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Ray Grit His Teeth

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Ray follows Bob

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Chapter 6:

Ray threw down the fake guitar, annoyed. He was supposed to be a great guitarist, but he was never good at this game, Bob thrashed him at it. He didn’t like the feel of the robotic guitar. It had so strings, no frets, it was too small, and it just never felt right. He much preferred his real guitar sitting on the bus. Just thinking about it made him smile. Who needed a video game when you could play the real thing live to a huge audience? He bet racing driver never played any of the Formula 1 games, and if they did they would never like it half as much as being on the track.
He picked up the plastic and pathetic excuse for a guitar and put it up against the wall where he had found it. He looked around the small arcade, trying to find another game, when he heard a scream from behind him. A hoard of fans were pouncing on Gerard. Fuck he thought, and scampered.
Ray ran right out of the service station, he leant up against the wall and let out a long sigh, listening to the crowd inside. Poor Gerard. Ray grit his teeth, considering going in and helping out his friend, but jus as the thought came into his head, the doors burst open, and the little figure of Gerard ran out, cartoon style, yelling his head off like a little girl as the crowd raced out after him. Ray couldn’t help but burst into hysterics. This was way too good. He clutched his stomach and managed to calm down, once he had finally managed to settle, they were all gone. Shame. I guess now there was no way he could help Gerard…
Ray looked up. “What the?” he stared around, the bus was nowhere in sight. Swearing he got up and looked around. Nope. It definitely wasn’t there. Just then he noticed a shape in the direction of the park. He made it out as Bob. Ray’s brow furrowed. Where the hell was Bob going? Ray shrugged, he might as well follow the drummer, the bus was gone, Gerard was being hunted down, the others were nowhere in sight. He shoved his hand in his pockets and walked into the park, shivering slightly from the cold, that made his teeth chatter uncontrollably, just what he needed.

Okay you will be glad that thats the last "setting the scene" chapter and now I can go on to all the fun stuff. By the way, a few of you may hate me for one of the stories! But you will just have to wait and see if it all turns out okay! Please review! xxx
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