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That Little Bastard

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Bob gets pestered

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Chapter 15:

Bob walked through the streets, constantly having to comfort the baby who did not appreciate the noise of the traffic. This little thing was kind of cute. He could have sworn it was smiling at him. No babies can’t smile. He laughed at himself, he was being silly.
A crowd of people rushed past them, almost knocking Bob over. He stared angrily after them then stopped. Was that Gerard? He closed his eyes and opened them as either Gerard or his identical twin whizzed round the corner, being hunted by a load of boys who did not look friendly. That was strange, Bob thought he was being chased by fans. He tried to pursue them but they were to far and he couldn’t run with the baby. Gerard would have to deal with this on his own. Bob shook his head. Well at least he wasn’t the only one completely lost.
Back to the task at hand. Where was the police station? He needed to ask for directions.
“Hey excuse me?” Bob asked a young man who walked past, he was quite short, with a camera around his neck and rectangular glasses perched on his nose.
“Hello?” Then man asked and then he looked up, “hey your Bob Bryar!” He said, beaming.
“Urm…yes…” Bob said, grimacing.
“Oh god, hi I’m a reporter, I am doing an interview with you tonight and - hey what’s with the baby?” he said, distracted.
“Oh umm nothing” Bb said and he turned and walked away, the last thing he needed was this story all over the magazines.
“Hey wait up!” The man said sprinting to catch up. “Is it yours? Whose the mother? What’s it’s name?” He said manically.
“I don’t know leave me alone please.” Bob said, walking faster.
“Wow, I never knew you had a baby that’s amazing!” He said happily.
“Look I-” Bob said turning, but was interrupted by a camera flash. Oh how he hated cameras “Oi!”
“This will impress by boss!” The man said excited. “Now who is the mother?”
“I don’t know leave me alone!” Bob said, walking again.
“You don’t know! Oh my god! This is great!”
“No it isn’t leave me alone!” Bob turned the corner.
The man stood there and flipped open his phone, “hey Dom, you will never believe this…”


Bob was annoyed now, but he had seen a sign to the police station, that was something. Then he turned anther corner and was faced with a million camera flashes.
“Argh!” he said, and he held the baby close as it started to cry.
“Bob! Bob! Why didn’t you tell the public about the baby?”
“Is it true you don’t know the mother?”
“Are the rest of the band helping you raise it?”
“Is it a boy or a girl?”
“When was the baby born?”
“Were you shocked when you found out?”
“Do you prefer apples or oranges?”
Bob pushed past, shielding the baby, and keeping his head down. That little bastard. How was he meant to get to the police station now?

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