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Vegetarians Scare Me

by Gai 1 review

Yamazaki starts a butcher shop, which just leads to trouble...

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Yamazaki: Andy! Mai! What would you guys like?

Andy: No thanks, we just came here to look for Terry.

Yamazaki : (sees Terry sitting at a table)

Terry: (is sitting at a table)

Yamazaki: Terry? You're still here?

Terry: I don't have a home.

Yamazaki: Andy, why don't you order something while you're here?

Andy: Sorry, but through my Shiranui training, I have become one with nature, and I can no longer consume the flesh of a fellow creature.

Yamazaki:'re saying you'll have...

Andy: I'm a Vegan.

Yamazaki: What, you mean you're some kind of an animal rights activist or something?

Andy: No, Vegans don't eat food that comes from animals.

Woman: Excuse me, I'd like to order some...

Andy: (sees her fur coat) Fur is murder! (does a Hishou Ken on her)

Yamazaki: Andy, don't kill my customers!

Andy: Sorry.

Yamazaki: ...hell, who am I to talk? Just wait until they order.

Andy: Okay. (waits for a man wearing a leather jacket to pay)

Yamazaki: What about you, Mai? Is there anything I can get you?

Mai: A salad would be nice.

Yamazaki: Yeah...heh...but this is a butcher shop...the kind that sells meat.

Mai: I can't eat anything as fattening as meat, I have to watch my beautiful figure.

Yamazaki: Come on, one meal wouldn't hurt... (picks up butcher knife)

Mai: I can't, not if I want Andy to notice me.

Terry: (groans)

Yamazaki: (stares nervously) gotta order something. I mean, I've already got my knife...

Mai: I'm sorry.

Yamazaki: ....well....okay...I guess....I guess I'll just go kill something...(heads into the back)

Terry: He's a bit of a workaholic, isn't he... (notices some spare change on the ground) Hey, now I've got enough money to eat today!

Yamazaki: Terry, are you finally ordering something?

Terry: Sure, what's on the menu?

Yamazaki: Today we're offering the Daimon special...

Terry: Special, huh? That sounds good!

Yamazaki: Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes. (heads to the back room)

Terry: (hears screams from the back) Is that gonna take long?

Yamazaki: (comes back out with arms covered in blood) Heh, we've got a real live one here... (goes back into the other room)

Terry: Huh. Wonder what that means.

End Of Chapter 2

Poor Terry, Street fighting just doesn't pay what it used to.

I'm also sorry to any Vegan readers who I might have offended if they think I implied that they run around like those people who throw paint on fur coats, I just thought it would be funny seeing Andy as one of those radical animal rights activists. But I have a bad sense of humor anyway.

So what's going to happen next at Yamazaki's place? I already know, but I haven't written it out yet. You'll just have to wait until next part. Though reviews usually make me work faster.
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