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Where We Go From Here

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Frank's having a recurring nightmare,will he get through this? And what happens when the whole band get separated and lost?

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Chapter one:

Frank was up on stage, the crowd going wild and all his other band mates rocking out to one of their songs, but Frank just stood there, not even recognising the song he was meant to be playing. His guitar hanging limply from his shoulder.
Gerard came over to him.
“Frank what the hell are you doing?” he asked, anger in his voice.
Frank just stood there like an empty shell, staring out at the audience who slowly stopped screaming and stretching out their arms to him. Their cries of joy turned to boos and shouts of hatred. He was being pelted by rubbish and anything the crowd could get their hands on. He threw up his hands trying to shield himself, the rest of the band had stopped now. They turned on him as he fell to the ground.
They were closing in…

Frank sat bolt up right and instantly hit his head on the roof of his bunk. He swore loudly, grasping his head where it felt like it had split open.
He slowly walked down from his bunk, still rubbing his forehead and reliving his recurring nightmare. He walked over to the coffee maker and poured out the hot brown liquid. Taking a sip, he breathed out a sigh, as the drink sent a warm rush through his stomach.
“Morning” called a voice from behind him.
Frank whirled round at the voice. He hadn’t even noticed Gerard sitting on the bus’ couch. His spin had caused the remnants of his coffee to spill right down his front.
“Shit” he yelled as it scolded his chest. He quickly removed his shirt and went over to his bunk to replace it. Then he walked back over to where Gerard had stood up, alarmed by the accident.
“Sorry” Gerard said quietly, “I didn’t think you would be so jumpy.” Then he gave a short chuckle.
Frank just grunted sitting down on the couch, head in hands. Gerard sat next to him, a friendly hand on his back.
“What’s up?” Gerard asked, concerned, he didn’t often see his friend like this, and when he did he knew something was up.
“It’s nothing, you will think I’m being stupid anyway” Frank muttered, barely audible over the sound of the bus’ engine.
“Hey, come on, if it upsets you this much, it must be something, you weren’t even tapping a tune on your coffee mug this morning, that means something’s bothering you” Gerard said, knowingly.
“Or it means that we are around each other way too much…” Frank said not wanting to relinquish the information.
“Come on Frank, just tell me, I’m sure I can relate, and I won’t tell the others” He looked up and saw the other three, Bob, Ray and Mikey still fast asleep, which was surprising after the loud yell Frank had let out when he had spilt the coffee.
“Just this stupid dream I keep having” Frank whispered after a while.
“Well, what happens in this dream?” Gerard asked, worried about what it could be, he had had recurring nightmares before, and he knew that it could mean something bad.
“I freeze up on stage and the crowd and all of you guys get really mad” Frank mumbled, his head still down, staring at a broken pencil on the small table in front of them.
“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that, I get it all the time, it’s probably just nerves” Gerard said, a little relieved.
Suddenly Frank stood up, making Gerard alarmed. “You don’t get it!” Frank said angrily, “It’s not just a stupid dream! It keeps happening, over and over and over! And it’s so bloody real! And it’s coming into real life, I keep forgetting our songs, song I have known for years, I keep just going blank! I cant come up with any tunes or lyrics anymore! And I don’t feel the same on stage, not like I used to!” Frank finished, he wasn’t shouting, but the tone in his voice was even more frightening, like he was completely lost.
Gerard stood up with him and pulled him into a hug. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise. Loom your probably just going through a phase, I have started to notice you have been a lot less… well manic, than you had previously.” He pulled way from the hug, looking Frank in the eyes, “Maybe you just need to reconnect with your music, you know get back into touch with what made you start it and what inspired you. It may help, all this touring has probably just made you lose sense a bit”
Frank nodded helplessly, and Gerard gave him another quick hug.
“Thanks Gee” Frank whispered.
Gerard smiled, “any time.”

“Okay guys we are going to stop now!” The bus driver called to the band.
The rest of My Chemical Romance, had finally risen, two hours after Frank and Gerard had had their little talk. They were still all very sleepy and kept occasionally nodding off, just before the bus driver had called to them they were all crashed out on the couch. Mikey’s head was resting on Rays bush of hair, while Bob was slumped on Mikey’s lap, giving out a gentle snore.
They were roughly awoken by the bus pulling into the service station.
Frank and Gerard pulled them all up and out of the bus.
“Okay you lot, the bus driver told me and Frank that this station wont let him in the petrol fill up as the bus is too big, but the nearest station from here doesn’t have a place where we can go stay for a bit so he is going to go to the other one and come back for us later okay?” Gerard told the other three who were still stumbling around like drunk people, he doubted whether they had heard him, infact he was sure of it, he sighed and walked over to Frank.
“You okay?” he asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“Yeah I’m going to get some fresh air, clear my head” Frank replied and Gerard patted him on the back and turned back to the others as Frank walked off.
“I better go call Alicia, tell her where I am” Mikey said and slumped off towards the phone box.
“I need to pee” Bob said and headed off in search for the toilet.
“Arcade games!” Yelled Ray, apparently now woken up.
Gerard shook his head smiling as he headed off in the direction of the café, he needed coffee, badly.

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