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Nothing You Can't Handle!

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Mikey gets roped into something

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Chapter 9:

Mikey was slumped against a wall, head in hands. This was such a mess. His wife hated him, his band mates had forgotten him and now he was in the middle of a crazy city that he didn’t even know. He knew it was in England. Or was it? Had they crossed over on the ferry last night? He didn’t know, he could be bloody anywhere. No he was sure it was England, all the signs were in English, and people were speaking it. He tried to clear his head a bit and suss out his situation. He was in the middle of a random city and he was 99% sure that it was England, he had no money or phone, having left it on the bus and no mode of transport, he couldn’t catch public transport because of the lack of money. Maybe he could go somewhere and use the phone. If he could get hold of one of the guys, they were sure to be on the bus reunited with their cell phones, and then they could come and pick him up, wherever he was… he would have to ask someone where he was and tell them to come, the driver should know, he was British.
Mikey looked up at the building he was leaning on, it was very large and grey, it had big oak doors and looked kind of official. Well if it was offices or a work place they were sure to have phones. He stood up and brushed off his suit, he didn’t want to look like a tramp or they wouldn’t let him in, depending on how posh this place was, he couldn’t tell.
He walked over to the doors and pushed. It didn’t budge, he pushed as hard as he could against the doors, but it was jammed.
He heard a little cough behind him, he slowly turned to a man with white hair, that was gently receding and round spectacles, he looked at Mikey tutting as Mikey gave a sheepish grin. “Doors jammed” he explained.
The old man went up and pulled the handle, “It’s pull you idiot” and he walked in. Mikey slapped his forehead, feeling like a total arse. Pull. So stupid. Mikey you moron.
He sighed and pulled the door open like the old man had just done. He was now nowhere to be seen. Mikey looked up and down the corridors, it was all very quiet, he saw a reception desk up ahead and walked over to it.
The woman behind the desk was in her mid 40’s and she looked very tight lipped. She looked Mikey up and down disapprovingly. Mikey knew why, his suit was crumpled and dirty, his hair was a mess and he probably looked exhausted. He flattened his hair down and addressed to sincere looking woman.
“Hi umm… do you happen to -” He was cut off by a hand laying on his shoulder, he turned and for a fleeting moment was sure he was going to see Frank or Ray or another member of MCR. His hopes evaporated however as a tall man with slicked back, brown hair looked down at him.
“Hello, Mr Percy I presume!” He beamed.
“Umm… well actually” Mikey mumbled, trying to explain the mans mistaken identity.
“Excellent, if you will follow me your class is waiting!” He said and guided Mikey over to another door on the right of the reception.
“Class?” Mikey said, wondering what the hell this man was going on about.
“Lecture, lesson, whatever you like to call it, we are very happy to have you here My Percy, a man with your qualifications coming to this small school, well it’s a great honour as I’m sure our students shall agree!” He said, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet.
“You don’t understand, I cant -” Mikey tried.
“Not to worry! They can be a little intimidating, but they are only teenagers, I’m sure a man of your experience has dealt with a lot worse!” He said happily, then his face turned grave for a second, “Just watch a few of the older kids, they can get a little, well rowdy,” he soon perked up again, “But nothing you can’t handle I’m sure!”
And with that he pushed the unsuspecting Mikey into the school hall.

Okay I have really got to stop writing so much! two days, 9 chapters! my fingers hurt, but I'm pretty sure they will be itching for the keyboard tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed this, the next chapter for Mikey should be quite funny, depends on my writing skills. Please review, I love you all so much who have already! But keep doing it, remember suggestions and constructive critisisms welcome! Thanks xxx
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