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Bloody Marvelous

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Ray gets lost in the park

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Chapter 11:

Ray stood in the middle of the empty park. Where the fuck had Bob got to? He had been there a second ago. Ray turned slowly in a circle. Shit. He had disappeared of the face of the earth. And now Ray was left, in the middle of a deserted park, next to a city he didn’t know, and having now idea of how to get back. Bloody marvellous. He rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to feel a bit less groggy. This was not a good day to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Well when was it ever? But still, where were the rest of the band? They all seemed to have wondered off to random places, except for Gerard who was being chased by maniacs. Well that was some sort of bright side, at least he wasn’t Gerard. Then again the reason Gerard was being hunted was because those people loved him so much. Ray refrained from rolling his eyes. Typical. Well he best make light of this situation, he gazed around looking for some form of entertainment. There was nothing. Not even a kids play park, which would have at least taken away the boredom.
If only Ray had thought to take his phone. He groaned. That was so stupid of him. Then again he didn’t think the bus would drive off leaving them stranded and then that he would follow a wondering Bob who would lead him into the middle of a creepy park.
Ray shrugged and decided to hunt someone down, he didn’t care who, anyone, even if it was someone to talk to, though hopefully they could direct him to a phone or some mode of transport. Crap money. He really was an unprepared idiot sometimes, despite his band mates always saying he was a genius. Did genius’ forget to bring phones and money? He didn’t think so.
Ray walked around the park, hands still shoved in his pockets, he was freezing. Another thing he had forgotten. A sodding jacket. He came towards a large lake that was outlined with a path. He did not much like the look of it. Ray had never learnt how to swim, he had remembered how he had been scared shitless in their video shooting for “Ghost of You” as their U Boat had sunk, nearly drowning them all. Just thinking about it made him tremble slightly. Never again. He thought as he kept at least a metre away from the deep body of water. It looked so innocent, gently rippling in the wind, but he didn’t trust it. Listen to him! He sounded like a total weirdo! Scared of a bloody lake. Pull yourself together Ray.
Then Ray spotted someone across the lake. He smiled. Finally. Life.
“Hey!” He called, but the person didn’t turn, Ray could just about make out an IPod coming down from the girls ears. Damn, he thought. The person was walking really fast.
Then he broke into a run, calling to the person to stop. It wasn’t until he got quite close that the person turned.
She was wearing a long trench coat and a beanie hat, where you could see her short blonde hair coming down from. Her face went from surprise, to happiness, as she clearly recognised who he was. “Ray Toro?” She asked, now positively beaming.
Her face fell however as Ray opened his mouth to respond, and he lost his balance, about 20 yards behind her, and crashed into the lake, spraying her with water.

Oh no! Poor Ray! What is going to happen? Oh wait I know! You don't though so keep reading! Next up is Frank! gunshot just fired, very exciting. well I think it is, you guys are probably all staring at this thinking, shut up and get on with the bloody story. Thanks for reviewing. loving the feedback. Suggestions and Constructive Critisisms welcome. xxx
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