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Chapter 34: Ice Cream Headaches and Sweet Avalanche

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Chapter 34: Ice Cream Headaches and Sweet Avalanche


Patrick left that morning and Bobbie went home and did some cleaning. She had a lot to get done before starting back to teaching. She wanted to get her mind off of Patrick. That night Bobbie and Megan were going to a club. She was excited to see Megan and get out. Eric was staying with Patrick's mom. Just as she finished dressing the doorbell rang. "Hey Megan. How are you?" "Good. Missing Pete." "Same. Missing Patrick like crazy. Never thought those boys would make us crazy." "Ain't that the truth. Ready?" "Yeah. Let's go and have some fun.

They arrived at the club a hour later and got drinks and sat down. "So Megan, who's playing?" "A fairly new band. Panic something." "Never heard of them." "They are from Las Vegas." "Cool." "Pete told me about them." Just then the band came on stage. "Oh my god." "What, Bobbie?" "I met 2 of these guys." "Really? Where?" "Pete brought them to the house yesterday." "Cool. You're going to have to introduce me." "I'm not close to them." Bobbie laughed. Bobbie got a little nervous. She really didn't want to see Ryan. There was something about him and it scared her.

After a hour the band left the stage and Bobbie went to the bathroom. She seen Ryan in the hallway. He was surrounded by girls. He looked and seen her. She just waved and went to the bathroom. When she came out, Ryan was there. "Didn't think I'd see you so soon." "Hi Ryan. Great show." "Thanks. It's good to perform live. I hate being cooped up and just recording." "How is the recording coming?" "Good. We have 3 songs done, so awhile yet. But getting there. The guys leave today?" "Yeah, it's lonely already." "I bet you have tons of stuff to keep you occupied." "Actually, no." She laughed. "And why is that." "I'm just a teacher and now a mom." "You have a child? I didn't know that." "Patrick and I are in the process of adoption. He's one of my students." "That is awesome. And don't just say you are a teacher. You are changing kids lives." "Thank you. Well, I gotta get back to my friend." "Okay. Could I ask you something?" "Sure." "Could we hang out sometime? I mean as friends. I know you are married, but you just seem like a great person." Bobbie blushed. "Uh sure. Here is my number." Bobbie gave Ryan her number and thought she might be making the biggest mistake.

Bobbie went back to Megan. "Where were you?" "I went to the bathroom and seen a friend." "Bobbie, what's wrong?" "Nothing. Why?" "I don't know. You just look like guilty of something." "Oh Megan. Stop it." "Okay. Whatever you say." "I think I'm ready to go." "I'm kinda tired." "Alright. I'm ready too." When Bobbie got home she checked her messages. Nothing from Patrick. She went to the bedroom and undressed and got into a nightgown. Just as she closed her eyes the phone rang. "Hello?" "Hi babe." "Trick! Oh, I miss you." "Hey, I haven't even been gone for 24 hours." "I know. How is it going?" "The first show was a little awkward. Just getting into the swing of things." "You'll do great. You always do." "Thanks babe. How was your night?" "Good. Megan and I went out to a club." "I'm glad you are getting out." "Yeah. I had a nice time. Brendon and Ryan's band was playing." "They're good aren't they?" "Yeah. I enjoyed it." "Well, I have to go, sweetie. You take care. I love you." "I love you too." After she hung up she went to sleep.

A few weeks went by. Bobbie was busy with teaching again. And the adoption was getting close to be final. Eric and Bobbie just came home from grocery shopping when the phone rang. "Eric, start your homework, okay? Hello?" "Uh, Bobbie. It's Ryan." "Hi, how are you?" "Good. I was wondering if you and your son would like to go out for some burgers. I know it must be hard for Patrick to be away." "Yeah, it is. I can't believe how much I miss him. I just don't know." "Look, I'm not trying to break up your marriage. I think you are a great person. I know I really don't know you, but I'd like to be your friend." "Well, alright. Where should we meet?" "How about Jimmy's?" "That sounds good. Well, be there at 6:30." "See you then."

