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Having Regrets About That Decision

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Mikey gets an unwelcome response from his phone call

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Chapter 4:

Mikey stumbled clumsily towards the phone, drowsy with sleep. The live concerts were a blast but very draining. He loved the thrill of being up on the stage like no other, they all did, but the aftermath of it made him very weak and extremely sleep deprived. He gave a massive yawn as he lifted the receiver to his ear that was covered by his dark brown hair that would have usually been straightened, but right now stuck at odd angles. He sloppily pressed the number in that he knew so well. While waiting for it to ring and for his wife, Alicia, to pick up, he looked down at himself, noticing that he was still wearing a crumpled suit from yesterday, that he must of slept in. It was from the interview they had given shortly after the show, same old boring questions, like “How did you get your band name?” He used to love telling that story, but after telling it countless times, the pride started to wear off, replaced by irritation that these people couldn’t be bothered to do background research on the people they pretended to know really well and support. He rolled his eyes, but his mood picked up as he heard Alicia’s voice answer.
“Hello?” She asked, her voice like music to Mikey’s ears.
“Great line, might suggest it for our next song” Mikey answered her, pulling the phone away as he heard here squeal of excitement.
“Mikey! Where are you?” She asked enthusiastically.
“Not sure, some city , some place…” He trailed off looking around.
“You know one day you are going to get lost in some city some place and wish you had asked” She said in a mock-discipline tone.
“I have missed you so much!” Mikey said laughing.
“Me too, babe” she replied, and he could see her smiling.
“I should be able to drop round for an hour or so tonight as we are -” Mikey began.
“An hour!” Alicia almost shouted, “Mikey I haven’t seen you in 4 months!”
“I know” he said miserably, “But we have a big show tonight and-”
“Mikey it’s ALWAYS a big show!”
“Well I can’t just miss it, it’s my job, if I were a doctor you wouldn’t stop me performing surgery” He argued, hurt.
“I know that, but isn’t their anyway it can be longer? We have been married almost a year now and I have only seen you fleetingly and very infrequently over that year” She sounded heart broken and Mikey bit his lip.
“I know babe, but I can’t just quit, and I did have a break from the band soon after we were married remember?”
“Yes, but you went back real soon! They offered you longer but you just crawled back to them didn’t you!” She said her anger rising.
“Hey! This band is important to me, and I didn’t hear you complaining then!” Mikey said, equally angry “It isn’t my fault! You knew about this when you married me Alicia!”
“I know Mikey but -”
“Or maybe now your having regrets about that decision!” He yelled down the phone.
“Mikey I -”
But he slammed the phone down, fuming.
He did not need this right now, he was tired and frustrated. Did she not think he did not want to be around her more? She had come on tour with them for a bit but after a while had gotten sick of it, but she seemed okay with him carrying on. What had changed them? He brought his hand down across his face slowly, trying to wipe away his tired features.
He walked, now full of anger back to where the bus had been. But it was gone. He whirled around, it wasn’t at the petrol station, oh god! Had they left without him? Bloody brilliant, just what he needed. First his wife is angry at him and now his band had forgotten he existed.
Seething from his rage he turned on his heel and started walking, head down, he wasn’t looking where he was going he just concentrated on his feel, thoughts spinning round his head as he cursed the people who had made him angry. He did not usually get thing mad so quickly, but he was already stressed, and things just seemed to build up, he didn’t even notice the ice cold breeze, whipping his face along with his hair. He just kept on walking, for that was all he could do to stop him refraining from hitting something right now.

Oh no! Mikey seems pretty mad, who knows what he will do... you will just have to read and find out! Keep the reviews coming they make me so happy! I know I have been on a bit of a writing whirlwind tonight, I just got this idea and went a little crazy, and dont worry I am not just making this all up so it drags on and doesnt have a point, it is all planned out. But be warned they might not all come so quickly as these, but if you give nice reviews I could be urged to lol.
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