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Autors note.

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Just a little something from me.

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Hi guys!

Thank you guys so much for reading, I'm glad you all enjoy it -according to reviewers.- which is why I'm sorry to say that this story won't be updated in a few days. Hopefully less.
Unfortunantly right now I just need to take a break and figure out some things.
I'm verry sorry but due to the passing of my Close grandfather I need to think a bit more about my life.
I promise that I won't leave this story in the dirt. I will be posting again. I promise.
I will read all of your wonderful stories and possibly review.

Thank you all so much. Especially Emmi. I love her to death and I've know her for like 2 weeks or something. Emmi, your truly amazing!

Thanks. I love every one of my veiwers. And I'm so sorry.

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