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Thank You

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Is Ray going to drown????

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Chapter 16:

Ray felt the water smack against him, as if they were hands belonging to someone who he had greatly offended or wronged. He thrashed around in the water, not knowing how to swim had finally got its revenge. The hands had stopped smacking and now they grabbed onto him, pulling him down into the depths of the lake. The black water consumed him. His head submerged and disappeared from sight. Under the water he tried to let out a yell, and the water flooded into his lungs. Suffocating him. He choked on the water, but just more came in. And slowly he felt his body being overcome with unconsciousness. As he sunk.


Lily’s heart almost stopped as she saw the guitarist wrestle with the water. She threw down her IPod and shrugged off her coat. knowing they would just way her down or get them both electrocuted. He dived into the water just as Ray’s head slid down, beneath the water.
Lily managed to open her eyes under the water, it was blurry, but better than nothing. She searched and found the outline of Ray’s body. It was limp and he was floating down. She lunged towards him. She grabbed hold of his arm and, with all her strength , pulled. She made steady progress, but she would not quite.
Her face broke the surface and she gasped for air, then hurriedly pulled up Ray. He was still unconscious and his hair, usually up like an afro, was flat down against his face, which looked very strange. Lily did not have time to study this however, as she dragged herself and Ray onto the firm, solid ground.
Lily would have loved to stop right there and collapsed. But Ray’s need was greater than hers so, breathing heavily, she stumbled over to her coat, where she fumbled for her phone in the left pocket. She flipped it open and turned back to Ray. She dialled the emergency services and hooked the phone between her ear and shoulder while she started CPR.
She had managed to give as much information as possible to them and they said they were on their way. Lily was so scared, she was crying as she desperately tried to resuscitate a member of one of her favourite bands. This definitely wasn’t how she had pictured meeting him.


Ray felt life jolt back into him. He gave a great gasp for air, and water spilled out his mouth. He choked and realised the absence of water around him. Thankful for the feel of hard ground. He heard a thud beside him and turned weakly. He saw the girl who he had been running towards. She was drenched and exhausted. Had she just saved his life?
“Thank you” he whispered . Then passed out again. At least this time when he lost consciousness, he was still breathing.

Yay, Ray was saved. Like I could let him drown! I got upset when I made people pull Gerard's hair, and don't get me started on when Frank got shot! Lol! Yeah thats just my mindless ramblings. Speaking of Frank he's up next! Hope you liked this chapter. I enjoyed writing it.
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