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Enough With The Crazy People And The Crazy Stories

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Mikey gets out and meets a certain someone.

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Chapter 19:

Mikey and Cara went down the backstage exit, it was very small and dark but they got out in the science corridor, which had an eco-garden in the centre, with a pond and wildly growing grass.
“Your school is weird” Mikey.
“Yeah, you get used to it” Cara shrugged.
“Are we actually going to be able to sneak out of here without them noticing?” Mikey questioned.
“Well they didn’t come in when everyone was yelling when they recognised you, they wont notice two people leaving the grounds.” Cara reasoned.
“Good point. What about everyone else, wont they get bored in the hall for the next 50 minutes?” Mikey asked. Just then they heard a crash and some laughter and a burst of chatting.
“Nah, they can amuse themselves, anyway I reckon the real Mr Percy will show up soon” She said.
“Wait, when he shows up, won’t they wonder who I was and where I am now?” Mikey said, worried.
“They probably won’t remember. Anyway by that time we should be long gone.”
“Okay” Mikey gave in.
He followed her through a gym that made an awful echoing sound every time you placed a foot on the floor. They managed to exit out through a back door. They were outside and Mikey turned right, but Cara grabbed his arm.
“If you go that way then you will pass the front entrance. We go down behind the art hut.” She whispered.
“Have you done this before?” Mikey asked.
“No, I just know. That reminds me, while we’re at it can we go find my mate Ruby, she ran off in the middle of French and no one’s heard from her since.” She looked concerned and Mikey nodded.
They made their way past the art block, where they had to duck by the window, and through the side gates.
“There, wow this is fun!” Cara smiled.
“You don’t do much of this do you?” Mikey said, contradicting his previous assumption.
“No, but I may start.”
They were walking along a main road.
“So where do you want to go?” Cara asked, realising they didn’t have a destination.
“Phone I guess” Mikey said.
“Well you can use my mobile” she said, handing it to him.
“Thanks” Mikey said.
He rand Gerard first. It rang for ages but nobody picked up. Then he tried frank’s, same result. Bob and Ray’s phones were just the same.
“Dammit” Mikey said. Frustrated. He handed Cara back the phone.
“Is there anyone else you can call?” Cara asked.
“No I don’t think so…” Mikey said, wondering what to do.
“Well how did you get here in the first place?”
“Service station” He replied.
“Lets find our way back there and see if they went back there to look for you” Cara said, so they set off.


They were in the middle of the city now. Walking around, asking people if they knew how to get to the service station. Mikey had his sunglasses on, thankfully he was not as recognisable with them on and when his hair was messed up, so they weren’t pestered.
“Hey, excuse me… I mean” Mikey started laughing, he hadn’t realise the man he had stopped was in such a funny costume. Was he a dinosaur.
“Do you know where the service station is?” They asked simultaneously.
Mikey recognised that voice!
“Mikey!” They said together again.
They hugged eachother, relieved they had found someone else.
“God it is good to see you, but don’t you think the dinosaur thing is a little much? I know we are all up to try new things but…” Mikey said laughing.
“Shut up, people have been attacking me all bloody day!” Gerard snapped.
“No wonder, when you walk around like that” Mikey said, spluttering.
Gerard punched him in the arm, “Quit it! And what about you? Whose the girl?” Gerard turned to Cara, who had gone red again.
“This is Cara. Cara, Gerard, she saved me from her evil school” Mikey explained and introduced.
“Hello” Gerard said.
“Hi” Cara said.
“Wait why the hell were you in a school?” Gerard asked.
“Mistaken identity” Mikey said “Who gave you that costume, I want to thank them”
“You can meet Riley later and -”
“Oh, first name basis” Mikey smirked.
“Well you know her first name” Gerard snapped, referring to Cara.
“So do you” Mikey said. “Anyway, where are the others?”
“Not a bloody clue” Gerard said, “I thought you would be with them”
“Nah uh” Mikey shook his head “I came outside and the bus was gone, I thought you had all left without me.”
“Mikey, I told you that the bus driver had to go to a different station to get petrol, why do you never listen?” Gerard complained.
“I was freaking tired!” Mikey said, “so I didn’t know, what’s your excuse?”
“I told you, I have been attacked. Fans swarmed on me in the service station, then I shook them off and got stuck with apparently the neighbourhood chavs, that’s what Riley said”
“Who is this infamous Riley?” Mikey asked.
“Riley is my friend from school who runs a fancy dress store” Cara said.
“She runs her own fancy dress store, at your age, during school?” Mikey asked.
“Lets not get into this!” Gerard said.
“Well I still need to find Ruby” Cara added.
“Who is Ruby?” Gerard asked.
“Girl who ran out of French class” Mikey supplied.
“Okay, okay” Gerard said “enough with the crazy people and crazy stories, my head is going to explode with all this information. We need to find the others, and this Ruby person you speak of. Where do we start?”
“I think that has just given us our answer” Mikey said, stunned. He was pointing at a television through a window. It was a news story, it showed some sort of hold up, a woman was talking on the screen, they couldn’t hear so they entered the shop.
“….and we now have the first live images of the hostages in the store…” The woman disappeared and there was a camera shot, revealing several people, one of them was Frank, he looked faint. Was that a bandage on his arm? That wasn’t there this morning. Gerard, Mikey and Cara looked at eachother…

Hope you liked this. I have written way too much tonight. 4 chapters, so you better appreciate it! Lol. I'm not sure how much longer I should drag this on, so please review and tell me. S&CC welcome
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