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Chapter 6

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A/N: I’ve skipped the signing of contracts and studio stuff because frankly, I can’t be bothered with all of the technical and legal speak, so I’ve skipped straight to the costume party. With Nia’s hair in this chapter as she’s getting ready, I imagined her doing it to look like the Ryhawk. Enjoy ^_^

Nia’s POV
I had just stepped out of the shower in my L.A hotel room when my phone began ringing.
I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.
I ran over to my bed without letting my towel slip – I was sharing a room with Ryan, and he was getting dressed at this point – and I answered.

“Hey Brenny.”

“Hey Virgin.”

“God Bear, stop with the Virgin. How many times have I told you now not to call me that?”

“I’d say about fifty.”

“More, most likely. Anyway, what do you want?”

“I’m, uh, having trouble with a costume.”

“Well, come to the Ross’ room with possible clothing choices and we can see what we can do. You can always borrow some of Ryan’s clothes; you’re about the same size.”

“Okay, I’ll be like, two minutes. Room 218?”

“Yep,” I replied, hanging up and running into the bathroom and getting my on my underwear and one of the complimentary bathrobes. By the time I had gotten back into the bedroom, Ryan was walking around with his shirt off, and someone was knocking at the door. I opened up, revealing Brendon with an armful of clothes, which he threw on my bed. He glanced over at Ryan, and I swore I saw my brother blushing, Brendon doing so a moment later. Brendon instantly directed his gaze to me.

“Sorry, did I interrupt you getting dressed?”

“No, I could get ready, and I’m fine with changing in front of you, but I want my costume to be a surprise.”

“Oh, okay…what are you going as Ry?”

“A 19th century nobleman.” He was still only half-dressed and still rosy cheeked, but he was wearing black pinstripe pants with old fashioned dress shoes, and he was pulling a ruffled top and black waistcoat from the wardrobes. I was lucky to have stashed my costume in a box under my bed.

“Cool man. All I seem to have with me is black.”

“Go as a vampire then. I’m sure a novelty store is still open, so you can purchase some teeth.”

“Awesome. I’ll be off then…oh yeah, Brent’s not coming. He’s sick or something.”

“Okay. His loss,” I replied as Brendon gathered up his clothed and ran back to his room. I’ve never really liked Brent, if you haven’t already guessed.

“I know you like him Ry,” I simply said. He turned around to face me.

“I think I may love him.” He finished getting ready and walking to the door.

“Get dressed, and we’ll meet you at Pete’s place so we don’t see your costume. The limo driver will be here again in about an hour, and Pete said he left a surprise.” As the door to the room clicked, I pulled the box out from under my bed and lay it on top of Ryan’s. I made my way into the bathroom, plugging in my hair straightened and started on my hair, letting it stick up in some places, but looking elegant. I then did my make-up: pale foundation, grey eye shadow, very light pink blush, heavy mascara and eyeliner, and deep red lip-gloss. I then slipped on two pairs of earrings; the top pair black jewelled studs, the bottom pair diamond studs with ruby circles attached to sapphire teardrops, which used to be my mothers. I wandered back into the main hotel, stripped off my bathrobe and slipped on a pair of fishnet tights, then a pair of knee-high black boots with inch-high stiletto heels. I pulled the lid of my box and pulled out my dress. It had a black corset, which from the bottom of the bust down had occasional lace patterns, and at the bottom of the corset a thick black ribbon. The skirt was made of black netting and was really poufy, like an old fashioned ballroom gown, and on the top layer of net, a sprinkling of black fake rhinestones. I pulled it on and tied up the ribbon, letting the rest of it fall over the skirt at the back, and as a finishing touch, I put the ring Ryan gave me for my 16th birthday on my right middle finger. I realised it was time for the limo to pick me up, so I headed to the foyer, where the driver met me. He led me to the vehicle and opened the door for me, and once I was sat inside, he handed me a long, thin box.

“From Mr. Wentz.” He said. He went round to the front and got in, starting up the engine and driving off. I opened up the box, revealing the most beautiful black diamond choker, and a note. Upon opening the note, I couldn’t help but laugh at Pete’s choice of words.