Bobbie and Eric left the house and went to Jimmy's. Ryan was already there. "Hope you haven't been waiting long." "No. Just waiting for you." "Okay. Eric this is Ryan. He's one of your dad's friends." Eric didn't like Ryan. He could tell he was up to something. "Hi." "Hi Eric. How are you doing?" "Alright." They ordered burgers, fries, and drinks. "How was your day, Bobbie?" "Good. I'm getting back into teaching. I had an accident and lost my memory. But I'm doing good now. Eric, how do you think my teaching is coming?" "Good." "How is the album coming?" "Great. We have a few more songs done. We should be done in about 4 months though. We are writing some more songs." "Awesome. I can't wait to hear it. The show at the club was really good." "Thanks. I love performing." "I'm going to the restroom. I'll be back in a few." "Okay." Bobbie left leaving the two boys alone. "So Eric what do you like to do?" "Stuff." Ryan could tell the boy didn't like him. They sat in silence for a few minutes. "So, uh, I bet you miss your dad." "What do you think dumb ass? Of course, and your not going to break up my mom and dad, string bean." "Eric! Stop it right now." Bobbie was behind him. Eric turned around. "But mom.." "Enough. I'm sorry, Ryan." "It's alright." "No, it isn't. We are going home. Maybe we can do this another time." Bobbie got her wallet out. "No, let me pay." "Are you sure?" "Yeah. We definitely have to do this again. I'll talk to you soon." "Okay. Have a good night, Ryan. I'm sorry." "Don't worry about it."

Bobbie and Eric left the restaurant and got in the car. Bobbie didn't say anything going home. They got home and Bobbie turned to Eric. "How could you talk to Ryan like that?" "He's trying to hurt dad. You don't need him." "Eric, he's just a friend. Nothing more. I love your father more than life. I would never hurt your father." "Are you sure?" "Yes. Eric, I am not going after Ryan and he's not going after me. Understand? We are just friends. Nothing more." "Okay, mom." They phone rang. "Hello?" "Hi Bobbie." "Oh Trick. How are you?" "Good. Missing you. I called earlier." "Oh, we were out and I haven't checked the messages." "It's alright. Is Eric there?" "Yeah, here you go." "Hey dad. I miss you." "I miss you to, buddy. Are you helping your mom?" "Yeah. When are you coming home?" "I still have 2 1/2 months yet. I'll be home before you know it." "Okay. Here's mom." "Hun, I have to go. Just wanted to hear you and Eric's voice." "Okay. We miss you a lot. Take care of yourself." "I will. And you too." "I love you." "I love you more." She hung up.

"Mom, I'm going to go to bed." "Okay, Eric. See you in the morning." She washed some dishes and went to bed. She hated going to sleep in a empty bed. She stared at the wedding picture of her and Patrick. "Oh baby, I miss you so much." She started to cry. She fell asleep crying and holding the picture.

The next morning Bobbie slept in. It was Saturday so there was no school. Around 10:00 Eric went in her room. "Mom, are you going to get up." Bobbie opened her eyes. "Uh, yeah." "What is that?" He pointed to the picture. "Your dad and my wedding picture. I really miss him." "Me too. I can't wait til he comes home." "Yeah, you know we have a week off from school in 2 weeks?" "Yeah, why?" "Hmmm, I wonder." "Wonder what?" "If we could surprise your dad on the road." "Do you think we could?" "I'll call Uncle Pete. He could help us."

Bobbie grabbed the phone and dialed Pete's number. "You better have a good fucking reason to be calling me this early." "Good morning to you, Peter." "Bobbie. Sorry. What's wrong?" "Nothing. I have a question." "What?" "Do you think Eric and I could come out for a week?" "Um, I don't see why not. But shouldn't you be calling Patrick?" "I want to surprise him." "I see. Let me get tickets and everything. What date to you want to come out with us?" "May 2. We have a week off from school then." "Okay. I'll call you tomorrow." "Thank you Pete." "Anytime."

"He's going to get us tickets. So we're going to see Patrick in 2 weeks." "Really?" "Yeah." Bobbie smiled. "I can't wait." "Either can I. Pete is going to call tomorrow to let me know about the tickets." "Awesome." "What do you want to do today?" "Can we go to the movies?" "Sure. That sounds like a good day. Let me take a shower and get dressed and I'll see what movies are playing." "Okay." Bobbie took a shower and got dressed. She went to the living room and got the paper. "So what are you in the mood for?" "A science fiction one." "Really?" "Yeah. Is the new Star Wars one playing?" "Yeah. Do you want to see that one?" "Yes. Please?" "Alright. It starts in three hours. Do you have any homework to do?" "Some math. Why don't you finish that before." "Okay." Eric went into his bedroom and started his homework.

