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Meanwhile We Have A More Pressing Issue

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Bob wants answers

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Chapter 20:

Bob couldn’t run so he had to deal with the cameras following him, he tried to hold the baby tight and shush it, but it was crying to hard from the cameras and shouts from the reporters. This little thing shared the same anger at cameras as Bob did.
“Where are you going with the baby?”
“Why are you avoiding these questions?”
“Have you told the other band members?”
“Are you going to keep it?”
“Do you think it is a good place to raise a baby, on tour?”
“WILL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!” Bob had finally snapped.
The reporters stopped, a bit startled. Then a camera flashed and they started again.
“Why are you so angry?”
“Are the others not supportive?”
“Is the baby too much to look after?”
“How do you think fans will react?”
The reporters stared at the red faced, crying baby, like they had only just realised it was there. They were finally silent. Cameras dropping at their sides.
“Thank you” Bob sighed. He turned and walked off quickly, before they snapped out of it and chased him again. The baby started to quiet and then its tiny fingers wrapped around Bob’s thumb. Bob looked down. He smiled, and held it tighter. He couldn’t help but get a little attached to it.
Bob quickly pulled out his shades and put up his hood, so he wouldn’t be so easily recognised. He passed a shop window and saw a clip of himself walking with the baby, it didn’t look good.
“Son of a” he trailed off. He shook his head. It didn’t matter what the press said. He could sort out all the rumours and crazy assumptions another time. He needed to focus on the baby. Police station.
He walked around for a bit, asking for directions from passers by. Then he finally saw it sign posted. He let out a sigh of relief. Yet he felt kind of sad, when he got to the police station they would take the baby from him. It would either be given back to its mother, who had left it up a tree for Christ’s sake. Or it would go into care. What if it never found a home? Or what if it ended up with someone really horrible? Bob couldn’t think about that right now. Besides he couldn’t just take it himself. Or find it some good parents. That must be illegal. He would have to take it to the police station and just see what happens. He tried not to think about it as he followed the sign posts.


Bob was standing outside the police station. Still debating on whether to enter. What other option did he have? He stopped putting it off and entered the grey building.
Inside there were many police type people, rushing around. On phones. Talking to people. Walking around with people who were handcuffed and causing trouble. One guy spat in the police mans face, then the police man yelled at him. This was the life. Bob looked around, nervous. He saw a desk that looked like the right place to go, and walked over.
“Hello, sir how may I help you?” said the man behind the desk. He seemed happy to help, and looked concerned when he noticed the baby.
“Hi…umm… I was in the park and I sort of… found this baby” Bob said, knowing it sounded really weird.
“Good lord. Okay umm. Where exactly in the park did you find it and when was this.” the man asked, a little taken aback.
“Well… the baby was up a tree, and this was about… 3 hours ago?” Bob said, unsure.
“UP A TREE!” The man said. Horrified.
“Yeah I know, that was my reaction” Bob replied, nodding.
“Jesus. Wait 3 hours ago? Why didn’t you come here sooner?” He questioned, brow furrowed.
“I’m not from round here, so I had to ask directions and I got lost and then I got hunted by the press” Bob said, trying desperately to explain.
“Oh I see. Wait press? Why were they following you?” He asked.
“Oh” Bob said, not wanting to reveal who he was, but he guessed he would have to eventually anyway, “I’m in a band, my name is Bob Bryar and I‘m in My Chemical Romance, dunno if you’ve heard of us?”
Suddenly the man looked grave, “My Chemical Romance?”
“Yeah” Bob said, worried, “Why what’s up?”
“We will take care of the baby Mr Bryar, but we need to talk to you about something else?” He said. Looking very serious.
“Why? What’s happened? Are the others okay? What about the baby? Is it going to be okay?” Bob said. Panicking. What had happened?
“Okay, calm down, leave your phone number with us, we will contact you about the baby, we will need you to answer some reports on it late. Meanwhile we have a more pressing issue. About Frank Iero, I believe he is the guitarist in your band?”
“Yes. What has happened? Is he okay?” Bob wanted answers.
“Please come with me” The man said., standing up.
“Where are we going?” Bob questioned.
“I will explain on the way” and Bob gave the baby and his number to a woman who had come up to him. He gave the baby a sad goodbye, then followed the man out the door.

Hi, as you can see, it is all tying together. the end is near! Or at least the end of some stories. Frank has a little more to go and then I have to wrap it all up which may take a few chaps. Okay, I'm rambling again, i know, I never know when to shut up! Hope you are all enjoying it and please please please review. I dont care if its "your story sucks, go get a life" I just want feedback. please!!!
Thanks xxx
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