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Mikey is back at school

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Chapter 14:

Mikey stumbled into the great hall. He kept his head down, partly so that he wasn’t recognised and partly because he did not want to look up at them.
“Okay girls please settle down” A voice spoke, it must have been one of the teachers “This here is Mr Percy, he is here, as you all know, to give you a talk on Nanotechnology! It should be very exciting! I’m sure you will enjoy it greatly.” Silence remained in the hall, with the occasional cough, “Okay, Mr Percy, would you like to make your way up onto the stage?”
Mikey swallowed, and walked up the aisle towards where the voice was coming from, he could feel eyes on him, but he kept his head down, thankful that his hair had grown a lot longer and therefore covered his face.
He looked up a tiny bit so that he could see the steps to walk up. Every footstep he made reverberated around the hall.
“Okay, welcome Mr Percy to Devonport High School for Girls!” Well that was something, Mikey thought, he knew where he was, “I will leave these girls in your capable hands”
And with that she left. Gone. Right out the door, leaving Mikey alone, with 500 odd girls who clearly did not want to be there. Her footsteps died away and Mikey just stood there. Not knowing what to do.
Then around the hall whispers broke out. They were cautious at first, wondering if the silence was some sort of act, part of the presentation. Soon, it seemed, they realised that he wasn’t going to talk any time soon and just broke out into full blown chatter.
Mikey stood there, feeling like an idiot. Not knowing what to do. He could feel eyes still on him and he shifted uncomfortably. He needed to get out of here. But how?
Without thinking, he lifted his head, searching for some sort of an escape route. Half the hall fell into silence, and the other half followed suit, wondering why the others had stopped talking.
Mikey whipped his head back down, cursing himself for lifting it in the first place. He prayed that had all just simultaneously ran out of things to say. But he knew this was stupid, they were teenage girls, when did they ever run out of things to say? Then the silence broke.
“Oh my fucking god!” A girl screamed.
“Are you Mikey Way?” Another added.
“I love you so much” More joined in.
“Are the rest of the band here?” One girl asked, standing up trying to peer round the hall. Others did the same.
“Oh my god oh my god oh my god!” Some chorused.
“What the hell? Who is Mikey Way?” A few girls asked, confused.
“The bassist, from My Chemical Romance!” One girl snapped back, horrified they did not know this.
“Who?” Someone asked, still puzzled.
“You don’t know?” One girl shrieked
“No” the other replied, annoyed.
“Only like the best band in the world” Someone shouted.
“Wait aren’t they that Emo band?” A blonde girl asked, sticking up her nose.
“THEY ARE NOT EMO” about 50 people demanded.
And an argument broke out. Mikey stood on the stage, head raised, there was no point anymore. The girls were all on their feet, shouting over each other, split half and half. He knew a lot of people either loved or hated their music. He shuffled uncomfortably. Some people, not bothering to argue, stared up at him with adoring eyes. He gave them a sheepish smile and they giggled.
“How can you say that?”
“Easily see: MCR suck”
“They do not, what would you know?”
“A lot actually”
“Doesn’t look that way from where I’m standing”
Mikey had had enough of this, it was past ridiculous.
“Umm… everyone?” He tried, pathetically, he looked around. A microphone was sitting on a wooden table. He grabbed it.
“Every- Oww!” He said as the microphone screeched into life. He pulled it away from his mouth. They had silenced now, and started to sit back down. Half wrapped with attention, the others sitting, looking slightly pissed off.
“Okay, thank you” He said relieved. “Now if you guys are willing, I need your help”
“What do you need?” Someone shouted from the crowd, excitedly.
“I’m kinda lost…” He trailed off, “can anyone tell me… umm… where the hell am I?”
They all started talking at once, trying to supply the information.
“Okay! Shh! He said. Okay I will pick one person and they will tell me” Mikey said, still scared, “You, what’s your name?”
He pointed over to a red haired girl, in the middle of the room, she immediately went red and replied “ Umm… Cara” she looked at him in awe.
“Okay Cara, where am I?” Mikey asked, he laughed in order to try and make her feel comfortable, but she blushed even more.
“Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth” She replied quickly.
“Plymouth! Yes I know! We played here a year or so before. Okay. Good.” Mikey said thinking. “Okay I need a few of you to come with me to get out of here, because I will just get lost in this city”
“Well in an hour we have to go home anyway” One girl said.
“I kind of need to go now, I have lost the other members of the band, and I have no idea how to find them, or contact them, and we have a show tonight” Mikey explained.
“I have an idea” Cara said smiling.

Next chapter for Mikey should be good so keep reading to find out, but next we must visit Bob and his little baby :P
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