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Chapter 5

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Pete hears the guys. It's got the rape mark because it talks about it in this chapter

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Tuesday came around quicker than anyone could have expected. Soon it was away from rehearsing to death for fear of over-doing it, and straight into pacing in the front room due to nerves as 1pm slowly crept around.

“Does Peter drink ice-tea?” Mrs Urie asked, popping her head through the separating door between the lining room and kitchen.

“I don’t know Mrs Urie, but I do know that he’s addicted to Red Bull,” I replied.

“Well, we’ve got plenty of that thanks to Brenny’s unholy addiction to the stuff. He really shouldn’t drink it.” Brendon turned away in embarrassment, and the doorbell could be heard. Brent wandered over to the window and peered out.

“Oh my god, Pete Wentz is here.” Everyone stood frozen except me.

“Well don’t all get up to greet him at once,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes and motioning for the four boys to follow. “Come on, follow me.” I walked to the front door, with Ryan and Spencer directly behind me, and Brendon and Brent beginning to lag behind. I placed my right hand on the handle, and turned it, letting the door swing open inwardly.

“Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz; in seven months, you haven’t changed one bit. Well, you’ve finally taken me up on that fashion advice, and your hair has gotten much nicer.”

“Well, Virginia Larissa Kara Ross, for the forty-millionth, and hopefully final time, STOP CALLING ME PETER! Oh, and the new merch looks good on you.” Today I was sporting Clandestine skinny legs, my boots (duh!), a black Fall Out Boy “crows” long sleeve tee, and a black zip up Fall Out Boy “Broken Hearts” hoodie.

“Well, I still am a fan of you guys, even though I do know how you really live. Old habits die hard I suppose,” I finished, just as Pete pulled me into a hug. I pulled myself out of the embrace, and Pete kissed my cheeks.

“Oh, come on Nia, show me a bit of love…please?” I gave in because of his cute cherub face, and kissed him back on both his cheeks, wary that Spencer was near.

“Anyway, you’re not here to see me, you’re here to see Panic! At the Disco.” Ryan took hold of my left hand.

“Yeah, although I do like catching up with you.”

“Okay, let me introduce you to everyone.”

“Uh, can we do that inside?”

“Sure, follow me.” I led everyone back into the living room, with Ryan latched onto my hand. Everyone minus Ryan and me sat down.

‘This one attached to me right here is my twin brother, Ryan.” I held up our joined hands, and smiled as Pete came over and shook his other hand.

“Well, you certainly look like twins! What do you do in the band?”

“I ummm, play guitar, backing vocals and I’m the lyricist.” Pete nodded, and I dropped Ryan’s hand, heading over to Brent with Pete hot at my heels.

“This is Brent Wilson, Ryan’s best friend and our bass player.”

“The way you say ‘our’ is like you’re in the band,” Pete mentioned, shaking Brent’s hand.

“She is though. She helps us with rehearsal, and she’s Spencer’s girl and Ryan’s sister, and she’s like, I don’t know…what makes the band I suppose. Without her, there would be no Panic,” Brent said, sticking up for me. “No pun intended in that sentence,” he added quickly just as we were all about to burst out laughing. Pete headed over to Brendon, and I took off my hoodie, wringing my hands after.

“This young fella is Brendon Urie, my best friend. He’s the lead vocalist, pianist and he sometimes jumps in on guitar.” Pete shook his hand and headed to Spencer.

“So this must be your boyfriend, and he must be the drummer.”

“Yeah, I’m Spencer Smith,” Spencer replied, jumping up and shaking Pete’s hand rather enthusiastically.

“Would you like something to drink Mr. Wentz?”

“It’s Pete, please. And no thank you.”

“Okay, well I suppose you want to hear us play then?” Brent asked.

“If you don’t mind,” Pete replied. Brendon led them down to the basement, but I hung back.

“Nia, you coming?” Ryan asked, noticing that I wasn’t following.

“Yeah, but I’m really hot, and I need to change into a singlet. I’m also gonna put a bandage over my arm. I know it’s healed, but I don’t like the scars showing,” I replied.

“Okay, but don’t be too long. We need you here for moral support.” I nodded my head and ran up the stairs to my bag, and Ryan headed into the basement.

Ryan’s POV

Just as we had set up our instruments, Nia reappeared, nursing her awesome black and red bandage over her arm.

“Now, don’t worry about me being here. Just think of it as a normal rehearsal in front of Nia.”

“Sure,” Brendon replied, stepping into the microphone.

“This song is ‘Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks’,” I said into my microphone, before Spencer counted us in. Once we were done, Nia and Pete applauded and I went to Brendon.

“What do you reckon next? ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ or ‘Relax, Relapse’?” I whispered in his ear.

“’Boys Will Be Boys’,” he replied. As I turned around, I felt a gentle slap on my ass, realising Brendon patted it, and I instantly blushed. I got back to my mic as Brendon introduced the next song.

“This one is called ‘Cause Boys Will be Boys – It’s Time To Dance’,” and Spencer counted us in. as soon as we were finished, I launched into the next introduction.

“Our final demo for you today Pete is called ‘Relax, Relapse’,” I said, and we launched right into it.

The I.V and, your hospital bed. This was no accident, it was a therapeutic chain of events.
This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor, this is the scent of quarantined wings in a hospital

I stopped playing as I noticed Nia running out of the basement, tears streaming down her face.

“Guys, stop,” I said into the microphone, before setting down my guitar and following Nia. The boys tried following me, but I could hear Pete saying something about letting me deal with her myself. I silently thanked him for that. I found her in the downstairs bathroom, head hovering over the toilet bowl, throwing up. I ran over to her and rubbed her back while she finished, and I cleaned her up, throwing the wad of loo roll into the toilet and flushing. She collapsed into my arms sobbing, and I lifted her up and carried her back to the lounge, laying her on the couch. She just kept on crying, covering her face with her hands.

“N, what’s up?”

“The song…dad…memories.” Nia hadn’t lived with Dad in almost a year, but the memories of what he did still haunt her to this day.

“Hun, it’s over. He’s not going to hit ever again.” Nia cried harder.

“Is there something you didn’t tell me?”

“He…he r-r-raped me Ryan. He’s been doing it since I was fourteen, everyday, no matter what.” I swept her into my arms, hearing the basement door open.

“Why didn’t you tell me honey? You tell me everything.” I was silently crying, my tears falling into her dark hair.

“I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was too ashamed.” She pulled away and hastily wiped her eyes and cheeks. “I’m sorry guys; I didn’t mean to spoil it for you.”

I turned around and saw the four guys looking at us. I wiped my own eyes quickly, but not quickly enough for Brendon not to notice. He came over to me and crouched down beside me.

“Are you okay Ryan?”

“Yeah. I got a bit worked up over Nia. She’ll tell you eventually.”

“I’ll tell you now,” she said. “Ever since I was fourteen, the man I used to call my father had been…sexually abusing me, which was the real reason for me cutting.” Spencer hurried over to her just as she started sobbing once more.

“Well, I know it’s wrong for me to tell you this when Nia’s having major flashback issues, but Decaydance and Fueled By Ramen record want to sign you guys.” Pete announced.

“Are you serious?” I asked. Pete nodded his head.

“Come up with me to L.A tomorrow to sign the contracts, and then hang out with Fall Out Boy in the studio’s so you can see how a real one works, and then we’ll be having an FBR induction, fancy dress party in the evening to welcome you to the team. So bring a costume.”

“Sweet! Finally a chance to wear the clothes I love without getting laughed at!” Brendon exclaimed, making all of us laugh.
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