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Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

They were both still unsure on what was happening. Why exactly was she crying?

Gerard put his arm around her; in which Mya wasn’t too pleased about but this wasn’t the time to start moaning…

“What’s wrong?!” Gerard said in his concerning voice. It sent shivers done Mya’s spine. It made her feel as though it was her he should be doing that to, but she didn’t say that. I mean it already looked weird standing on the door step with his wife in tears and a ‘randomer’ behind him; what would the neighbors think?!

Oh well who cares she thought to herself.

“I have to tell you something!” Irina said sobbing harder.

Mya butted into the conversation; this was such an awkward moment for her…

“Maybe I should go?” She said.

Quickly Gerard turned around; “No!”

Both Irina and Mya looked at him shocked.

“Gee, maybe it’s best that she does go?”

‘Bitch’ Mya thought to herself. “Well I suppose I’m off then!” Mya said sarcastically. She knew when she wasn’t wanted around.

“No, don’t go. You can here with me for a reason. I’m gonna talk to Irina about what’s wrong and then we can carry on with what we came to do!” Gerard said demandingly.

This made Mya smile, but she didn’t wanna show it. He actually did wanna do this!

“Hum okay then…” Mya said.

“Gerard!” Irina shouted. “This is also my house and I have say on who steps into it, and right now I don’t want anyone here!”

Mya couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She now understood why Gerard started this whole affair off.

By this point Gerard had gone bright red, just like a tomato, Mya could tell he was embarrassed.

“What did you just say?!” Gerard said aggressively in a low tone.

“I said I don’t want her here! How hard is that to understand?!” Irina said fighting back. She wasn’t crying so much now, just angry.

Mya wasn’t looking forward to this so much anymore…

“Well she’s staying.” Gerard said, and he wasn’t backing down either.

He started to walk into the house, gesturing Mya to follow him; both women did.

“Right this is how it goes! Irina me and you will go and talk in the living room and Mya will wait in the dinning room.”

Mya nodded.

Irina wasn’t so easy to persuade though; “Why exactly is she here?! Actually more importantly, who the hell is she?!” Irina said looking her up and down.

Mya was starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Look she’s someone I know. I’ll explain later, just come with me and tell me what’s wrong!”

Irina took one last look at Mya and then started to walk off into the living room.

Gerard didn’t follow straight away;

“I’m sorry about her…” He whispered leaning into kiss Mya.

She kissed back; she wished that Irina would turn around and see them like it, but no such luck.

“Anyway the dining room is through there” He said pointing.

Mya just walked off and then Gerard did the same.


“So what’s wrong, why were you crying?” Gerard said shutting the door behind him.

“Something’s happened…”

Gerard just looked at her blankly.

“I realised that, so what is it?”

Irina looked as though she was going to cry again. “It’s…it’s the baby.” She paused, “I’ve…” Another pause, “I’ve lost it…”

Gerard just stared at her. He didn’t know what to feel…was it bad that he felt a bit of relief that this had happened? Maybe not; it just made him sound like a right cunt.

He didn’t even know what to say to her, he just stuttered; “Wh…when did you…you know loose it?”

Irina stared back. Gerard looked deep into her eyes; she didn’t seem to upset as expected. Well what exactly was he expecting, her to be distraught not being able to talk?

“I found out about a week ago…”

Gerard couldn’t believe what he was hearing; “What?! You’ve known for a week and haven’t told me?!” He said raising his voice.

Irina just looked away.

“Well are you going to tell me?!”

She didn’t answer again.

“So you just kept this from me…how could you?!” Gerard said. You could hear the anger in his voice, mixed in with a bit of sad.

Irina actually answered this time. She laughed; “How could I keep something from you?! How about you then?”

Gerard wasn’t expecting that. What exactly did she mean…?

“What are you on about?”

Irina looked right at him; “I know what’s going on. I know why she’s here. I know about your dirty little secret…”

He was shocked, did she seriously mean that?!

“What the hell are you on about?!”

“I know that you’ve lied to me, I know that you’ve been having sex with her, I know that she’s pregnant, and yes Gerard I know it’s yours!” She said in her normal voice.

Gerard really couldn’t believe this! How did she know, and why was she being so calm about all of it?!

“How do you know?” He plainly asked.

“God Gerard, you really are stupid aren’t you. You gave me your phone to look after. There was a message on there from Brian and I thought it might be important so I decided to look, that’s where I found all the messages and figured it all out.”

“How do you know it’s her?”

Irina just sniggered; “Why else would you bring a women here?”

She did have a point Gerard thought to himself.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.” Irina said not overreacting at all; it was weird, she was just so calm…”

“Why? We hurt you, and I know that…” Gerard said. “We came to tell you today”

“I realised that. I don’t want you to be sorry. We never should of gotten back together in the first place. The thing is Gee; I got pregnant on purpose…”

Gerard really wasn’t expecting that; “Why?”

“I thought it would bring us more together, but no it didn’t. It made us go further apart from each other, further enough for you to go and cheat on me!” Irina said started to have a bit of emotion in her voice now.

“Yeah well people drift apart, and we have to face the facts that we just don’t work right together. I’m happy with Mya now, she makes me happy and that’s all I need.”

Irina looked a little bit hurt.

“Okay look I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that! I just mean that I’m more compatible with her…” He said trying to make it sound better.

“I understand.” She said getting up; “I hope you two are happy together.” Irina walked outta the room at this point and went over to the one Mya was in.

Gerard quickly followed just in case.

They were all just standing there in the dinning room. Gerard and Mya next to each other, and Irina the opposite side.

She just looked at both of them. No emotion in her eyes at all; neither Gerard or Mya could work out what was going to do, especially Mya, she was confused. Very confused.

“Good luck to the both of you…” She said walking out of the room.

Mya’s jaw just dropped to the floor; what the hell?!


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