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Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

The whole place was in silence.

Mya just didn’t know what to say; did that really just happen? She thought to herself.

“Come on.” Gerard said taking her hand.

She started to walk with him, “Er, where are we going? And what the hell happened back there?!”

Gerard stopped to look at her; “Wasn’t it obvious, she knows. Look My, I don’t really wanna go into detail on what happened but all you need to know is that it’s over between Irina and I and now I can concentrate on being with you.” He paused whilst rubbing her face; “…and our little ‘un”

Mya’s face just lit up. She must have had a smile that stretched from one cheek to the other; “Seriously?! She knows?! This whole secret is done with?!”

He smiled at all her questions. “Yes.” Was all he plainly answered.

Mya just threw her arms around him, she’d never felt this good, she felt a sense of relief.

“I love you” He whispered.

“I love you as well” She replied; her head buried into his chest.

It was moments like these where she felt safe with him. Safe; nothing was gonna hurt her. It was like she had a full guard protected around her.

“Right come on we best get a move on!”

Mya suddenly felt confused. “Why? Where are we going?”

“Your coming to meet the guys with me…” Gerard said pushing her hair from her face.

“Huh?!” She said. Was she actually about to go and meet the other members? Wow.

Gerard giggled slightly. “Your coming with me to see the guys. I mean they have to meet you sometime…”

She just looked at him; “Won’t that be weird? I mean me just turning up…they don’t even know me! Well all except for Mikes.”

“You think I never told ‘the guys’ about you?!” He sniggered.

Mya was confused again, and Gerard could tell.

“Of course I told them about you My! Why wouldn’t I?! Your beautiful, generous, sweet, caring, oh and mine!” He smiled, adding it in.

Mya giggled. “How come you never told me about this?! I thought they had no idea!”

“I couldn’t keep something so big from them. They like brothers to me as well as my best mates…and now your gonna come with me to meet and great!”

“Yay!” She said in a little innocent voice. “Lets go then!”

He laughed; “Gosh your eager!”

“Haven’t I always been?” She winked, whilst pulling getting out of the door.

He laughed; “Well, you have a point there!”


The car journey wasn’t too long; about 15 minutes maximum?

“Gerard?” Mya said.

“Yeah Baby?”

“What’s gonna happen now…?”

“Well we’re gonna meet up with the guys hun, and then we’ll probably catch a bite of something?”

“No, I don’t mean it like that, I mean now as in the future now…”

Gerard just carried on looking straight ahead, keeping a close eye on the traffic surrounding him.

“Well the divorce will come through, then there’s the decision with the house, I’m gonna have some stuff going on with the band and then I’m staying with you, your gonna have me looking after you and caring for all your needs on the big build up to the baby and after of course!”

Mya smiled; “I’ll look forward to it!”

Gerard let out a little laugh; “Ar My I know I say this a lot but I just can’t help but say it again; I really do love you!”


They finally got there in the end.

But where were they exactly? Mya didn’t know. She’d never been here before. She didn’t even think it was a place. It was all run down.

“ We’re here” Gerard said smiling getting out of the car.

Hey Guys. Well this is it. The last chapter of the story. To be honest I wasn't going to end it at this, and I know that it's a pretty shit ending but I didn't want to carry on with it because it would have been pointless and stupid. Anyway i'm going to start a new story up when I get the chance so don't worry! Thanks for all your comments and everything. Please do the same for other storys that I write. Thanks :)
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