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No Longer Being Blissfully Unnoticed

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Gerard tries to escape a crowd of maniacs

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Chapter 3:

Gerard made his way over to the small café at the back of the service station. His thoughts were plagued with the things Frank had said that morning, he hoped this was just a passing thing, he was sure of it, Frank was one of the best guitarists he knew, second only maybe to Ray. He had never doubted the Rhythm Guitarist’s ability to rock any song given to him. But this… it was frightening to see his friends face, crushed by the thoughts of inadequacy racing round his head. Gerard prayed his advice had been some use to Frank, but he wasn’t sure, and this made a knot tie tightly in his stomach and not budge. He was so wrapped up inside his own head he didn’t even hear the lady at the counter.
“I said is that all sir?” She asked, clearly agitated by Gerard’s absent minded behaviour.
“N-no” Gerard stammered, thrown off by the venomous glance he was shot at. He waited and then took the coffee cup that was trusted upon him.
He went to sit down at a small table, he rubbed his eyes, then got out a scrap of paper from the inside of his pocket and started doodling things from his imagination, taking sips from his coffee every now and again.
Then Gerard heard a small giggle from behind him. He looked up and noticed he was no longer being blissfully unnoticed by the crowd passing through the service station. He let out a sigh, he thought that if he could just keep his head down he would be okay, but he had taken off his sunglasses in order to draw. He quickly shoved them back on his face. The damage was already done however, as a gaggle of school girls yet out a shriek of joy at the sight of him when he had lifted his head.
There were about ten of them, and they all leapt up and practically flew at Gerard. He jumped up. suddenly scared, he was usually with the other when this sort of thing happened. A couple of them started tugging at him, screaming in his ear something inaudible at such a high pitch.
He tried to get away, but more joined them and he was suddenly swarmed by at least 30, obviously out here on some sort of trip.
He was now completely piled on top of, as if he were in a rugby scrum, but he managed to escape from the crowd encircling him, as they pulled at his hair which fucking hurt, he was sure some was torn out. If they loved him so much, why were they so intent on ripping him to shreds?
He dived out and started to run, looking wildly around for his band mates who seemed to have all disappeared off the face of the planet. He bolted out of the service station and onto the street, the swarm still hunting him down feverently down the road. He was concentrating so hard on escaping them that he didn’t realise he was plunging into a large city, to which he didn’t even know the name of…

Hi everyone, thanks for the reviews! Hope you like this chapter, poor Gee, famous guys just can't catch a break can they? Well you may have guessed it, each of our favourite band members is going to have a fun little adventure, well not all fun... anyway I wont give anything away just yet just keep reading! and please review!!!
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