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You Look Like a Retarded Nun!

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Hmmm ... Emmi sneaks in. Frank licks, jumps and almost confesses. random title. I know.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the reviews. Feeling way better. Come tomorow I might not. But I am now and my life has been pretty crap without writing.

I have to say thanks to Emmi. Without her I don't know where id be.
ILY Emmi!
this whole story is for you !!!

But thanks to EVERYONE!
Okay I'm not gonna make you wait any more...



Casey's POV

It was now 2:10 in the fucking morning and Emmi is still out with Frank. They've been out since around 5:30 and I was starting to get worried.
I went to check if maybe she was in Frank's room around an hour ago but he wasn't in either so I susspect they are having fun.

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling, waiting for Emmi to come back when I heard the sound of the key sliding into the slot and shuffling around.
I quickly turned off the light on my bedside table and pretend to be asleep. The door opens slightly and I can hear Frank and Emmi say goodbye to each other, before Emmi opens the door wide enough to let a sharp light hit my face.
I scrunch up my face from the brightness and Emmi must've noticed.

"I know your awake!" she giggled.
I scrunched my eyes shut tighter.
She laughed and fell down on her bed.
I opened one eye keeping the other scrunched shut.

"Have fun then?" I asked opening the other one.

"Mmhhmm." She simply said.

"So what did you do?" I asked sitting up on the bed.

"Um. He showed me around the school." She said.

"For 8 and a half hours?" I laughed.
She sat up and slid off her black converse.

"Well, we talked in between." She said in a 'what-do-you-think' kind of tone.

"Again. For 8 and a half hours?" I asked shocked.
She rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I'm serious!" I tried to
sound serious but ended up laughing. "What the hell could you have been talking about for fucking 8 and a half hours!"

"I guess we just got to know each other. About the school. Actually I can't think of a single thing we didn't talk about." She shrugged.

"So you just talked? Nothing else happend." I looked at her suspiciously.

"You mean..." she laughed. "No! I've known the guy for like 10 hours!"

"Yeah! But you talked for eight and a half of them!"

"Nothing happened." She said sternly.

"Nothing happened." I mimiced in my best, which happens to be really bad, English acsent.

She smiled at my failed attemt and walked into the bathroom. Shortly after I fell asleep.

OoOoO BuBbLeS! OoOoO

I woke up around 9 the next morning. Emmi was still sound asleep in the bed to my right. I decided to let her sleep in a bit since she had such a late night.
I slowly got up and made my way to the small bathroom, tucked away in the corner.
I took a quick shower and got dressed in my black skinnies, black top and a black Panic! At The Disco hoddie. I'm always wearing some sort of Panic merch.
I wrapped my towel around my wet hair and started my make-up. I had smeared eyeliner on my right eye only before I heard a loud knock on the door, making me drop my eyeliner pen.
I cussed under my breath before deciding to leave my pen on the floor and answer the door.
I dragged myself out if the bathroom into the room where Emmi was still fast asleep.
I opened the door.

"Fuck! You look like a retarded nun!" Frank screamed, refering to my unfinished make up and the towel wrapped around my head.
I rolled my eyes and silenced him but putting my hand over his spastic mouth.

"Shh. She's still asleep." I said quietly.
Frank's eyes frowned and then lit up again. I didn't know his thoughts, he was a weird one.
I suddenly felt a slight, wet, pressure on the palm of my hand.

"Ew Frank!" I yelped, removing my hand from his grinning mouth and wiping it on my jeans, as if it had some sort of infectious deseise.
He giggled and pushed his way in, dropping himself on my unmade bed, facing the sleeping woman on his right.

"Can we wake her?" he whispered loudly.

"No. Let her sleep. You brought her back so late last night." I said walking back into the bathroom and picking up my eyeliner again.
I brought it up to my bottom lashes and was about to press harder when I heard a loud scream from Emmi in the other room.
I dropped my eyeliner again, this time making a black line on my cheek.

"Can't a girl put of her mother fucking eyeliner without interuptions?!" I yelled, storming into the bedroom, finding Frank sitting cross-legged, like a first grader on Emmi's back with a big grin on his face.

"Get this fucking lunatic off of me!" Emmi yelled, with her head on the pillow.

"God Frank. I told you not to wake her!" I said pushing Frank so he fell on the ground.

"Ow! My nose!" he groaned, remembering it was broken.

"Serves you right. I was dreaming of william beckette! (AJ AND RAY! LOL)" Emmi sighed, getting out of her bed to help Frank.
I shook my head over how nice she was. He just fucking sat on her and now she's helping him!

"You okay?" she asked Frank sweetly, holding her hand out for Frank to take.
he did so before lightly touching his nose, wincing from the pain.

"Sorry Frankie." I grumbled.

"Its okay, cays." He grumbled back, before smiling at me.
I rolled my eyes and walked back in the bathroom to FINALLY finish my make up.
I did so... eventually and walked back out to find Frank and Emmi sitting on my bed, both cross-legged facing each other talking.
As if they hadn't talked enought last night.

"I'm done if you wanna use the bathroom. " I said to Emmi.

"Thanks." She smiled and walked in, grabbing some clothes before she did.
Frank watched her the whole time until she dissapeared.
I didn't talk to him. I just scurried around the room, picking up random items that were thrown on the floor.
Frank sighed of boerdom.
I ignored it and kept on cleaning until I thought of what to say.

"You like her, don't you?" I smiled, throwing the last sock into the laundry hamper.

"Yeah. She's nice." He smiled.

"You... like her like her?" I felt like a 6th grader saying it that way.
Frank opened his mouth to reply before the foor knocked loudly. I sighed and answered it.
Amy, Mikey, Ray and Gerard all stood there with big goofy smiles.

"Hey guys." I sighed, opening the door to let them in.


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