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You Wanna Know?

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Frank finds out about man with gun

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Chapter 17:

They had been in the store for 2 hours. Everyone was silent and on edge. The police kept sending messages to the man with the gun, whose name turned out to be Cole. He never listened to them though. Just sat in the corner, head in hands, but and sudden movement and he would snap and lift his gun.
Frank just sat there, thinking. He started round at everyone, there was the shopkeeper, he was quite a short man with dirty blonde hair and glasses, he looked so nervous, he kept thanking Frank for saving him, which made him embarrassed more than anything else. There was the man who had shouted at Cole, he was quite old, grey hairs had taken over a bit of his head, but he didn’t look tired, just angry. There was the woman who had helped Frank, the nurse, she kept checking his arm and trying to find something to clean it with, so far all she had managed was a bandage that was from the shops first aid box. There was a young couple, about mid twenties, who just talked to eachother, huddled in a corner, the girl was blonde, and the man brunette. Then there was Ruby, the youngest, dyed black hair, knees brought up to chest. Frank wondered why there wasn’t any other young kids here. You would have thought, it being a movie and comic book store. Then something dawned of Frank.
“Are you meant to be in school?” He asked.
She went red, and looked down at the floor, “Yeah” she mumbled.
“You bunked off?” He asked, not wanting to be too nosy, but he couldn’t help it.
“Yes, I got mad at the teacher and he said that I was to leave his classroom, so I left, and just…. Kept on walking I guess.” She looked down for a second, then lifted her head and stared directly into his eyes, “It’s the first time I swear, I don’t know why I did it, then I came in here, I couldn’t go home because my Mum was working at home today. She would kill me”
“I understand, I have ditched school before, you shouldn’t do it though” He frowned.
“I know I just got so sick of it, drove me crazy.” She shrugged then asked, “But you dropped out of school didn’t you? To be in MCR?”
“Well…. yes. But that doesn’t mean you should” Frank said, hoping that she wasn’t going to follow in his example. He felt bad now.
“I would leave, if only I had something, like you had MCR, to do after I did” she said quietly, fiddling with a bracelet on her wrist.
“Yeah. Just don’t quit school,” he almost pleaded, “especially not just because I did it. You seem like a smart girl, what school do you go to?”
“Devonport High School for Girls” She replied, “it’s a grammar school”
“Oh so you are brainy!” Frank said laughing a bit, to try and make her cheer up.
“Not really. Anyway I would rather be talented than smart-” Her words were cut of by a gun shot. Everyone jumped and looked around for victim of the shot. But Cole had just fired at the ceiling.
“Will you shut up!” He yelled, pointing the gun at Ruby.
“Hey! Don’t point the gun at her!” Frank said, full of anger.
“You want a bullet in your other arm?” He snapped.
“You can shoot me wherever the hell you want, just don’t harm anyone else. You’ve done enough already” Frank yelled back, this man was insane. He was disgusted by him.
“Look at you, trying to act the bloody hero. Well the world isn’t like your precious comic books!” Cole said.
“Tell me what the world is like then!” Frank challenged, wanting to hear what the man had to say for himself. “Tell me what about the world is so bad that you have to hold up a little comic book store”
“You wanna know?” Cole said, standing up, eyes wide and maddening, “the world is shit, and it treats all the good people like shit and all the bad like fucking royalty and gives them the tools to treat the rest like dirt!”
“Oh and so you think you are one of the good ones?” Frank retorted, struggling to his feet, “holding people at gunpoint?” He clung to a shelf.
“I was until the bad people turned me into one of them!” He shouted, “my wife, she was a bad one, left me then my daughter, she was such a good one, but all good things are taken away aren’t they?” His voice cracked and he rumpled on the floor.
Everyone looked at him, scared and confused.
“What happened?” Frank asked gently, not sure whether to be sympathetic or angry.
“She got bloody shot didn’t she! Wife came back, wanted to take her, I refused. Took gun out of her bag, aimed for me, got my poor little girl instead” he broke into more sobs.
They were all silent, not expecting this revelation. They stayed there for about 20 minutes gazing at the mound on the floor.
“Then why don’t you let us go?” Frank said in a soft voice, “don’t let someone else suffer the same” He tried, glancing at Ruby.
The man looked up at Frank and slowly, tears streaming down his face, shook his head. “No.”

Oh the drama. Well done to those who noticed the school name (for thise who didn't it is the school that Mikey is trapped in). Ruby bunked off school. Tut tut. Lol. Cole has a bad past, but at end still shows he's a bastard. So it's all good. Hope you ejoyed that. Should be a funny one with Gerard next, but again that depends on my writing skills.
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