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You're Going To Regret That

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Frank runs into a serious problem

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Chapter 7:

Frank, grasping his comic, a beer and 3 films (including Nightmare Before Christmas), walked up to the till. He felt happy, and was sure that this would help him get over his little drop. Well he prayed it did anyway.
The shopkeeper gave him a funny look, “do I know you from somewhere?” He asked, quizzically.
“Umm… no, I have one of those faces” Frank said, hurriedly trying to gather up the bad the shopkeeper had handed him. But just as he turned round…
“OH MY GOD!” A young girl squealed. Oh joy of joys. Frank thought as he felt a pair of arms wrap round his waist.
“Hi” he said, shakily, he couldn’t help but smile, the girl was grinning so broadly.
“I love My Chemical Romance, you’re the best band ever and -” She was cut off by the comic book store slamming open.
Everyone in the shops head’s whipped round. A man had entered the shop, instantly Frank knew something was wrong. His gaze went from the mans scruffy coat, to the mask pulled sown over his face, to the jet black pistol in his right hand. The man lifted the gun above his head, and shot two bullets into the ceiling. He didn’t even need to yell, “this is a stick up” or another cheesy line, taken from a movie. Nearly every person in the building started to scream. Except Frank, who just stood there. Bewildered. He couldn’t quite register what was happening.
The man with the gun put his finger to his lips, which curled into a smile. Instantly they all fell silent.
“Sit down against that wall” He gestured, they all obeyed, some rushing, almost falling over, and some, like Frank, slowly drifting backwards, as if in a daze. The girl, who had just come up and hugged Frank, was shaking, as she slid down the wall into a sitting position, wrapping her arms around her legs. She looked very pale, and Frank instinctively stretched out an arm, draping it around her shoulder, in order to comfort her.
“You!” The man yelled at the shopkeeper. “Money, now!”
The shopkeeper stared, then slowly reached his hand under the desk.
“What are you-” The man with the gun was cut off as a red alarm light flashed. The man swore and, pointed his gun at the shopkeeper, “you bastard!” He said, harshly. He didn’t pull the trigger but signalled with the gun, pointing towards the till.
The shopkeeper hurriedly obeyed the mans initial command. The man looked down at the money, greedily. Licking his lips with the sight of the banknotes.
“Wall, now!” He barked, picking up the bag and heading towards the door. Just then a police car whirled round the corner. Followed by 3 more.
“Shit” The man cursed. Turning on his heal, the gun pointed at the shopkeeper who had sounded the alarm. He brought the gun up so it was pointing him right in the face, he clicked the gun.
“Wait!” Frank said, finally finding his voice, he stood up arms raised.
“What do you want pretty boy?” The man asked, gun now pointing directly between Frank’s eyes.
Pretty boy? Frank had never been called that before. “Please don’t shoot anyone” Frank said, trying to keep calm, but there was a clear shaky undertone to his voice.
“Why not?” The man laughed, the gun going between the shopkeeper and Frank, “this git sounded the alarm on me, now I’m stuck”
“Can we please just -” Frank started.
“You had it coming! There are innocent people in this shop” The shopkeeper perked up, a new found courage that Frank had never expected from him had suddenly surfaced.
The man stared at him, “You’re going to regret that you asshole!”
And he pulled the trigger.

OOO! What's going to happen? Will Frank make it out alive? Who knows! Well I do but I'm not telling! Hehe! And I'm afraid you are going to have to wait a bit cos I need to do the others. I'm not evil, I just like the suspense!
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