship was actually, one minute they were arguing like hell and the next they we’re all lovie dovie, but then again she wouldn’t change it for the world; I mean right now he was the most important thing in her life.

“You know I love you too” She smiled.

“Yay!” Gerard said in a little kiddie voice as he started the car back up.

Mya just laughed.

In under 5 minutes they were outside Gerard’s house.

Mya remembered it, she remembered all the times she come here, for all those secret “meetings”. Then she thought to herself on how she won’t be doing that no more. All the lies will be dead, everything will be honest from now on; Gerard, Mya and the baby.

“Come on then.” Gerard said, opening Mya’s door.

She smiled back; “Can’t believe we’re finally doing this! In a evil way I kinda feel good! Your gonna be mine!”

“Yes, yes I am!” He giggled.

As they walked up the drive Mya felt a little knot inside, she wasn’t worried though, she was looking forward to this. Looking forward to getting it over and done with.

Gerard knocked at the door, after realising he’d forgotten his keys.

They waited for a couple of minutes.

Finally she answered…

Irina was sobbing and just threw herself at Gerard.

Both of them shocked; wtf?!
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