Dear Tink,
I know what you can’t be the Tinkerbell to my Peter Pan tonight, but instead, wear this choker.
Ryan told me you needed a new one, and I am the provider of such gift.
Wear it always, and if I don’t see it on you, I’ll cry :’(
Peter Pan –sy-

At the end of Pete’s note, I noticed Joe had added a little extra to his nickname. By the time I had fiddled with it and gotten it around my neck securely, we had arrived at the party and the driver was helping me out the car.

“Thank you,” I said to him.

“You’re welcome Miss,” he replied, before Spencer and Pete came bounding down the driveway. They instantly stopped in their tracks once they saw me, their jaws falling to the floor.

“You look so beautiful,” Spencer said before passionately kissing me. I kissed him back with everything I had in me, until Pete cleared his throat. I pulled away and noticed what everyone was dressed as. Pete was a Jack Sparrow-esque pirate, and Spencer was dressed as Sora from the Kingdom Hearts video game.

“I see you put on the choker.”

“Yes, thank you for it. It’s beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like it. C’mon Spence, we’ll head in and make the grand announcement to everyone before Nia steps through.” They started to walk up to the house but I stopped them.

“How many are in there?” I was feeling very self conscious.

“Panic, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is…, Gym Class Heroes and Paramore, plus a few execs from both Decaydance and FBR.” I nodded my head – so about 40 people, not too bad. They headed inside and I straightened my dress and composed myself before following them in. Beside me at the door, Pete introduced me.

“The girl who helped me sign Panic has arrived. This is Miss Virginia Ross.” As I stepped down the single step, and took the hand Pete offered to me. Everyone was staring at me as if they’d never seen a woman attempt to look beautiful before.

“If you ever call me Virginia again, I will kill you. Got it?” I whispered to him as we walked over to where Ryan, Joe, Andy, Brendon, Spencer, Patrick, a really tall guy and a short-ish guy were standing. I found out later that the tall guy was William Beckett, and the shorter Frank Iero. We were all chatting for a while, me with William the most because Spencer was too busy chatting to Andy. I found out William was a really nice guy; he had a huge sense of humour and his laugh was so adorable! Patrick soon stepped up on a makeshift stage and found a microphone.

“Who gave that guy a mic?” Joe yelled, getting the whole room laughing.

“Okay, so we’re here tonight because Pete has signed a new band to the Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen family. Please welcome Panic! At the Disco aboard.” Everyone applauded, and I made my way up to the stage.

“Just to put the boys on the spot, I’ve asked Pete to adjust Fall Out Boy’s equipment so Panic can do a quick performance.” The boys all filed up to me, and Brendon whispered something along the lines of ‘I’m going to kill you’ in my ear. Ryan started to pick up Joe’s guitar, but I stopped him.

“Since Brent’s not here, can you play the bass while I fill in guitar?” He nodded his head, and I picked up Patricks guitar and handed it to Brendon.

“You know how you always wanted the double guitar intro in NFBTFS? Well, we can do it now,” I explained when I saw the quizzical look on his face. We all stepped up, and Brendon explained about Brent being sick and the change of positioned. We played the song flawlessly, considering I’d never played the song before, and everyone was up and dancing by the end – even the executives. We were dancing and singing randomly and drunkenly, everyone except me and Ryan, for the rest of the night, and we eventually crashed in Pete’s spare bedroom at around 6am.

Okay, so here I want to make note of everyone’s ringtones on Nia’s phone.
Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman belongs to Pete.
I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts belongs to Brendon.
All right all right slow down. Oh no oh no we won’t will belong to William.
I’m not okay, I’m not o-fucking-kay will belong to the MCR gang in general.
She’s not bleeding on the ballroom floor, just for the attention will belong to AJ, when we meet her.
Baby boy, stay on my mind. Fulfil my fantasy belongs to Spencer.
Going under, drowing in you belongs to Ryan.
If any more pop up, I’ll tell you in the end notes.
Xox Emmi
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