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Putting Two And Two Together

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Bob heard a strange noise, and decides to persue it

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-02-18 - Updated: 2008-02-18 - 724 words - Complete

Chapter 5:

Bob walked calmly out of the toilet and over towards the sink. He washed his hands and looked up into the dirty mirror opposite him. He reached up and rubbed at the bags under his eyes, as if he could simply wipe them away if he wanted. He sighed, it was a small price to pay for being on tour all the time, but it was still quite annoying.
He left the toilets, yawning, they weren’t usually this tired, but yesterday had been quite packed in and stressful. They had been crammed in that stupid van for the majority of the day, then they had to go perform at the concert, it was killer as ever but they had to deal with the whole crowd stampeding them before and after the show. Then to top it off they had a midnight interview with these people who droned on and on, asking them pointless questions that they didn’t seem to realise the band had got frustrated by. When they finally got back to the van, Mikey had crashed out, fully geared onto his bunk and the rest had followed suit almost instantly. They had all completely crashed out and slept till about 2pm, except Frank and Gerard who had gotten up early for some unknown reason.
Bob sighed, then spotted Gerard over in the café, sipping at his coffee and deeply intent in a drawing of some sort. Thinking he probably wanted some alone time, Bob continued across the service station, and stopped in the crummy little shop at the end. He quickly browsed through the aisles, thankful that not many people were there and that the cameramen had buggered off to Burger King and were leaving him and the rest of the band alone for once.
He was just about to go join Ray, who was playing Guitar Hero in the arcade, when he saw a crowd of teenagers forming close to Gerard. Putting two and two together he realised what was going to happen. So he bolted, sharpish.
He hunched his shoulders outside. It was fucking freezing. He decided to go and search for the bus, but when he looked around it was nowhere to be seen.
“Shit” he groaned, wondering where it could be.
Wincing slightly, he turned back towards the service station, maybe he would lend Gerard a hand after all, and then they could grab Ray and go search for the bus together.
Just as he was about to push open the door he heard a noise. It was very faint, which is why he probably hadn’t heard it before, but it sounded so woeful. He couldn’t ignore a sound like that, it had such a despairing tone. Gerard was a big boy. Surely he could look after himself? They had faced worse, and Ray was still in there.
Bob turned and headed off in the intent of finding that noise. He walked into the park next to the station. It seemed to be coming from that direction. Sure enough the further he travelled in, the louder the wailing became, so loud infact, he was surprised no one else had heard it, ten again it was a cold winter day, not the best time for a family Picnic.
The noise was overtaken for a short while, as Bob heard a shriek and a rumble of footsteps, obviously following the helpless Gerard Way. Yes, that scream definitely belonged to the singer. Bob laughed, not even bothering to turn around. Gerard would get out of it, he always did, and he would hear the story later, along with persistent remarks from the 30 year old that he just didn’t understand why they liked him so much. Bob rolled his eyes and kept on walking, the wailing now clearly audible.

Hi everyone, thanks so much for the reviews! This is the next update as promised. I know you may be getting a little tired of them all exiting the service station but only one more and the action sets in okay? Please give me any suggestions you think of, I may not use them, but they are appreciated, I am not afraid of critisism, as long as its constructive and not "your story is a pile of shit, go die in a hole" Lol! Okay I'm rambling. Bye
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