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Never In A Billion Years

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Gerard gets a great disguise

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Chapter 18:

Gerard walked into the Fancy Dress shop. A little bell over the door chimed, announcing his entrance. The only person in the shop was the person behind the counter. A teenage girl was reading a magazine. “Kerrang” was on the front cover, and oh so conveniently, his face was under it. The girl peered over the top, looking very bored, but when she saw Gerard she let out a high squeak, which she seemed instantly surprised that she had made such a noise. She jumped up and stared.
“Shh!” Gerard pleaded, “Please don’t yell or anything!”
“Okay I wont yell, but Oh My God!” She said, beaming.
“Why are no teenagers in school today?” Gerard asked, the fans, those boys, and now this girl.
“Well the others should be, though there are always school trips, and then those chavs who never go to school just walk around and beat people up. Then theres me, and I run this shop. Anyway that’s is just Plymouth. I’m rambling, you probably don’t care!” She said, looking a little embarrassed.
“Plymouth! I know here, well that’s something… wait you run this shop?” Gerard asked, bewildered, this girl had to be only 15.
“Yeah it has always been my dream to run a fancy dress store, so I get eave from school to run it” She said, still beaming, and still embarrassed.
“Right… and the school are okay with this?” Gerard asked, baffled.
“Oh yeah, they are a bit strange, we always say out school is running fast down hill” She explained.
“I see, and so you decided to open a Fancy Dress store?” Gerard enquired.
“Oh yeah, I love fancy dress, it’s my secret passion!” She said happily.
Gerard scratched the back of his head, “I know very few teenagers who would think that way”
“Well I’m not like normal teenagers, I am a bit strange, you should meet my friends they are a bit too” she said, trailing off.
Gerard laughed, “I’m sure that would be awesome, but right now I have to disguise myself.”
“Yeah I know, from the fans and the chavs. I saw you running from them earlier, it was very amusing, highlight of my day. didn’t know it was you though. You run funny, did you know that?”
“Hey!” Gerard retorted, “I do not run funny!”
“Sure you do, and when you looked back when the chavs were running after you, the look on your face, pure gold!” She said laughing at the memory.
“I am steadily starting not to enjoy this conversation” Gerard said, this kid was weird, but yet she had an odd likeability about her.
“Yeah I have that effect on people, I always kill conversations. Now what can I do for you?” She said, suddenly business like.
“Anything that will hide my face” Gerard said simply, looking round.
“Hmm… we have a selection of amusing hats?”
“I don’t want a hat”
Gerard lifted his own pair, “Don’t work.”
“Fake moustache?”
Gerard looked unimpressed.
“Some sort of monster mask?”
“That will draw even more attention to myself!”
“Well you are hard to please aren’t you?”
“Just give me something that people would never think I would wear!” Gerard said desperate.
“I have the perfect thing!” She went into the back and came out with a costume.
“I’m not wearing that” Gerard said blankly.
“Why not?” she asked, “No one would think you would wear it”
“I’m going to go back to the “drawing attention to myself” point” Gerard responded.
“People won’t notice that much!”
“You can’t be serious!” Gerard pleaded.
“Come on please, it needs to go by the end of the week and no one will buy it!” She pleaded back.
“Tough, I am NOT wearing it!” Gerard said, arms folded.
“Don’t be such a baby!” She said.
“Your younger than me!”
“Yes and I have my own shop, what do you have?”
“A famous bloody band!” Gerard snapped.
“Oh yeah, I forgot… just take it!” She demanded, “please, it would make my day!”
“I’m not here to make your day!” Gerard said, “I’m here to get a disguise!”
“And I’m offering you one” She shoved it under his nose.
“No means no” Gerard said, stubborn.
“Come on!”
“Never in a billion years!” Gerard said, “that’s my final answer”


Gerard walked out of the shop with the giant dinosaur costume on. How had he got roped into this? He shoved his hands in his pockets and found a piece of paper. He opened it:

/Don’t feel bad Gee, you look smashing.
And when the rest of the band ask,
you must tell them to come visit me and get their own costume!
Love Riley!/

That Girl was an utter nutter. Quite fun though, and he walked off down the street.

I know that was really weird, and half of you are going "what the fuck" but I just had to do it. I hope you liked it. Remember to review S&CC welcome.
Thanks xxx
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