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Pulled The Trigger

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Frank is shot! GASP! NOOOOOOO!

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Chapter 12:

The whole scene seemed to go in slow motion, the man had pulled the trigger. Frank didn’t think, it was an impulse, he didn’t know why, it just was. He threw himself at the shopkeeper, knocking him to the ground. But before they hit the ground he felt a sudden pain rip through him. Shredding his skin, and plunging into his muscle.
Frank collapsed on the stone cold floor. He writhed in pain, clutching his upper arm. He could feel the blood run down, through his fingers, but he dared not open his eyes. He clenched them shut with the rest of his body, that seemed to have suddenly stiffened. He knew what had happened, knew the bullet had gone into him. He could feel it lodged in his arms, he wanted to yank it out, but knew that was stupid and futile.
The rest of the people in the shop screamed, obviously having watched the sight. Frank felt warm hands touch his face. He opened one eye slowly. A woman bent over him, she had mouse brown hair and her face was painted with worry. Her arms travelled along to the wound in his arm.
“Does anyone have a jumper, or something I can put in the wound?” She asked desperately. Frank could just about make out the girl who had hugged him earlier, taking off her hoody and passing it to the woman. “Okay, just stay with me, I’m a nurse” She said, addressing Frank. Man he was lucky, was the only thought that passed through his mind, besides “Holy fuck this hurts!”
“I will just ask you a few simple questions, just try and answer them for me okay?” she said, her voice was soft and relaxing. Frank nodded.
“What is your name?”
“F-Frank” he moaned, not being able to speak properly through his clenched jaw.
“Date of birth?”
“October 31st 1981”
She smiled at him, “Halloween eh? Okay, where were you born?”
“Belleville New Jersey”
“Band” he said, saying it almost made him smile. The band was his job, his lifestyle, he hadn’t thought about it like that for a while.
“Name of the band?”
“My Chemical Romance” he answered, pride seemed to rush over him. This was the most inappropriate time to be getting sentimental about this, but he didn’t care.
The woman looked a bit taken aback. “My Chemical Romance? My son likes them, I never stop hearing your music pounding through the house.” She laughed. “He always says that you ‘saved his life’ though he never tells me why. I guess I’m not cool enough to know” she continued.
Frank just smiled. Saving lives. That is what they did, the point of it all.
“Okay Frank, I have managed to put pressure on the wound for now you should be okay” She said, but she still had a note of worry in her voice.
Frank felt himself being helped up against the wall. He opened his eyes fully now and saw the 6 or so people he was trapped in here with, looking back at him, eyes filled with concern. He forced a smile, a silent signal that he was okay, and they seemed to relax a bit. Then Frank looked up at the man who had caused him this injury. The rest of them followed his gaze. The man was pacing back and forth, hitting himself in the head. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” He chanted, not aware of the attention he was receiving.
“We need to get this man to a hospital!” A man of about 40 stated, directing the comment to the man with the gun.
“Just shut up a second!” He yelled back, he sounded manic.
“You just shot someone!” The man retorted, “LOOK!” He pointed furiously at Frank’s arm.
The man did not look he turned away, putting his hands to his head, muttering to himself.
The girl next to Frank was sobbing quietly, terrified by what had just happened to her hero. Frank lifted his good arm and placed it gently on her shoulder. She smiled and slowly stopped crying.
“Are you okay?” She whispered.
“I’ve been better, but I will be fine” He said shrugging, then instantly regretting it as another shot of pain went through him. “What’s your name?” He asked her, trying to change the subject.
“Ruby” she replied, “and don’t worry I know your name.” She giggled.
“Yeah, I’m sorry you have to get caught up in all this” he said solemnly.
“It isn’t your fault” she replied, wiping away a tear from her cheek.
“No… I suppose not…” Frank trailed off. It wasn’t his fault. But he felt to blame somehow. Like he had personally wronged all these hostages held up in the shop. Maybe that was the reason he had felt so compelled to take the bullet. He stared down at his right arm, limp and pathetic. Even if he hadn’t got them all into this, he wanted to get them out, and felt helpless as he could find no way that he could do so.

Aww poor frankie! I feel hellova mean now... I'm sorry Frank I love you really! Promise. Please review. Thanks so much for them all so far. Hope you are enjoying this. xxx
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