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I Can't Come Up With A Clever Title

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Yamazaki starts a butcher shop, which just leads to trouble...

Category: King of Fighters - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Published: 2006-09-25 - Updated: 2006-09-25 - 314 words

Yamazaki: How is it, Terry?

Terry: Good, though it has a bit too much fat.

Yamazaki: Yeah, he was, wasn't he...

Terry: What?

Yamazaki: Nothing.

Billy Kane: (speaking in stereotypical British accent) 'ey, I got another delivery 'ere!

Yamazaki: Let's see what you've got.

Billy: (shows Yamazaki a bloody body bag)This one's premium cut, 'ard as 'ell to take down, bloody son of a bitch jus' didn't want 'a die.

Yamazaki: (opens bag enough to see inside) ...Yes. This is nice. He'll last a while.

Terry: Hey Billy, I didn't know you were into livestock.

Billy: Terry? Well, uh, yeah, I been in livestock all my life.

Terry: You work for Geese.

Billy: ...right. Y'see I run this 'ere farm during my free time.

Terry: You have a farm?

Billy: Yeah, I inherited it from me father.

Terry: I thought you were from England.

Billy: I'm from New England.

Terry: Oh (goes back to eating)

Billy: Damn nosy Yank...

Yamazaki: So how much do you want?

Billy: Forty pounds.

Yamazaki: I told you I ain't paying in British currency.

Terry: What? Not even a bloody quid?

Yamazaki: No!

Billy: I got no use for Yankee money!

Yamazaki: Then get outta here! That one's not even alive!

Billy: (begins to leave) Stinkin' no good git, I've a right mind ta...

Terry: You shouldn't have kicked him out like that, Yamazaki, he might be part of a farmer's union.

Yamazaki: Damn, you're a fu....Geese!

Geese: (comes in) Yamazaki, this is quite a nice place you have.

Yamazaki: What the hell do you want?

Geese: THIS.

Yamazaki: It ain't for sale!

Geese: Hm. Hm hm...heh heh...hah hah hah! You don't have a choice! When Geese Howard wants something, he gets it!

The End

....on second thought, that's a bad way to end the story, so I'll try to write up one more chapter.
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