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Chapter 33: Bang The Doldrums

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Chapter 33: Bang The Doldrums

Bobbie and Patrick came home. It was good to be home, even though Patrick would be leaving soon. Patrick had his mom drop off Eric. He ran into the house. "Mom, Dad? Are you home?" "Hey buddy. I missed you." Patrick lifted him up. "Eric, I'm so happy to see you. We missed you so much." Bobbie said. "Did you two have a nice time?" Patricia asked. "Yeah, but I got sunburned. I swear the sun hates me." "Well, I'll let you three alone. Call if you need anything." "Um, mom let me walk you to your car." Patrick said.

Patrick and Patricia went to her car. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. But I'm going on tour in a few days. I was wondering if you could keep an eye on Bobbie." "Why?" "Just something in her past and it happened on our honeymoon. I don't want to get in to it. I worry about her, but she seems to be doing good." "I'll call and come over. And tell her if she needs to get out that I'll watch Eric." "Okay. I will. Thanks for watching him." "Anytime. Talk to you later. I love you and be careful." "I will."

Patrick walked back in the house. Bobbie was making supper and Eric was telling her about his week. Patrick just stood to the side and watched them. "So, Timmy took Amanda's lunch money and I got it back for her." "That's good. You didn't fight him or anything?" "No, I told him that if he didn't give her the money back that I would tell his older brother about it." Bobbie laughed. "So, when do you think you can teach again? We miss you." "I have a doctor's appointment this week and I should know then." Bobbie looked up. "Patrick, what are you doing?" He walked to Eric and rubbed his head. "Looking at my family." "Your silly, daddy." Bobbie finished making supper and they all ate. Afterwords, they played a board game and then Eric went to bed.

"Patrick, I'm going to bed." "Baby, is anything wrong?" "No, just tired. See you in a little bit. Don't stay up too late." "I won't hun." Bobbie went to the bedroom and laid on the bed. She didn't want Patrick to leave. She didn't want to be one of the rock star wives that complained about her husband going on tour. She could feel the tears. She felt Patrick get into bed. "So, nothing is wrong?" "I don't want to complain and make you feel bad." "Face me, Bobbie." She turned around. "Don't cry, babycakes. You will probably be so busy with Eric and teaching that you won't even miss me." "Patrick! How can you say that. I will miss you. Terribly." "I want you to get out and maybe even go out with Megan once and awhile. Just you two. Have my mom take care of Eric. Alright?" "Okay." He kissed her and they feel asleep in each other arms.

The next day Patrick and Bobbie went to the doctor. She had a checkup to see if she could go back to teaching. All the tests came back normal and she was told she could go back to teaching. They went out for lunch and went home. Once there Patrick started to pack for the tour. Bobbie helped but wasn't too happy. "Babe, smile." "I'm sorry. So do you know how long you will be gone?" There was a knock on the door. "That's probably Pete. He's dropping off a few strings for the guitar and some new songs." "I'll get it." Bobbie walked to the door. "Hey Pete. How are you?" "Good. I want you to meet a few guys. This is Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross. They are recording their album here." Bobbie shook both of their hands. "Hi, it's nice to meet both of you." She looked at Ryan. He had the most beautiful eyes. "Do you guys want something to drink?" "Sure. I'll have a water." Pete said. "Could you make some hot tea? Got to keep my singer's voice." Brendon said. "Sure. What would you like Ryan?" "Uh, I'll help you." "Oh, okay." They walked to the kitchen. Bobbie started the water for Brendon's tea. "There is some water in the fridge." "What would you like?" "I'll just have a water." "Okay. Can you grab me one?" "Sure." Ryan bent down to grab 3 waters. Bobbie looked over. She thought he had a cute butt. "Oh god." "What?" Ryan said. "Uh, nothing." Bobbie thought how could get get flustered with this man she just met and plus, she was married to the man of her dreams. She got Brendon's tea ready. "Let's go to the living room."

Patrick had joined Pete and Brendon. Bobbie gave Brendon his tea and went to sit on Patrick's lap. "So, how are the newlyweds?" Pete asked. "Good. Sad you are taking my husband away." "Don't blame me. Blame Bob." The guys were talking about music and Bobbie looked at Ryan. He was looking at her. He looked like he lost his best friend. She didn't know what it was about him. She looked away and kissed Patrick. "Hey Babe, what's that for?" "Just being you."
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