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No Need To Be So Sarcastic!

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Ray wakes up

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Chapter 21:

Ray awoke, he was lying on something soft, blissfully soft. A white glow shone through at him, past his closed eyelids. Was he dead? Was this heaven? Maybe it was a cloud he was sitting on, it was certainly warm. He didn’t feel dead, he felt extremely alive. This strong impulse made him sure that he was infact very much alive, but where. His eyes remained closed, they were to heavy to open. What was the last thing he remembered? It was all a bit foggy. The park, he had followed Bob into the park. Then he had saw a girl. The memories flooded back. Water, the lake, drowning. His eyes scrunched up. He had drowned? Maybe he was dead then. No the girl, the girl. She had pulled him out, he remembered the hard ground. She had saved him. He must be alive. No longer giving in to his groggy state, his eyes snapped open. Blinding light glared at him. Making him want to shut them again, but he didn’t. soon the adjusted.
Hospital. Of course he was in hospital. Not a cloud. You idiot, he thought to himself, clouds. Honestly! Then he cut himself some slack. He had nearly drowned. He wasn’t responsible for his crazy assumptions. Anyway he had probably been drugged a hundred times over while he was here. He raised his head and looked around. He was in a closed ward. It was small and the source of the blinding light was coming through the window. Well at least it was sunny, and not cold like it had been… when had it been? An hour? A day? A week ago? Then with a jump he noticed someone sitting next to him. He turned and saw the girl who had saved him, she was smiling.
“Glad your awake,” She said.
“Thank you!” Ray said hurriedly, wanting to express his gratitude.
“Well I could hardly let you drown could I?” She said laughing.
Ray didn’t know what to reply to this, so he just thanked her again.
“Don’t worry about it. How are you feeling?” She asked, concerned.
“Fine. How long have I been here for?” He asked, staring around as if there would be some man with a huge sign telling him the answer to his question. No such luck.
“Only about 2 hours actually,” she said, helping him out, “which is pretty good. Thankfully I got you out in time so that your lungs didn’t fill up too much with water.”
Ray laid a hand over his chest where his lungs were, not liking the image that they had been inflated with water. “Then I guess I owe you another thank you. What’s your name?”
“Lily” she replied.
“Ray” He said, supplying his own and smiling.
“Yes I know” she laughed, “I’m a fan.”
“Ah so that’s why you saved me!” Ray said.
“Oh yeah. If you were any other random person who was drowning I would have shrugged and kept walking” Lily said jokingly.
“Hey no need to be so sarcastic!” Ray said, mocking a hurt tone.
“It’s what I do” she said smugly.
“So, why weren’t you in school?” Ray said, eyeing her, she was in school uniform under her coat, “you can’t be any older than 17!”
“15” Lily laughed, “I had a hospital appointment, back stuff, won’t get into it, didn’t stop me saving you though so that’s a relief!”
“Oh so you usually go to the doctors in the middle of the park then?” Ray asked, trying his own sarcasm.
“No” she said, rolling her eyes, “I was walking back from the doctors, to get to school. I’ve phoned them up to say I couldn’t come in, they won’t notice.”
Ray looked at her, sounded like a great school she went to, “if you say so.”
He sat back and they talked a bit more, doctors came in and said he could leave whenever he wished, there seemed to be no major damage done.
Lily was just helping Ray get ready to go when she stopped suddenly and straightened up.
“What ?” Ray asked, worried by her distracted face. She didn’t reply. He followed her gaze to the TV screen.
“Isn’t that…” Lily began, but trailed off, she didn’t need to talk anymore. There was a picture of Frank on the TV. Ray dived for the remote, turning up the volume.

“Frank Iero, member of the band My Chemical Romance, has been shot in the arm in a store hold up. The man responsible has been recognised as Cole Lockman, who recently had been accused of shooting his daughter in his own home, witness Diana Lockman, his ex-wife. His trial was meant to be sometime next week. Images of Frank Iero and other hostages had been produced, and they all seem stable. Mr Iero seems to be conscious, but it looks like he has lost a lot of blood and-” Ray turned off the TV. His face had gone white. He stared at Lily, who stared back.
“Lets go” she said, Ray still stiff with shock.

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