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20 Questions.

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Emmi and Frank talk a little.

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Okay first of all... does anyone think that Pete Wentz's Face reminds them of a cherub? Random questions Emmi asks me! Lol I want to know all your opinions.

Second. Sorry my chapters were all screwed up. I don't know how to change them because its fine on my phone but on a computer its all fuked up? Pfft.

And thirdly... or lastly or which ever one it is... thanks Emmi for thinking up half the plot. Go Emmi!



Frank's POV

At lunch we all sat around another circular table and ate our pizza. Well all of us exept Emmi, who was just poking it with her fork. She seemed to be quite ammused.

"Are you doing to eat that or just poke all the juice out of it?" I asked. She looked up at me, smiled and continued stabbing her lunch.

"Your anorexic aren't you?!" Gerard exclaimed.
She looked at him and shook her head. Just as she opened her mouth to say something Amy cut her off.

"Fuck guys! She's not anorexic, she's just lactose intolarant." Amy corrected us.

"Oh s-sorry." Gerard said, taking a bite of his pizza.

"Its good." She laughed and ate her salad that was served on the side. I gathered up all of my salad and but in a bowl.
I placed the little plate of salad on Emmi's tray.

"Oh. Its okay Frank. This'll be enough." She said pushing it back.

"Nah! Its good. I hate tomatoes anyways." I insisted.

"If your sure?" she sung.

"I am!" I sung back.

I noticed Casey was staring at me. Well I thought it was me but when I turned around I found she was staring at Bob and Amelia laughing on the table behind us. He gave me a quick glance but it was enough for anger to fill my veins.

"He doesn't deserve you." I said turning back to Casey.

The rest of the guys caught on pretty quickly exept of Emmi who was looking a bit confused.

"Umm. Ex-boyfriend." I simply said. I didn't want to make Casey any more upset.
Shortly after that Bob came to our table and sat on one of the seats as if he was still part of our group.

"Hi guys!" he smiled but he didn't receive any back.

"What do you want?" Gerard said, his eyes on his food.

"I saw a new face." He said looking at Emmi.
She was unsufe of what to do so she just shoved her mouth with salad and looked down.

"That's Emmi. My friend. Now if that's all?" Amy said looking at Casey to see if she was okay.
Bob sighed and returned to his table
Nobody asked questions. We just ate in silence.

2 hours later...

We all returned to Casey and Emmi's room after our meal and talked for an hour until everyone had realised they had forgotten a piece of homework that was due tomorrow. I didn't and of coarse neither did Emmi so we decided I decided it was time for the tour, seeming it was about sunset now.
She agreed and we set off on our walk.

"That's Ray and Gerard's room, Mikey's, Amy's but she still in Mikey's room from the accident. Umm. And that's mine." I said pointing at everyones room.
Emmi stayed silent as I showed her the classrooms and the caffeteria. We decided to go outside and talk a little.
I lead her through a little bush path until we reached a little deserted pond.

"Aww! This is cute!" she smiled as we sat down on the ground.

"So. Tell me about yourself." I said. My stutter had completley dissapeared.

"Well. What do you want to know?" she asked.

"Everything. Okay I have an idea. Lets play 20 questions." I suggested.

"20!? What about 10?" she laughed.

"Okay. Me first. Umm. Why'd you leave England?" I asked.

"My parents kicked me out when I was 13. I was too much for them to handle. I always got in trouble so they got rid of me. Shortly after, my auntie took me in but she died 3 weeks ago from cancer. So I came here with Carol." She said, tears Ran down her pale face, leaving black stains on her cheeks.
I felt like crying myself, just seeing her upset made my heart break.

"Emmi." I whispered, touching her chin so she looked at me. "I'm so sorry..."
I slid my hand down her arm and took her soft, cold fingers in mine.
She smiled and our hands didn't move the entire night.
Soon enough 10 questions turned into 50 questions. Late afternoon turned into early morning.

"God! What time is it?" Emmi yawned.

I looked down at my watch.

"2am." I laughed.

"You think its time to turn in?" she giggled.

"Okay lets go." I sighed as we stood up and walked back inside, our hands never leaving each others until we reached her room. We said our goodbye's and she snuck inside.
I went back to my room and laid on my bed.

"Best night ever!" I whispered before falling asleep.
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