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For those of you who don't know, i.e. most of you Joy is obsessed with Dr Who and Frances, well we always take the mick out of her, but it's okay :P

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Scene 3)

Lauren finds joy who is practising her speech for the wedding

Joy: Hey Lauren!
Lauren: (Dramatic sigh) Hi Joy
Joy: Oh god, not the dramatic sigh….
Lauren: (explains her problems to Joy who keeps checking her watch) So what do you think?
Joy: If you don’t marry Chad can I still do my speech? I worked really hard, and it now has 412 Dr Who references to it, should be a blast!
Lauren: (angrily) Doesn’t anyone care how I feel about this?
Joy: (Looks shifty)
Lauren: Come on its my musical now I demand you sing me a song about what I should do!
Joy: Okay…

You have some sort of problem
But I’m not sure cos I weren’t listening
And I would really like to help you but


Lauren: (To narrator) Can one character have a little sympathy here?

(Frances walks in)
Lauren: Oh Jesus…
Frances: I will give you advice Lauren!


Well hey your feeling down
And you have on that awful frown
Cos Mikey is not your groom
And no one cares about your gloom
Everyone else is busy playing ping pong
With Daisy, Gee and Donkey Kong
Your mad cos no one seems to care
And I am your worst nightmare
Cos as you plainly see
I’m dressed as a bumblebee
And nothing annoys you more
Than losing the one you do adore
And the frustration just grows immense
As all these songs make no sense
They don’t have any music fixed
Cos Bryony is a crazy…

Frances: Aww do you not like the bumblebee costume? Is it too much?
Lauren: Right I am just going to skip to the predictable decision that I am forced to marry the one I don’t love because none of you idiots will be serious in this very dramatic event!
(Storms out)
Frances: And I was just about to get to the part where she should go down, rescue Mikey, go see Chad, knock him out and make an escape to New Jersey, with everyone else and live happily ever after. (sigh) No one ever takes people in bumblebee costumes seriously anymore.
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