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the buses are at war

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prelude to the music video.

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Author's Note: If you're reading this, I'd like to thank you for getting this far in the story.

Special shout outs to the following:
glindapsawyer - I missed this, too. Writing is one of the only things that keeps me sane.
Lyria - Gabe will get his time with Soap, don't worry. BTW: The shirts I mentioned are real & available at the Clandestine store in Chicago. I got the one with a clam. =D
lil_chica007 - Yeah! I found out about Steve Aoki's dad when his sister, Devon, was on Conan. She said that she had her birthday's there until she was 7 or something. lol.
InfinityOnHigh - Carrot cake ice cream? Interesante...
pyrotechnist - Freaking out the elderly is always fun.
TangerineSky - Aww, thanks. I try to write them adorable, but not sickeningly sweet.
XXPoeticTragedyXX - The Gabe and Pete chapters are occurring separately, as if they're 2 different stories. In other words, in the Gabe chapters, Pete isn't interested is Soap. In the Pete chapters, Gabe isn't interested in Soap. I chose to write it like this because after Sophie's birthday party, I couldn't decide who I wanted her to end up with, so I wrote both and let readers decide.
xStabxMyxBackx - The City Is At War actually inspired this chapter. I hope you like it. BELATED 16th BIRTHDAY!!!! -gives you a cupcake-
SugarPlumFaerie - Hehe. Now I want a Suarez and Nate sandwich.
kittkattbar - I feel a weird sense on accomplishment knowing that I made you laugh for that long. Thanks, yo!
x_slowdown - Golf carts? Nice.

Now for the feature presentation...

32: t h e b u s e s a r e a t w a r

Soap’s POV

“Gabe, you awake?” I whispered as sunlight filtered through my eyelashes. He quietly groaned and turned onto his side, sandwiching me between his chest and the lumpy couch cushions.


As I tried to shift my position, he rolled on top of me and buried his head in the crook of my neck. Not the best way to find out that my boyfriend sleeps like a log.

I tried to push him off, but that just caused him to wrap his arms more tightly around my waist. Since moving him proved to be impossible, I tried a second option: moving myself. Though ridiculous, I tried wriggling out from underneath him. While I attempted to pull myself out from underneath the tall Uruguayan man, stifled laughter filled my right ear.

“Morning, Sophie.”
“Wait, were you awake all this time?”
“Mhmmm,” he said, grinning.
“Then why didn’t you get up?”
“I wanted to lay with you for a little longer… and you make the funniest faces when you squirm,” he said before kissing the side of my neck.

“Hey, hey,” Ryland cut in. “If you’re gonna get it on, take it to your bunk. It’s too early for me to watch you guys swap bodily fluids.”

Reluctantly, we sat up and leaned against each other.


I nodded into his shoulder.

He stood up, and helped me off the couch. “What would you like to eat?”
“Any cereal?”

He took out three boxes and shook them.

“Only crumbs.”
“We can make a powder sandwich,” I said, taking some bread out of the minifridge.
“Powder sandwich?”
“On the FOB bus I’m usually the last one to get to the cereal, so I get stuck with the crumbs and powder at the bottom of the box,” I explained. “Realizing that it would be a waste to throw them away, I started putting them in sandwiches. Have any peanut butter?”
“Umm, second cabinet.”

I grabbed the jar and some paper plates.

“First drawer.”
“Thanks. You want one, babe?
“Yes, please.”

As I made the sandwich, Gabe wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Open,” I said, holding it to his mouth. He quickly took a bite.
“Mmmm. Me gusta.”

I smiled as he took the sandwich and planted a kiss on my cheek. I took mine and joined him on the couch.

“What do you have planned for us today?” I asked.
“Epenz. i’ all ow oy ache?” he asked, still eating.
“Probably not. It’s only 7.”
“Eel ike i owing?”
“Mhmm...Ooh ha da ee, i?”
“K. Emme us inish uh anish.”
“Alright,” I said, taking a bite out of my sandwich.

“Wait, you understood that?” Ryland asked.
“Yeah, why?”

He shot me a confused look, then glanced at Gabe who was finishing up his food.

“What did he say?”
“We’re gonna throw some pies at Fall Out Boy.”

Gabe’s POV

“Why do you have so many pies?” Soap asked as she opened one of the cabinets.
“I’ve been saving them up for a good prank.”

She chuckled and took 6 of them from the shelf.

“How do you want to split this up?” I asked.
“I get Joe and Patrick. You get Andy and Dirty. Then we both get Pete.”
“I like the way you think.”

We quickly made our way outside and found ourselves in front of Fall Out Boy’s bus. Sophie took out her keys and quietly unlocked the door.

Upon stepping inside, Hemmy jumped onto Sophie’s leg and looked up at her expectantly. She motioned from him to be quiet and he obeyed, sitting back down on the floor.

“Ready?” she whispered.
“One, two, three!”

I quickly flipped open the first box and slammed a chocolate pie into the side of Dirty’s face.

“What the?!”

He shot up and started chasing me while Sophie got Joe with blueberry. She somehow managed to cover Patrick’s face with lemon meringue before Trohman tackled her to the ground.


She quickly squirmed out from under him and we both ran toward the back of the bus. Andy groggily lifted his head, awakened by all the noise only to be met with a cherry pie to the cheek.

Last two pies in hand, Sophie and I made our way to Pete’s bunk and made a strawberry-and-banana-cream scene hair sandwich.


With five angry, dessert-covered men on our tails, Sophie and I ran for the door. Andy dove for the both of us but I escaped from his powerful vegan grasp. My girlfriend, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.

“Keep going!” she shouted.

I ran outside with Patrick, Dirty, Joe and Pete hot on my tail.

“Ryland, open up!” I yelled, approaching the bus. The door quickly swung open and I rushed inside. Out of breath, I locked the door and leaned against it.

“THIS MEANS WAR, SAPORTA!” Pete yelled from outside.


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