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Revelation 3: Ayame and Mine

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Revelations about Ayame and Mine, as individuals and as a couple. For 20 Fruits, Live Journal's 20 Facts community for Fruits Basket.

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Mine knows everything. Ayame told her about the curse, and about Akito. Mine can, however, keep a secret, and she does not wish to lose even one memory, so she is, necessarily, the soul of discretion.

When Mine learned Ayame's secret, she was more relieved than afraid. She'd thought maybe he was holding back because he didn't share her feelings...when he was really holding back because he did.

Ayame was afraid when he decided that Mine needed to know about the curse. He was so nervous he very nearly transformed before she embraced him. He was fully expecting her to run away screaming, even though she assured him she wouldn't. When she didn't, they both cried.

The main reason Ayame was so afraid to reveal himself to Mine, was the memory of what happened when Hatori sought permission from Akito to marry Kana. Ayame admires Hatori's grace and selflessness in that horrible situation, but he doubts that he could ever be as gracious.

Ayame and Mine have discovered that Ayame's curse does not have to be a detriment to intimacy. Little things, such as Ayame resting his head in Mine's lap, or Mine leaning gently on Ayame's shoulder, or the two of them holding hands can be as pleasurable as a full embrace, and these actions carry far more meaning for the two of them. Even after the curse is broken, Ayame and Mine will continue these affections, as these expressions have become very meaningful for them, and will remain so.


Ayame and Mine particularly enjoy their good natured debates on many subjects, most often fashion, since they do share that passion...even when [sometimes especially when] they disagree.

However, Mine also has the good sense to know when she shouldn't argue a point with Ayame, but allows him to triumph, knowing that at least she's got him to think about her position as well.

At which point, Ayame often realizes that Mine was right all along, and changes his opinion, though it will always seem he's come to the conclusion all by himself.

Almost from the day they met, Ayame found Mine to be a good listener and a wonderful confidante. The thing he loves the most is that unlike many, Mine never just tunes him out, but is always willing to offer her opinion if asked...and sometimes, if not asked, which can be even more fun.

Although most people seem to think Ayame talks simply to hear himself talk, Mine knows different. Ayame doesn't say anything unnecessary or superfluous, as far as she's concerned. Mine adores his clever turn of phrase, and could listen to him talk all day...and often does!


Ayame and Mine work as a team in the shop, Ayame does most of the clothing designing, and handles promotion, while Mine does most of the sewing, and keeps the books, though they certainly both possess the skills needed to do each others' jobs, it works best this way when they play to their own strengths.

Mine is very careful to be respectful while speaking to Ayame, always addressing him by his proper title in public. Even as close as they are, she would never presume to use anything else without permission.

Ayame loves it how Mine always uses his title at work, and although he'd like it if she'd be a little more familiar sometimes, he knows that certain people would suspect something if they heard. When they are finally able to go public with their relationship, Ayame plans to ask Mine to speak to him as her husband.

One of the reasons Mine is so happy to be working with Ayame is that not only did he take a chance on her, since she hadn't yet built up a reputation in her field, but that he never had a problem with her dressing like a maid when in fact, she isn't one. Ayame always accepted Mine as she was, and she is happy to return the favour.

Even if Mine hadn't been a talented seamstress with a blossoming sense of style, Ayame would have found a way to spend time with her, because of her sweetly enthusiastic personality. However, he is very grateful that her talents provide such a convenient way of keeping her in his life!


Ayame always puts Mine's shoes on for her when they go out. He does all kinds of chivalrous, romantic things when they're alone that the general public does not see. Mine particularly enjoys this. Ayame treats her like a queen, as befits a king's consort.

Mine feels very close to Ayame, and hopes that his situation will change enough for them to be married, but she is willing to wait for as long as it takes.

Although Ayame normally runs to Hatori with every little thing, the day he decided to confess his feelings to Mine, he told no one else, though Yuki did happen to find out later. However, when it finally becomes safe to go public, Hatori will be the first one to know.

Mine often dreams of what a wedding with Ayame would be like. Although they often joke privately about Ayame wearing a dress while Mine wears a suit and tie, they both want their wedding to be steeped in tradition, yet infused with their considerable creativity, class and charm.

Although they never speak of it publicly, in specific terms, out of necessity, it's understood that Ayame and Mine will indeed marry one day. It's part of what keeps them going.
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