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Even The Whiny Spiderman

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Frank follows Gerards advice

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Chapter 2:

Frank stood outside, it was very cold, the icy wind bit into his hands and face, but he ignored it, he had more important things to worry about. Even now he tried to recite the tabs for I’m Not Okay, one of their major songs, and he just couldn’t do it. He slammed his head into the wall he was leaning against, sending a shot of pain down his body. Why was this happening? The band was gaining success, they were going to great places, sending out their message, having a purpose, but for some reason now was the time when he couldn’t even remember a simple melody.
He screwed up his face and ran a hand through his black hair, that had grown long since they had little time to go to a hairdresser anymore. He tried to remember what Gerard had told him that morning. Get back touch with what made you start it and what inspired you What had inspired him? Many things, his Dad and Granddad for one thing, but he didn’t have them here. Other musicians? He had left his Ipod on the bus. There must be something…
His eyes snapped open. Comic books, and horror films, they helped fuel some of their greatest songs. The shop in the service station was pretty shit, but they were near a city, there was sure to be something there with a few comic books and films. He smiled for the first time that day and headed towards the tall buildings of the city just ahead. Now filled with the sudden urge to watch any movie with even a reference to horror, and read any comic no matter how crappy, maybe even the whiny Spiderman would do it. He laughed, no maybe not. Filled with this sudden anticipation he broke out into a run, not caring if people across the street gave him funny looks, it was good to break out once in a while and not be conscious of the thousands of eyes that always followed him and his band these days.
He sped up and whirled round a corner, where he saw a large store up ahead with shelves of comics and movies that Frank could see through the glass window.
He let out his signature giggle, and sprinted down towards the shop. Happy to see the pages of his old friends again. Now he came to think of it he hadn’t had the time or the energy to read any of these beloved scripts for a long while. He practically danced into the shop, earning a couple funny looks from customers and the shopkeeper. Ignoring this he went over to the comics, draping his fingers across the painted paper, finally resting on Batman, he grinned to himself. Excellent.
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