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These Teenagers Really Did Scare The Shit Out Of Him

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Gerard is hunted

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Chapter 13:

sprinting through the winding roads for the second time that day. His whole body was exhausted, but there was no way he could stop now. The mob of boys chased him fervently down the streets. He had preferred the other crowd, at least they had been going after him because they liked him, though they had still been violent, these people took it to another level. When they got close they swiped punches at him. One boy even pushed him out in front of a car. Thankfully it stopped and just bashed Gerard’s knees a bit. Still bloody frightening though.
Gerard turned his head. He had managed to clear a bit of distance. He quickly turned a corner and met a dead end. Shit. He had watched countless movies like this scenario, but it always seemed so farfetched to actually happen in real life. They boys slowed down, looking disturbingly barbaric. They advanced on him, there must have been about 20 of them, all tall and menacing. Gerard felt like he was 15 again, at school, being picked on by the bullies. that’s what these boys were. Bullies. They cant have been that far out of school if they were at all. But here they were picking on a 30 year old. Gerard shook his head, trying to process this information, the whole thing seemed so ludicrous. It couldn’t be happening. Could it?
“Wha’ now emo?” One of the boys taunted.
“Yeah, nowhere to run” another cut in.
“Okay” Gerard said, hands raised once again, “can we please stop talking like a 1970’s gangster film?”
“You trying to be funny?” One of them asked sharply, raising his own hands, but as fists.
“No, no,” Gerard said alarmed, “I mean can’t we just leave it, please, I have places to be” He pleaded.
“You shoul’ ‘av though’ o’ that before!” One of them grunted.
They all walked towards him. Huge grins playing around their ugly faces. Gerard cowered, feeling like a complete fool. Why was this happening? It didn’t make any sense. All that could circle round in his head was the line from his own song, that had first come from his fear, but then almost laughed at the fear, of being scared of teenagers. But these guys, they gave all new meaning to the song. It made Gerard angry that these were the few that put all the others to shame. Who felt the need to be violent. He had met thousands of kids who were pleasant and simply wonderful people.
But these teenagers really did scare the shit out of him.


Gerard sat in his dark prison. Thinking. This was madness. Complete madness. He had to be dreaming. This was stupid. Ridiculous. Made up. Not true. But even as he thought this, he knew it was and he felt so small.
He lifted the lid of the dustbin, not thinking he would have ever visited one again after high school. But he had been mistaken. He shook off the rubbish that clung to his clothes and stepped out.
He had been through worse, he thought as he looked down. They hadn’t beaten him up, just shoved him in the bin. Saying it was “his rightful place”. Gerard didn’t care what had happened to him at any rate. He cared more that now his turn of being the target was over and now they were moving onto some other victim. Gerard’s face flooded with anger. Something had to be done about this. He had do do something. But he knew that if he went out into the streets he would either be chased by fans, or hunted by those boys again. Neither of which were fates he found particularily appetising.
He peered round the corner and saw, just across the street, a fancy dress store. Well, it was something. Anything to stop being hunted like an animal. Though he made a mental note to take it off if he ever found his bandmates again. They would never let him live it down. So he crossed over towards it. A small smile now playing on his face.

Hi I know this scenario is a bit farfetched, but I kind of wanted to exaggurate the point because I think this is how the media kind of portrays teenagers and it is quite an unfair stereotype for most of us as we don't all beat up people for the hell of it. Definately not Gerard anyway :P. So I hope you liked it and agree with me on this, if not then oh well ignore my ramblings and look out for another update, should be one later on tonight. Thanks for the reviews! Suggestions and constructive critisisms welcome. so save myself having to keep saying this I will now say S&CC welcome.
Thank you xxx
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