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Having Fun There Mate?

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Gerard manages to lose the manic fans, but picks up some nastier persuers

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Chapter 8:

Gerard sprinted down the street. His heart was thumping, he was scared shitless. The crowd did not seem to notice, nor care, that he was trying to escape them and they also seemed to never get tired. They perused him like hungry dogs, no matter how many streets he winded round, he just couldn’t shake them off.
He turned a corner, then before they came round he managed to charge into an alley way, he clutched his now racing heart, and panted against the wall, brushing his hair away from his eyes. The hoard of people ran by, still screaming. He peaked his head round the corner and saw them slow down, looking round, wondering where he has disappeared off too. They all looked very disappointed. He felt bad now, these people were his fans, he had no desire to be pounced on, but still he didn’t want to have to hide from them. Knowing he would regret this decision, he stepped out.
“Umm… guys?” he stammered. They spun round, screaming like banshees, and ran at him again. Gerard seemed to have lost control over his body as his eyes widened in shock and he dashed off again, running as hard as he could, he glanced back and realised that the crowd was ever growing. Where were these maniacs coming from? Was this some sort of sport they had been put up to that he wasn’t in on? Gerard-hunting. Captured, dead or alive. Well he certainly felt like a wanted criminal at the moment, the moment any of them got close to him they scratched at him. One of them tore off his already battered leather jacket, so he was now only in his jeans and a dark blue top. Running for his life.
People glared at him from across the street, as is he was somehow to blame for the ludicrous antics of the crowd. One old lady yelled “Yob!” across at him, waving her stick, he stared, bewildered. Why was no one coming to his aid? Weren’t there police in this god forsaken city? Oh yes of course there were. Up ahead of him, on the other side of the road, leaned two policemen, against their cars. They simply laughed and sucked their Coca Cola threw a straw. “Having fun there mate?” One called, and they burst into hysterics.
Bloody lot of help they were.
Gerard looked back at the vast amount of people, they were gaining. He wasn’t looking where he was going and he flew straight into something. The object was sort of soft, Gerard was pushed back from it, rebounding off the surface. He looked around. The crowd had stopped, they started to back away, turning on their heels and running off the way they had came. Gerard looked puzzled, why had they suddenly ran away like that? They were furiously hunting him only a second ago. Gerard let out a sigh, then turned, walking back into the soft object he had collided with. Gerard looked up into a very unpleasant face. It was red and twisted in anger. It was a boy, he couldn’t have been much older than 19 and he towered over Gerard, who backed away the flat of his palms held up.
“Sorry about that. Bit of a problem with crowd control” he attempter a laugh, but this boy wasn’t having any of it. Gerard looked around, noticing similar boys to this gathered round the original, they look a menacing step towards him.
“What do ya think your doin’?” The boy asked, glaring down at Gerard, “thin’ your some kinda big sho’?” he grunted.
“No, no. I just…” Gerard said quickly, backing away.
“Wha’ are ya anyway. Some kinda emo freak?” A second boy asked, he tugged on his Burberry cap, looking menacing.
Gerard scowled at the comment, but decided now was not the time to argue, “look I’m really sorry, I will just leave you be and-”
“No, I don’ thin’ so, people don’ mess with us emo” The first boy said and he spat it Gerard’s face.
Gerard stepped back, wiping the spit out of his eye, and he looked up, panic in his eyes now.
Another boy, standing on the first’s right, took a sip of beer, crushed the can, threw it down and yelled “GET ‘ IM!” And they charged at the defenceless singer.

I know I am being mean to Gerard, but I love him really! Please review and I will consider being kinder lol!
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