Bobbie went and put some laundry in the washer. The phone rang. "Hello?" "It's Ryan." "Hi, I didn't think I would hear from you again. I am so embarrassed." "Bobbie, stop. I would of probably said the same thing if I was in Eric's shoes. Anyway, how are you doing?" "Good. Eric and I are going to the movies." "Sounds fun. Do you want to go out tonight? Just for a pizza?" "I would like to, but.." "Please, even just for a hour." "Okay. The movie gets done at 5. Whey don't I meet you at 7." "Okay. Want to go to Pizza Hut?" "Love to. Meet you there." Bobbie didn't want another episode of last night so she called Megan." "Megan, I was wondering if you could do something for me?" "Sure." "Could you watch Eric for a few hours?" "Yeah, why?" "I'm going out with a friend." "Would I know her?" "Um, it's a guy. It's one of the guys from Panic. We are just friends. Nothing more." "Okay. I wasn't going to say it was anything more." "We went out yesterday and Eric had a hard time. He thought Ryan was trying to break Patrick and I up." "Yikes, sure I'll watch him. What time?" "Around 6 or so." "I'll be there."

Bobbie and Eric went to the movies. Bobbie didn't tell Eric about meeting Ryan. She wanted to wait. Once they were home Bobbie decided to tell him. "Eric, Megan is going to watch you for a few hours." "Okay. Where are you going?" "Ryan and I are going out for pizza." "Okay. What should I tell dad if he calls?" "Uh, that I'm out with Ryan. I know what you are trying to do Eric. He'll understand. Ryan is a friend." Eric stormed to his room. The phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey babycakes." "Hi Trick." "How are you?" "Been better." "What's wrong?" "Now don't get mad. I've been seeing Ryan Ross. We actually just met once and I'm going for pizza with him. Eric thinks he's trying to break us up. We are just friends." "Baby, I'm not mad. I'm glad you got a friend. Yeah, I'm jealous that he can spend time with you. Tell Eric to trust his mom more." She laughed. "I will." "How is my baby?" "I'm doing good. Eric and I went to see the Star Wars movie." "Oh, I'll have to tell Joe. He'll be so mad." "I love you, Patrick." "I love you. I do have to go. I'm sorry this is so short. Take care babygirl." "I will." Megan came a few minutes later. "Hey, Megan. Here is my cell number and the restaurant. He should be good. I hope. He isn't acting himself with me being friends with Ryan." "Just go and have fun." "Thanks. I'll try. I'm going to say goodbye to him." Bobbie went to Eric's room. "Eric, I'm going and Megan is here." "Okay. See you later." She left and went to Pizza Hut.

Ryan wasn't there so she got a table and a pop. "Hi Bobbie. Hope you weren't waiting long." "No, just got here." "Good. How was your day?" "It was nice to spend some time with Eric." "How was the movie?" "It was really good. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I enjoyed it." The ordered a pizza and talked some more. It was close to 10. "Ryan, I really should go." "Oh, I guess I didn't realize how late it was." "I'm sure to you it's not that late." She laughed. "Yeah. I guess not. Let me walk to your car." "You don't have to." "I know, but I want to." "Okay." They got up and Ryan walked Bobbie to her car. "Thank you for a nice time, Ryan." "No problem. I like spending time with you." "You have a nice night." "You too." He bent down and kissed her. Bobbie broke free and slapped him. "What the hell are you doing?" "Um, I'm sorry. I guess I just got caught up in the moment." "Don't ever do that again. I'm married and I love my husband." "I know. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." "Ryan, if you want to be friends, fine. I can't be anything more." "I know. Please forgive me. It was an accident." "Alright. One more time though, I can't." "Okay. Talk to you later." "Bye."

Bobbie drove home feeling awful. She wasn't the one that kissed him, but she felt she betrayed Patrick. When she got home Eric was in bed. "How was your night?" Megan asked. "It was good. Thanks again." "Anytime. Have a good night." "You too." Bobbie closed the door and went to her bedroom. She called Patrick. She got his voice mail. "Hey Trick. Just wanted to hear your voice. I love you so much. Things are alright here. Just missing you. Hope you are having a good night." She took a shower and got in her nightgown. She laid on her bed. She couldn't stop thinking of Patrick and Ryan.
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