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"Holy shit"

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Bob finds the source of the noise...

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Chapter 10:

The wailing sound was growing louder. Bob knew he was getting closer to the source. He entered into a cluster of trees, that towered over him. He could have sworn the sound had originated here, but looking around there seemed to be nothing that could have possibly made that noise. Then he looked up, and he saw it clearly as the branches were stripped of leaves due to the winter season.
“Holy shit” Bob breathed slowly. He hazed up into the branches, where a small bundle of cloths encircled a very small, and consequently, very loud, crying baby. Bob took a bewildered step back, shocked by his discovery. What was a baby doing here? He shook his head violently, he would regard this later, there was a baby stuck in a tree for Christ’s sake. He needed to get it down.
He searched for a place to put his foot and found a small indent in the trunk of the tree. He fastened his foot and held on to the lowest branch, hoisting himself up. As he did so his knees grazed the wood and tore open the material of his jeans. He sighed, but carried on, travelling through the branches, tearing items of clothing as he went. He managed to reach where the baby was. It was still wailing its head off, and Bob tried to shush it. He did so in vain however. Bob gritted his teeth and lifted the baby into his arms, instantly it stopped crying. Bob looked down at the little creature, amazed. Its tiny eyes opened, revealing a beautiful shade of blue. Bob couldn’t help but smile, he held it carefully in one arm, as he used the other to gently climb down out of the tree.
His feet landed firmly on the ground, and he let out a relieved breath. Bob looked down at the baby once more, its gaze couldn’t help but tug on his heart strings. With this thought his smile turned to a frown and his happiness to anger. How could someone have left a defenceless baby here? It had to be deliberate, you didn’t accidentally leave a baby in a tree, unless you were some sort of mental person. Which would explain it. Bob gritted his teeth, half from anger, half from the cold breeze that suddenly blew.
The baby let out another cry, but Bob cradled it in his arms, shushing it and it quieted. Wow, he thought, this baby seemed to almost like him. Then he shook his head. It was a baby, it didn’t know anything. Probably just liked the warmth he was supplying. Bob looked into its little face and watched it doze off.
Okay, now he had to do something, this baby was not safe here, and he didn’t have a place to go, now that the bus had disappeared. He looked around. No one appeared to be in this park. The police station was sure to take the baby in. they would have to. Bob nodded to himself, that was the best place to go, they could phone social services and track down the mother. Bob set off.
It took him a few minutes to realise he had no idea where he was. He stopped and looked up at the buildings of the city ahead. He guessed he would have to just go into it and ask directions of to the police station. He looked down at his torn and dirty clothes. People were going to think he was some crazy homeless person, on the run or something. Oh well, he had to try, he was the only chance for this baby. And so he headed towards the city.

Aww Bob is so sweet. Hope you like, and will update more soon, warning, my Dad's birthday is tomorrow so won't be able to be able to update then, but I will try to get as much as I can done tonight. Thanks for reviews so far :D keep writing them please. suggestions and constructive critisisms welcome etc. xxx
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