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Revelation 2: Kuramae Mine

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Revelations about Ayame and Mine, as individuals and as a couple. For 20 Fruits, Live Journal's 20 Facts community for Fruits Basket.

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Growing Up

When Mine was a child, she had several imaginary friends that she'd regularly have over for tea, and she'd draw pictures of them wearing colourful dresses, just as she'd imagined them.

Mine's parents worried that something wasn't right. Her imaginary friends and disinterest in playing with her classmates led them to believe there was a problem. Mine was put through a number of tests which were inconclusive. Her intelligence was found to be above normal, though her eyesight was not. She was put in glasses at an early age, which her parents wanted to believe fixed most of her problems. However, Mine was still a little bit unusual, which was hard for her parents to accept.

Mine never quite fit in with her peers, and her sense of individuality sometimes got her in trouble, but most of the time, it just left her lonely. Very few children wanted to play with her, but she usually felt the same way about them. Still, sometimes, she wished things were different.

Mine got bored very easily in school. She was always told she'd be such a great student if she'd only apply herself. She'd get very high marks in the subjects she enjoyed, but only barely passed the subjects she didn't. She did manage to pass in every subject, however.

Mine's parents tried desperately to have other children, for many reasons, including their desire to give her a little playmate that could help her come out of her shell and be more "normal", but it was not to be. They now worry that Mine will never marry or have children of her own, since they have no idea that she's at all involved with anyone, though they do know she finally is working at something she loves.

Friends and Family

Mine didn't have any boyfriends in high school. She was never terribly popular with the people who didn't take the time to get to know her. Those that did were very loyal and protective of her. It didn't really bother her much -- Mine was never at a loss for amusing herself, and besides, she had always known she'd be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armour...or a prince...or a king!

Mine's grandmother was the one that first taught her how to sew. Although it wasn't common knowledge, her grandmother was a little "off" herself. She even secretly encouraged Mine's vivid imagination, by setting an extra place for tea, in case the little girl had decided to bring one of her imaginary friends.

Even after she outgrew her imaginary friends, Mine had a very healthy fantasy life. She would often make extra money babysitting, and she would always make up wonderful bedtime stories for the little ones.

Although Mine's grandmother passed away several years ago, she is the only one Mine has told about her still secret relationship with Ayame. Mine's grandmother would have certainly loved him.

When Mine's grandmother died, Mine fell into a deep depression which lasted for months. The only thing that pulled her out was a dream in which her grandmother told her about the bright future she had in store, and how much of a pity it would be, should Mine not see it through. Only then, was she able to move on.


Mine really loves a dressmaking challenge. When she and Ayame did the costumes for Yuki's school play, his classmate, Hanajima Saki, who was playing Cinderella, asked that her costume be in black. Instead of balking, or trying to talk the girl out of it, Mine became quite excited at the prospect. She thought it was so nice to see a young girl perhaps as unconventional as herself!

Mine has a great sense of what outfit is right for anyone...she is very good at adjusting a garment to emphasize someone's good points, as well as deemphasizing their figure flaws. She will never turn down anybody's request due to their size, but will make every effort to make it work. Ayame has found this to be a huge asset on a regular basis...especially for their many male clients who want to dress like maids and nurses.

Mine particularly enjoys dressing up cute girls that come into the shop. Sometimes she gets so excited at the prospect that she comes close to scaring the girls away, but when that happens, her boss is right there to entice them back again.

Mine is a wonderful gourmet cook. She could probably rival the Iron Chefs with her artful
and creative presentations. Mine's fine culinary skills have occasionally come in handy on the job. Sometimes in order to impress a client, refreshments are served during the consultation. Mine knows how to be quiet and unobtrusive, while serving tea and hors d'oeuvres, all the while taking mental notes on the situation, so she can offer advice as required.

Mine is very skilled at translating designs into garments. She somehow just knows how much fabric will be needed, and what kind will work well with a particular style. She can create her own patterns, as well as simply drape fabric onto a mannequin to bring any style to life. She's really very talented, and Ayame is very lucky to have found her.


Mine does actually own a good set of contact lenses, but she likes how she looks in glasses, and she also likes the way her glasses complement so many of her favourite outfits. She especially likes Ayame's reaction to them, so she wears them almost every day!

When Mine's eyesight was first corrected as a child, she discovered reading for pleasure. Mine would lose herself in fairy tales, and legends mostly, but she also loved books on fashion and costuming. This was the start of her passion for sewing and creating.

The first outfit Mine ever sewed for herself was a simple maid's uniform. The reason she chose that particular item was that she was looking at one of her fashion history books, and just found the style was adorable, not to mention easy to make, and that it would suit her quite well. It continues to be her favourite style, and she's made many variations on that theme for her personal wardrobe.

Mine likes to hum and sing while she's busy, either at the shop or just puttering about at home. Luckily for Ayame, she has a very good sense of pitch, and a pretty little voice that's a pleasure to listen to.

When Mine met Tohru, she could sense the love and concern Tohru had for her boss's family. Mine was immediately convinced that Tohru was going to be a wonderful influence in bringing the brothers together. It was just a feeling, perhaps, but Mine had long since learned to trust her own impulses.
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