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You Saw This Coming

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The end of the story. Wah.

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Yamazaki: Why the hell do you want my butcher shop?

Geese: The profit that this business is making interests me, but it's mostly because I like making other people unhappy when they have something I don't.

Terry: (looks up from his meal) It's true, he killed my dad just because he didn't have one (goes back to eating)

Yamazaki: ....if you take it from me, can I still work here as an employee?

Geese:, I'll just end up demolishing this place when I get bored with it after a few weeks.

Yamazaki: This is bullshit! You bastards can't do this to me!

Geese: With my money, I can do anything! And you can't even touch me! Bwa hah hah!

Terry: Unless you hold a tournament and challenge the winner.

Geese: Yes, I learned from that mistake. That, and fighting in a really high building against people who have a vendetta against me.

Blue Mary: (enters) Hold it right there, Yamazaki!

Yamazaki: Mary, what are you doing here?

Blue Mary: I'm a worker for the ISDA.

Yamazaki: IDSA? Is that some meat agency?

Blue Mary: They sent me to check out your business to see that you met ISDA standards.

Terry: Mary, why are you working for the ISDA?

Blue Mary: ...I lost my job after I smoked a bag of evidence.

Yamazaki: Well you can see that the building's clean, so I guess you can just-

Blue Mary: I need to do a thorough inspection before I can go.

Yamazaki: don't have to do that...I run a nice, honest little place here...

Blue Mary: I'll have to see that for myself. Now let me-

Joe Higashi: (comes running out from the back, bruised, beaten, and covered in blood) This guy's crazy, I'm getting out of here!

Terry: ...

Blue Mary: ...

Geese: ...

Customers: ...

Yamazaki: ...ah, shit...

Geese: .....maybe I'd better go...

Terry: Now I remember where I heard that name! Goro! Goro Daimon!

Blue Mary: This is so gross...

Krauser: Hmm...the rarest meat of all, the flesh of man...(continues eating)

Yamazaki: Uh.....I......all I can say is....You bastards will never take me alive! (dashes out the door while laughing maniacally)

Terry: So, Mary... (still eating, not wanting to waste a meal) you want to go do something later, maybe get something to eat?)

Blue Mary: Somehow, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat again...

The End

You probably saw this coming since the first chapter, hell, the title probably gave it away. Yamazaki's the man, so I loved writing this, and I'd like to give thanks to everyone who bothered to give their comments on it (or will, just because the story's over doesn't mean I don't appreciate feedback, maybe it'll provide motivation for others).
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