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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living... Transvestite style!

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Set before MCR! Ray, is a Drag artist. Yes, that means he dresses up as women and dances for men on a nightly basis... But will MCR Chnage that?

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A/N: Hey Guys! Thanks for reading! I know this is gunna sound like a werid story, but its gunna shape up into a great one hopefully!
And For those who dont know, A Drag Artist, or Drag Performer is somebody who dresses up as women for money (A Payed Transvestite) and performs raunchy numbers for crowds.
PLEASE reviews, because unlike the Frerard, im VERY unsure about this one... THANKS!


Gerard zipped his coat up further against the harsh winds of New York City, zig-zagging in and out of the bustling street walkers all intent on reaching their individual destinations on time.
Gerard’s soul purpose to be within that teeming crowd was to be re-acquainted with an old college friend, Raymond Toro, the best guitarist Gerard had ever had the honor to meet.
Since that fateful day on September the 11th, the only thoughts to captivate Gerard’s mind were of the possibilities the world held for him, and how he regretted not taking those opportunities sooner. He was going to start a band! He had a drummer, Matt, they had been friends for a while, and they were the founders of the band. Gerard’s brother, Mikey, was more than happy to help out, he was an amazing bassist, and also a great band namer. Mikey had found an intriguing sentence on a book, which became the origin of the name My Chemical Romance.
They were all set, they were going to make it big! All they needed was a guitarist, a guitarist just like Ray to be exact.
He had contacted one of Ray’s closest friends, who had informed Gerard that Ray spent most nights in a bar on the other side of town, only coming home in the early hours of the morning.
He was unemployed, single and had nothing better to do than to spend the majority of his life in some cruddy bar??
He needed a life, Gerard assumed, a life that could be produced through a band, his band.
Gerard turned the corner sharply towards his destination. The friend had mentioned that he himself had never actually been to this particular bar, Ray had always made well sure of that! It made Gerard ever more curious as to why…
As Gerard reached the entrance to the bar, his gaze wandered to a poster entitled “Tonight’s entertainment!” with a large colorful picture gleaming back at him even in the dim glow of the street lights.
That’s not Ray! It can’t be!


Ray was all set for that night, like he was every night.
Each night he saw the same old similar faces staring back at him, but every now and then he saw a new face within the sea of smiles, he felt a rush seeing them most. It meant more money for that night, that was good.
It wasn’t an ideal job to say the least. And in that sort of career it was near impossible to find a Girlfriend. Regardless though, it was a job, and that meant money. With the qualifications he had left college with it would have been unlikely to have even got a job in a takeaway. He needed to be grateful.
Double checking everything was routine to Ray.
Dress?? Check.
Over-sized clip on earrings?? Check.
Face eye-lashes?? Check.
Excessive Makeup?? Check.
Fake nails?? Check.
High heels? Check.
Yes, he was all set. For the finishing touch, his wig. Though he liked his chestnut brown Afro, it was straightened down and disguised in a thick blonde wig for show nights.
“Raisy?? It’s time for your show, you’re on!” Called a female voice from outside his dressing room door.
He got up quickly and strode towards the door. Originally the high heels would send him crashing to the floor the instant he took a step, but once you get used to them, it isn’t as bad.
He walked quickly towards the side of the stage and looked out, quite a crowd. Every night he risked getting caught. If his parents found out, they would probably disown him instantly, and if his friends found out, well, he would basically have no life….
Well, life wasn’t all that bad being a Drag Act…..
He fidgeted lightly with the hem of his short dress as he heard the host announce his name –well, his act name.
“And will you welcome onto the stage… RAISY! With her rendition of ‘When you’re good to Mama!’”
Ray walked stealthily onto the stage, earning whoops from some of the men. How they could find this act appealing, especially knowing that he was a man, was beyond him. But it was profitable, so the reason didn’t really matter much to him, or her. He was Raisy now.
As he kicked in the start, he turned around slowly to face his audience. Looking out amongst them all. He looked down at the front row and his heart skipped a beat.
He thought he recognized a guy from his old college.
It couldn’t be, could it??
Nope, that, can’t be Gerard Way! Though, it does look like him…
Raisy had to continue with the show. As the dynamics of the song changed to a raunchier, upbeat style. Ray as his alter-ego danced into his act.
As he danced closer to the front row, it was indeed Gerard in the front row. Though his heart beat by now must have been off the scale, Raisy continued to flirt with the front row of men, trying to avoid Gerard’s area in particular. Alas, a loud beckon came from the man next to his college acquaintance, and the crowd had to be pleased. I his high heels, Raisy marched across to the man, and bent over to reveal a black thong beneath his fishnet tights under his dress. This earned a loud roar from the crowd.
As he turned back to lean over to the man and blow him a kiss, he couldn’t help but notice Gerard’s expression, his eyes were wide, his mouth agape in surprise. And Ray (Raisy) couldn’t blame him….
Two more songs followed and at the end the curtain came down as always, blocking him away from the crowd. Another night over…


Ray would’ve seemed like any other man leaving that bar that night, clad in a blue striped shirt and jeans (male jeans), if it weren’t for his realization that he wasn’t like everyone else.
That night he would have gladly remained on stage all night than have to experience confrontation with Gerard, but it was inevitable. The crew waved to Ray as he exited the building out onto the quieted streets. At a first glance around the desolate streets, he would have assumed Gerard had simply left to go home after an entertaining show, but in the shadows Ray could make out the shape of him leaning against the cold, damp wall down the side alleyway of the bar, smoking a cigarette. At sighting Ray, the cigarette could be seen falling to the floor, before the figure of Gerard emerged from the shadows to join Ray.
Ray remained silent, he didn’t have a clue what to say, what do you say in a situation like that? Finally the silence was broken.
“Ray… Or shall I say’Raisy;” Gerard began mockingly, “That was an…. interesting show…”
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